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“Alright, Ill buy this spiritual artifact.” Zhen Gu nodded.

After a moment of thought, he took out a jade slip from his ring and tossed it to the vendor.

The vendor received it and infused his soul energy into it.

After studying it carefully, he was overjoyed.

“Thank you, young master.

Thank you, young master.”

Under the grateful gaze of the stall owner, Lin Mo and Zhen Gu left the area.

“Brother Lin, how do I use this thing”

After leaving, Zhen Gu asked impatiently.

A spirit-grade 1 cultivation technique had been exchanged for a spiritual artifact, and it was still broken.

No matter how he thought about it, he felt that it was a loss.

“This spiritual artifact is useless.

Its just an accessory,” Lin Mo said.

The exquisite pearl was an earth-grade spiritual artifact.

It was definitely not weak.

However, it was a pity that it could not escape the erosion of time.

Now it is nothing but a pile of useless runes.

“Ah, then why did you ask me to buy it”

Zhen Gu was stunned.

Since it was useless, why did Lin Mo say that it would not be a loss…

“Go back and find a Nirvana stage powerhouse to break it open.

There is a ball of powerful Demonic Beast Blood Essence inside.

Its worth quite a lot.” Lin Mo said and asked Zhen Gu to go back and find someone to break it open.

“Is that so…”

The two of them continued forward and gradually entered deeper into the trade fair.

Lin Mo found quite a number of treasures inside.

At least, he had gathered all the materials for the few ancient recipes that Bai Luo had given him.

Although most of them were substitutes, the effects were also quite good.

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“Theres no need for resources to cultivate for the time being.

You can keep them for now.” Lin Mo nodded and came to a lively place with Zhen Gu.

Lin Mo saw something good at a glance.

It was a pitch-black blade.

However, the aura emitted from the blade was very mysterious.

There was a kind of desolation-like aura faintly emitted from it.

“What is that”

Lin Mo asked the people around him.

“Brother, have you just arrived This thing is not simple.

It is said that it is a sharp sword forged from Xuanming iron.

It probably has tens of thousands of years of history within it,” someone said.

The owner of this sharp sword came from the Lu Jin Divine Empire.

After hearing that the Yan Huang Divine Empire did not prohibit the circulation of resources, it rushed over after smelling the business opportunity.

“Lu Jin Divine Empire…”

Lin Mo was stunned.

Bai Luo seemed to want to go to the Great Ancient Divine Empire and the Lu Jin Divine Empire.

He did not expect to meet one of them here.

“Hehe, young man, have you taken a fancy to this sharp sword” An old man rushed over when he heard the voice.

He was the person in charge of the business group.

He took down the pitch-black sharp sword and walked in front of Lin Mo, diligently introducing it to him.

“You call this a sharp sword” Lin Mo was a little speechless.

There were many potholes on the blade of this sword.

If it was not for that aura, he was afraid that he would have treated it like a broken knife used to chop firewood…

“Indeed, the edge of the sword is no longer there.” The surrounding people nodded in agreement.

“Young man, you dont understand.

I found it in the ruins of the Lu Jin Divine Empire.

It was placed on the main seat.”

As the old man spoke, he asked the crowd to step aside to show Lin Mo its power.

“Ah Huang, come here.” He summoned a middle-aged man and raised a huge black iron shield.

The spiritual energy in his hand was activated and morphed into the black blade.

In an instant, the blade seemed to come alive as it emitted a bright light and slashed down.

In an instant, the sword Qi surged and transformed into a black dragon with a desolate aura.

The surrounding people were stunned.

This sharp sword was indeed a treasure.

It was too extraordinary.

“This sword qi indicates its at least a seventh-tier spirit-grade treasure.

Its too powerful.” Everyone was shocked by the old mans sword.

“Its really a good sword…” Lin Mo praised, but he was also a little hesitant because the sword was broken.

“Oh right, if we auction it off, wont we be able to get the complete sword…”

Lin Mo smiled.

This thing had to be auctioned off.

A complete and sharp sword might even reach the level of an earth-rank magical artifact.

“What a pity, this sword is broken.” Someone sighed.

It was too much of a pity.

This sword was abnormally mysterious.

The old man had only used one-tenth of its power, yet that huge black iron shield had already been cut open.

If it was a complete blade, this sword would probably take a persons life.

However, this sword came from the primordial era.

It was not impossible to repair it, but the materials were too difficult to find.

They needed star ores, deep sea iron, and other precious materials.

Furthermore, if one wanted to repair it, one would need to find a master forger.

This was another huge expenditure.

“Although the repair is a huge task, its not impossible.

Little Brother, are you interested” The old man smiled and handed the broken sword to Lin Mo, letting him experience it properly.

“Senior, can I use my own method to observe it” Lin Mo said, planning to store it in the system space to see the swords details.

“Sure, as long as youre interested.” The old man smiled.

It could be seen that Lin Mo was truly curious.

Not only that, there were also quite a number of people who rushed over.

They felt its shockwave and they thought that an earth-shattering treasure had appeared.

Lin Mo concealed everything and stored this sword in the system space.

[ The Ancient Sword of Desolation was forged 100,000 years ago.

It was forged with the rib bones of a dragons offspring.

After a thousand years of grinding, it absorbed a wisp of mother Qi from all living things and became a growth-type divine sword.


There was no grade assigned to it, but it was a growth-type divine sword.

One had to know that there were only a few growth-type spiritual artifacts in the entire Eastern Continent.

One could see how precious they were.

“Perhaps its because it absorbed this wisp of Mother Qi of all living things.”

Lin Mo was extremely excited.

If this sword was sold, what grade would the complete ancient sword of desolation be

“Senior, how much do you plan to sell this sword for” Lin Mo asked.

“This old man doesnt want spirit stones.

I want some weapons, martial arts, and cultivation techniques,” The old man said.

He wanted to barter.

“Young master, can you take out that sword and let me have a look” Someone in the surroundings asked.

A woman dressed in white walked out and smiled politely at Lin Mo.

“Of course.”

Lin Mo smiled.

At the same time, he was secretly surprised.

This womans strength was very strong.

She was at the 20th tier of the Dragon Transformation Realm.

“Its the Saintess of the Ancient Wind Holy Land, Xiao Yue.” Someone exclaimed and recognized this womans identity.

Hearing this, Lin Mo finally knew this persons identity.

She was the ninth on the wind and cloud list, the Saintess of the Ancient Wind Holy Land, Xiao Yue.

“So its saintess Xiao Yue.

Ive heard a lot about you.” Zhen Gu went up to greet her.

The surrounding people were also very enthusiastic and went up to chat with Xiao Yue.

Xiao Yue and the others nodded.

She took the Ancient Sword of Desolation and carefully observed it.

“Since Saintess Xiao Yue has taken a fancy to this sword blade, old man, why dont you tell us the specific price” A few young men walked up from behind and said arrogantly.

“However, this young friend has already taken a fancy to this sword blade as well.” The old man also had plenty of experience, so he was not afraid of these people.

The expressions of these people immediately changed.

Their hands were already holding onto the weapon at their waist, ready to attack at any time.

At this moment, another person walked over from afar.

He wore a sky-blue long dress and had short hair.

Lin Mo had heard of this person before.

She was ranked 20th on the Board of Fame.

She was the younger sister of the Thunder Sacred Lands Holy Son.

She was known as the second genius of the Thunder Sacred Land.

Her name was Ji Hong.

“Sister Xiao Yue, why would you take a fancy to this broken sword”

Ji Hong took the desolation ancient sword and looked at it non-stop.

In the end, she came to the conclusion that the damage was too severe and could not be repaired.


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