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“I happen to be studying some ancient techniques.

Its much easier to have an ancient artifact to refer to,” Xiao Yue said with a smile, returning the ancient sword of desolation to the old man.

Xiao Yue bowed, looked at Lin Mo, and said, “Dao brother, this item is extremely useful to me, so Xiao Yue can only shamelessly fight over it.”

“Judging from that sword strike just now, this sword must have reached the level of a spirit-grade tier 4 magic tool.”

“If thats the case, Im willing to use a magic tool of the same value to exchange for it.”

Xiao Yue was the first to open her bid, causing everyone to be shocked.

This price was a little too much.

It seemed like Holy Maiden Xiao Yue was determined to obtain this sword.

“Im very sorry, I dont want to miss it.

Ill use two scrolls of spirit-grade tier 4 martial arts to exchange for it.” Fortunately, Yan Rong had obtained quite a number of martial arts from the inheritance runes.

Perhaps it was because all of these added up were not worth the ancient Divine Beasts remnant martial arts, so Yan Rong was able to continue comprehending them.

Due to this, he also obtained quite a number of spirit-grade martial arts and cultivation methods.

In terms of collection, even the entire Yanhuang Divine Empire might not be able to compare to him, let alone a Holy Land.

“Ill add another spirit-grade tier 5 spirit pill.” Xiao Yue said, not wanting to give up this ancient sword of desolation.

“Ill add another spirit-grade 5 magic tool.” Lin Mo didnt show any signs of weakness.

He immediately took out the Absolute Snow Sword.

As soon as the Absolute Snow Sword appeared, everyone was shocked beyond words.

Just from its power alone, the aura that the Absolute Snow Sword emitted surpassed that of the Ancient Sword of Desolation.

With such an exchange, Lin Mo was undoubtedly at a great disadvantage.

However, he still wanted to make the exchange.

This caused everyones imaginations to run wild.

One by one, they looked at the pitch-black blade.

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Unfortunately, no matter how much they looked at it, there was no movement from the blade.

It just lay there quietly.

“This…” Xiao Yue frowned.

Once the spirit-grade tier 5 Absolute Snow Sword appeared, she would have to take out her magic weapon.

However, this price was a little too high.

Furthermore, looking at Lin Mos stance, he would not give up so easily.

Raising the price not be good for either side…

“Forget it, since brother Lin wants it, then Ill give up.” Xiao Yue shook her head and gave up on the bid.

Lin Mo heaved a sigh of relief and passed the Absolute Snow Sword and two tier 4 spirit-grade martial arts manuals to the old man, keeping the Ancienty Sword of Desolationin his bag.

[ Congratulations to host for obtaining the ancient desolation sword.

This is a growth-type magic tool, and its value is immeasurable.


[ The value of a growth-type magic weapon is immeasurable.

If it is used in an auction, it will be treated as an ordinary spirit rank 4 weapon, and will be refunded according to a random multiple.


The system notification appeared, further revealing the value of the ancient sword of desolation.

At the same time, it also reminded Lin Mo that if it were to be auctioned off, this would be an ordinary rank 4 weapon…

“No way, then I can only repair it myself” Lin Mo was helpless.

It was easier said than done to repair a weapon.

“Oh right, I seem to have the inheritance of a master blacksmith…”

Only at this moment did Lin Mo remember that he still had a precious inheritance that he had discarded.

There were also some spatial tool blueprints.

Back then, he would occasionally obtain some blueprints from auctions.

However, as he ignored them, he gradually stopped giving out these blueprints…

“Looks like I still have to collect the materials needed to refine weapons.”

Lin Mo shook his head and planned to leave with Zhen Gu to purchase more spirit herbs and artifact refinement materials.

“Fellow Daoist, arent you going a little overboard In order to target Saintess Xiao Yue, youre using a tier 5 spirit-grade tool to buy a tier 4 treasure.

What does this mean”

At this moment, a young man walked over with many experts behind him.

All of them were at least tier 25 in the Dragon Transformation Realm.

“Hehe, I clearly took a liking to it first.

How is this my problem” Lin Mo curled his lips.

This fellows tone made him dislike him very much.

“I just feel that youre targeting Saintess Xiao Yue and stealing her love.” The young man said, looking at Lin Mo with disdain.

“Young master is talking to you.

Are You deaf” Someone behind the young man said.

“Who do you think you are How dare you shout in front of me.” Lin Mo was extremely rude and said disdainfully.

Everyones expression changed.

Even Xiao Yue who was about to leave was stunned.

Had Lin Mo always been domineering, or did he not know who the other party was

“Brother Lin, he is the sixth prince of the Yanhuang Divine Empire.

He is not valued by the emperor and does not have the heart to seize power.

However, he is arrogant and loves beauty.

It seems that he is currently pursuing Saintess Xiao Yue.”

Zhen Gu hurriedly transmitted his voice to Lin Mo.

This sixth prince had heard that geniuses from all over the Ancient Flame City were gathering, so he had followed the fourth prince here.

He did not expect to meet Lin Mo here.

“How dare you! Who is he” The sixth prince was furious as he shouted at the surroundings.

“Reporting to the sixth prince, this person is called Lin Mo.

he is ranked 15th on the Yanhuang Board of Fame,” said the person who had just opened his mouth.

Hearing this, the sixth prince was stunned.

He looked at Lin Mo carefully and smiled disdainfully once again.

“So hes my royal sisters subordinate.

No wonder hes so unruly.” The sixth prince sneered and waved his hand toward the back.

Instantly, more than a dozen powerhouses at tier-25 of the Dragon Transformation Realm walked out and surrounded Lin Mo in the middle.

“Break his legs and bring him back to the imperial palace.

Treat it as a gift for my royal sister,” said the sixth Prince.

He was also very unhappy with Jiang Xiyue.

Logically speaking, he should be able to fight for power as a prince, but because he was ignorant and incompetent, he was abandoned by the emperor.

After Jiang Xiyue displayed her amazing talent, people also placed high hopes on her.

Many old ministers were willing to follow her.

This also made the sixth prince very unhappy.

All kinds of rumors were saying that he, the sixth prince, was not as good as a woman.

Therefore, although he was out of contention for the throne, he would occasionally cause trouble for Jiang Xiyue, and he was never tired of it.

“I advise you not to make a move…”

Lin Mo was helpless.

In the systems warehouse, Lin Mo put the broken inner core that he had obtained into the body of the Origin Spirit Puppet.

For a moment, the Origin Spirit Puppet underwent a huge transformation, and waves of enormous energy continuously spread.

The Puppets realm was also rising.

“Hmph, Ill show you fear.

All of you, Attack! Break his legs and cripple his cultivation!” The sixth prince ordered.

“Kid, its too late to regret now.” An old man took the lead and attacked, and powerful wave of spiritual Qi surged.

The others also started to move, and the strongest among them was even at tier 29 of the Dragon Transformation Realm.

“I heard that you have a puppet that youve contributed to the sixth prince.

I can plead on your behalf and only break one of your legs,” said the old man at the front with a ferocious smile.

“Cloud Piercing Four Spirits…”

Lin Mo had long prepared an attack to welcome him.

He had no chance of winning against warrior at tier 29 of the Dragon Transformation Realm.

He struck out with a move that caught him off guard and knocked him away.

At the same time, a ray golden light surged behind Lin Mos back.

A pair of wings appeared and the golden light shone brightly.

The Kun Peng Wings shook slightly and Lin Mos figure instantly flew up, dodging everyones attacks.

However, in the next moment, the old man who was forced back by Lin Mo instantly appeared in front of him.

A hand blade descended and ruthlessly hacked onto the Ancient Sword of Desolation.

Lin Mo had no choice but to retreat.

At the same time, purple runes surged under his feet and he walked in the air at an unusual pace.

“Qilin Steps…”


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