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“There really is a treasure…”

Lin Mo was overjoyed.

Although the inner core of a ninth sky of the Nirvana Realm Demonic Beast was broken, its effect was still very good.

“I can give it to the original soul puppet.”

He had just refined the Blood Phoenix Flower and had a breakthrough.

He needed a certain amount of time to cultivate, otherwise, his foundation would be unstable.

After the system storage revealed all the information, Lin Mo took out all of them.

Among all the miscellaneous items, apart from the broken inner core, the finger bone was the most precious.

“Young master, do you fancy anything” The stall owner smiled and pushed the fire spirit grass towards Lin Mo.

“These items have good origins.

In the past, they were all treasures.

However, with the passing of time, they are no longer of much use…”

Lin Mo waved his hand, and his words gained the approval of many people around him.

Everyone had their own tricks up their sleeves, and they were able to get a rough idea of what was going on.

Now that there were people who had the same conclusion as them, they were basically certain of what was going on.

Lin Mo pretended to be helpless as he picked up the damaged inner core from the pile of junk and put away the Fire Spirit Grass.

He threw out 80,000 mid-grade spirit stones and left with Zhen Gu, indicating that there were no hidden treasures.

“Oh, could it be that brother Lin has found a treasure”Zhen Gu was a little surprised.

He had seen the pile of junk before and had some knowledge, but he could not see through it.

Who would have thought that Lin Mo could really find a treasure from it.

“A Nirvana Realm Demonic Beasts inner core.

Although its broken, its not bad.” Lin Mo said with a smile.

The ninth sky of the Nirvana realm was still the Nirvana realm.

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“I see.

I was blind.” Zhen gu sighed.

He thought that he had looked carefully enough, but he still missed it.

“Oh right, brother Zhen, can you help me” Lin Mo said with a smile.

He wanted to sell such an inner core here.

Although this was a trade fair, it was inevitable that many people would like the same treasure at the same time.

This way, the highest bidder would get it, which was equivalent to an auction.

The price of this inner core was not cheap.

There should not be many people who could consume it.

“Brother Lin, you can say whatever you want.” Zhen Gu waved his hand.

He came here to make friends with Lin Mo.

how could he not accept the favor that Lin Mo gave him

“Ask your people to help me spread the news.

I got an incomplete inner core of a ninth sky Nirvana Realm Demonic Beast.”

Lin Mo smiled.

As soon as he said this, Zhen Gu was immediately stunned on the spot.

“Ninth sky of Nirvana Realm”

This was the one that Lin Mo had just obtained

Then he would have missed out on a very expensive inner core…

“Brother Lin, are you serious”

Zhen gu said.

Although the ninth sky Nirvana realm Demonic Beast inner core was damaged, the price of any inner core was generally higher.

Such a pill was at least spirit-grade eighth tier.

This was a bonus for Lin Mo when he bought the fire spirit grass.

If that stall owner knew about it, he might regret it to a great extent…

“Please, lets continue shopping.”

Lin Mo smiled and took the lead to walk out.

He strolled around this area and saw many treasures.

He had made many moves, but they were all spiritual medicines that were helpful for cultivation.

He had even traded some of the weapons he had on hand.

Other than that, there were also martial arts.

There were many spirit rank martial arts and cultivation techniques that he did not need, and he had also used them to trade.

“Brother Lin, your collection is really shocking…”

Along the way, Zhen Gu was dumbfounded.

Lin Mo had bought too many spirit herbs, and most of them were barter items.

Seeing the precious martial arts and cultivation techniques being thrown out by Lin Mo without any hesitation, he was very moved.

“Hehe, how is this mine Someone asked me to sell it…” Lin Mo smiled and threw the pot away.


Zhen Gu was stunned, but he immediately understood and said, “Many forces in the outside world are saying that brother Lin is from the eighth princes bloodline.

Now it seems that this is not just a rumor.”

“Hehe, theres no other way.

Living in the Yanhuang Divine Empire, if you want to grow, you have to find a shelter, right” Lin Mo said casually.

After negotiating the price with the vendor, Lin Mo nodded with satisfaction and took another tier-9 herb.

“Then you have to take care of yourself, Brother Lin…” Zhen Gu said with a hidden meaning.

“Brother Zhen, just say what you want to say,” Lin Mo said.

Zhen gu seemed to know something.

“The Yanhuang Divine Empire is going to be in chaos.

This place will become the center of the war,” Zhen Gu said.

Not only the Yanhuang Divine Empire, but the entire Eastern Continent was going to face a disaster.

“It is said that it is an ancient prophecy that will engulf every faction in the eastern continent,” Zhen Gu said.

This was also the reason why he came here.

The Yanhuang Divine Empires imperial family had been suppressing outsiders for many years, which had already made many factions unhappy.

The Yanhuang Divine Empire had seized all the resources in order to strengthen the combat strength of the Imperial City.

They felt that outsiders were unreliable after all.

Therefore, they gathered all the resources together.

This way, they would be able to get through this difficult situation.

However, this also caused the combat strength of the Yanhuang Divine Empire to collapse.

It was very difficult for even a Nirvana Realm expert to be born.

“As for the specifics, you can ask the person behind you.

I dont know much either.” Zhen gu said with a smile.

Lin Mo frowned.

This was a big piece of news to him.

Perhaps, he had to set off early and head to the imperial city.

“Brother Lin, help me take a look.

Whats so special about this weapon”

While he was thinking, Zhen Gus voice sounded.

Lin Mo opened his eyes and saw Zhen Gu holding a huge bead in his hand.

It was half the size of his head.

“The runes on it are very mysterious.

However, the spiritual essence injected into it has no effect at all.”

Zhen Gu was helpless.

This rune looked very ancient.

After so many years of accumulation, it was still operating.

This was enough to prove that it was extraordinary.

However, the stall owner tried everything he could, but he couldnt operate it.

He could only take it out and sell it.

“Hehe, customers, please take a closer look.

This thing is definitely worth a lot of money.” The stall owner said with a smile.

“Let me take a look.”

Lin Mo raised his hand and held the bead in his hand.

A pitch-black luster appeared and flames spread out, enveloping it.

After concealing it, Lin Mo kept it in the system space.

[ Earth grade spiritual artifact, exquisite pearl replica.

This spiritual artifact has been destroyed, but it contains a ball of flood dragon essence blood, which is relatively pure.


[ Relative worth – spirit-grade tier 7.


“Good stuff.”

Lin Mo was slightly shocked.

Zhen Gu was really lucky to have found such a good treasure.

“How much do you plan to sell it for” Lin Mo asked.

“I want to exchange it for an earth attribute spirit-grade tier 1 cultivation technique.

Ever since the Ancient Flame ruins appeared, the Yanhuang Divine Empire has not banned the circulation of spirit-grade martial arts and cultivation techniques.”

“Thats why I took out this treasure and got myself a cultivation technique in order to cultivate better.” The stall owner spread out his hands and said.

He knew that the price he wanted was a little high, but he had no choice.

If it was not a spirit-grade cultivation technique, he would not exchange it.

“Exchange it, youll definitely make a profit.”

Lin Mo took out the bead and returned it to Zhen Gu.

A ball of Flood Dragon Essence Blood.

Although it was not as valuable as the Flood Dragon Inner Core, it was still priceless.


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