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A spirit-grade tier 1 longsword.

Compared to the previous few treasures, this was undoubtedly the cream of the crop.

However, it also made Lin Mo rather nervous.

If this spirit-grade longsword were to trigger a 10,000 fold rebate, then he would have made a huge profit.

Not only would he make a killing in spiritual stones, he would also acquire an amazing weapon.

“This spirit rank longsword is the final item to be auctioned.

The starting price is 35,000 middle grade spiritual stones.” Lin Mo announced.

Everyone was extremely shocked.

Lin Mos auction had featured numerous spirit-grade items.

Unfortunately, no one but Elder Mo had managed to lay claim to these spirit-grade treasures.

Nevertheless, they were already plenty thankful to Elder Mo for not claiming the tier 9 treasures.

In view of generosity, the masses were no longer tempted to compete with Elder Mo for the spirit-grade items.

“Hehe, the sword is the most expensive out of all spirit-grade weapons.

In that case, this old man will bid 60,000 mid-grade spiritual stones for this weapon, giving this auction a perfect ending.” Elder Mo stood up and said with a smile.

Strictly speaking, his mission to obtain a single spirit-grade weapon had been completed.

Any other spirit-grade treasures that he obtained along the way were merely just bonuses.


“Hehe, little friend Lin Mos ability to collect such prizes has amazed this old man.”

Elder Mo brought out the spiritual stones and completed the transaction with Lin Mo.

With that, the grand auction had come to a close.

[ Congratulations to the host for successfully auctioning the spirit-grade tier 1 Bloodbath Demonic Sword ]

[ 9,000 fold rebate triggered ]

[ Congratulations to the host for obtaining the spirit-grade tier 5 Absolute Snow Sword ]

Many within the crowd carried wide grins on their faces.

The only exceptions to this behavior were those who lacked the funds to afford any of Lin Mos items.

Since everyone had obtained benefits, no one voiced any complaints.

Even Elder Mo, who maintained a serious demeanor most of the time, had a wide grin on his face as well.

Unbeknownst to most, however, Lin Mos gains were the greatest, and it had far exceeded his expectations.

Most importantly, he had obtained a spirit-grade sword technique, the Golden Scale Sword Technique which would undoubtedly increase his combat prowess by leaps and bounds.

Once the main auction had ended, the transactions that were occurring at the outer square had also quickly come to an end.

Just as Lin Mo was about to leave…

“Young friend, please wait a moment.” Elder Mo spoke from afar, with his followers tailing behind him.

However, Qianqian was missing from the group.

“Elder Mo, whats the matter” Lin Mo greeted him with a smile.

Beside Elder Mo, several of his followers scrutinized Lin Mo closely, their eyes filled with curiosity.

“Hehe, nothing much.

I just wanted to ask if young friend Lin Mo has any plans for the future” Elder Mo asked very tactfully.

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However, Lin Mo was surprised that Elder Mo was trying to win him over.

“Im sorry, Elder Mo.

I dont have any grand ambitions.

All I want to be is an ordinary businessman.” Lin Mo shook his head and refused the invitation.

Elder Mo did not insist.

He patted Lin Mos shoulder and laughed, “You are talented and intelligent.

If you ever wish to join us in the imperial capital, feel free to look for me.”

With that, Elder Mo left with his men, leaving Lin Mo with a favorable impression of him.

“Ill have to ask Qianqian which prince this old man works for.” Lin Mo pondered for a moment before meeting up with Bai Luo and the rest of his group.

Then, he bade farewell to the people from the Purple Moon Holy Land and the Su family, and handed 70% of the auctions proceeds to Su Hanhai.

Since news of the auction had likely already spread, Lin Mo was certain that once the exploration of the ruins was over, Jiang Xiyue would send personnel over to take the spiritual stones from the Su family.


Lin Mo and his group left for a seemingly endless mountain range.

“Ive collected a lot of treasures this time.

What about you What are you hiding” Bai Luo cheerfully asked.

“I guarantee you that youll be satisfied.

There are more than a dozen spirit-grade treasures in my possession.

What do you think Are you satisfied” Lin Mo smiled and responded.

“In addition, Ive also received a tier 1 spirit-grade spear technique, the Blazing Divine Spear.

Take it as your reward.” Lin Mo took out a scroll and handed it to Bai Luo.

It was undoubtedly a high rank technique.

Bai Luo flipped through it and nodded her head repeatedly as she did so.

She was extremely satisfied with the martial art manual.

“There are some runes inscribed in the Blazing Divine Spears manual.

I can probably extract them and incorporate them into my comprehension of the Dao principles.”

The more she looked at it, the more satisfied Bai Luo was.

She also brought out some treasures she had swiped for herself while peddling.

“Oh right, what about your weapon I have a tier 2 spirit-grade longsword here.

Its called the Black Flame Longsword.”

Bai Luo pulled out a longsword after tucking away her scroll.

She had used a special method to detect the item from within an ancient stone.

Since the seller was unaware of the contents within the stone, she had managed to exchange it for merely a tier 7 spirit pill.

This was an insanely great bargain.

“Your luck is too good…”Lin Mo was shocked.

“Though I have an even better one, so, I wont be needing that.” Lin Mo waved his hand and took out the tier 5 spirit-grade Absolute Snow Sword without hesitation.

The quality of the sword was perfect for Lin Mo.

“Then Ill give it to Yan Rong.” Bai Luo curled her lips and threw the Black Flame Longsword to Yan Rong.

The latter was extremely excited upon receiving it.

“Dont you like Lil Die Why didnt you give it to her instead” Lin Mo asked with a smile, somewhat surprised by Bai Luos choice.

“Big Brother, Lil Die has already received her gift.” Lin Die chuckled and rolled up her sleeves.

On her arm,was a scarlet spear mark.

With a clang, a nearly two-meter long scarlet spear appeared, emitting powerful ripples in the air as it did so.

“Its also a tier 5 spirit-grade…”

Lin Mo was shocked.

He had only managed to receive his spirit-grade weapon via the systems rebate function.

As such, he was surprised that Lin Die was able to obtain such a powerful weapon all by herself.

“Actually, it was Sister Bai Luo who gave it to me.

She said that I should learn spear techniques and not foolishly learn sword techniques, since theyre very difficult.” Lin Die timidly stated.

Hearing this, Lin Mos face instantly darkened.

What was foolish about learning sword techniques Out of the eighteen weapon types, the sword reigned supreme.

This was also the reason why he chose to become a sword cultivator in the first place.

However, in the end, it all boils down to ones persistence to their craft.

There was no clear cut superiority to the weapons, as everything depended solely on the cultivators strength, and their comprehension of the Dao principles.

“However, I still have to thank you.” Lin Mo smiled.

The long spear was so compatible with Lin Die that it felt as if it was meant for her.

He refused to believe that Bai Luo had obtained it from the brief peddling stint they conducted.

The only possibility was that it had come from Bai Luos own stash.

Lin Mo was very touched that she was willing to give it to Lin Die.

After locating a hidden valley, the group set up a formation to safeguard themselves.

Lin Mo was feeling magnanimous.

He brought out all of his resources this time.

“This much” Bai Luo was extremely shocked.

Yan Rong was dumbfounded as he looked at everything Lin Mo had laid out.

Meanwhile, Lin Die was salivating.

She wanted to use the ancient recipe they had previously obtained to create the ultimate cultivation medicine.

“Arent you afraid of being discovered for keeping this many items to yourself” Bai Luo voiced her concerns.

After all, Lin Mo should have auctioned off all his goods.

Should Elder Mo catch wind of this, he would be in deep trouble.


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