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Hearing this, Lin Mo was shocked.

No wonder he did not sense Qing Xis aura.

Something had happened.

“What happened”Lin Mo asked.

He walked towards Qing Xis room and pushed her away.

In an instant, a shocking cold aura came over.

This aura was extremely powerful, and even Lin Mos physical body felt a sharp pain.

“When the Saintess escaped, she was poisoned by the Yin Frost Poison.

Her life force was eroded, and now she cant suppress it anymore.

Its about to erupt.”

The old man said.

Even with his Nirvana Realm strength, he was helpless.

Before Qing xi fainted, she had said that Lin Mo had a way.

That was why they were waiting here for Lin Mos return.

“Yin Frost Poison Its alright, it can be treated.”

Lin Mo nodded and flipped his hand to take out three spirit pills.

The moment the Fire God Pill appeared, it emitted a blazing flame.

The surrounding cold air was neutralized and Lin Mo felt a little better.

Without much hesitation, Lin Mo came to Qing Xis bed and helped her sit down cross-legged while he sat at the back.

He first fed the fire god Pill to Qing XI.

It was like a ball of fire falling into an ice cave.

The fire spread and melted all the hard ice.

The temperature in the room rose by quite a bit, allowing the people outside to come in and take a look.

Meanwhile, Qing Xis complexion had also improved quite a bit, and it was slightly rosy.

Seeing this situation, Lin Mo fed the blood dissolving stasis pill to her again.

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Next, he fed her the heavenheart pill.

This spirit pill contained an extremely dense aura of life, which could replenish Qing Xis consumption during this period of time.

Meanwhile, the blood circulation and stasis pill helped clear some of the blocked meridians in her body, allowing her to circulate her spiritual energy on her own.

Finally, she used the Fire God Pill to refine the cold yin poison in her body.

Lin Mo also used the Flame Dao principle to inject it into Qing Xis body, helping her to clear away the cold poison and guide her spiritual energy.

Seeing this situation, the Nirvana Realm powerhouse immediately sealed the place, preventing the aura from spreading out.

“Lin Mo”

Qing Xis consciousness slowly recovered.

Feeling a pair of gentle hands on her back, she slowly opened her mouth.

“Dont talk, follow my spiritual energy.

Ill teach you a spell that can help you escape.”

Lin Mo opened his mouth and told Qing Xi to quickly cultivate.

He did not know thebreath holding techniqueeither.

He had not had the time to cultivate it yet, so he could not teach it.

However, thebreath holding techniquewas enough for Qing Xi to hide herself.

Under Lin Mos guidance, Qing Xi started to circulate it.

While she was refining the medicinal effects of the three spirit pills, she was also practicing theBreath Holding Technique.

Time passed in the blink of an eye.

Soon, three days had passed.

Qing Xis injuries had completely recovered.

At this moment, she was refining the remaining medicinal effects of the Fire God Pill.

After the cold yin poison was completely removed, Qing Xi felt extremely comfortable all over her body.

Furthermore, during this period of time, she had learned thebreath holding technique from Lin Mo.

she was extremely surprised by this technique that could perfectly conceal her aura.

With this, she could leave quietly.

“Saintess, young hero Lin Mo, this old man has observed that those people are still locked down.

If they want to leave, they can only rely on a few mercenary groups.”

The people protecting Qing Xi came to report.

They had been walking around the city and had obtained a lot of information.

Moreover, they had to leave as soon as possible.

Otherwise, they would not be able to hide when more powerful people came.

On the morning of the fourth day.

Lin Mo and Qing Xi disguised themselves as peddlers and wanted to leave the city.

However, they did not act alone.

Instead, they hired a mercenary group and had them escort them out of the city.

This was a relatively small mercenary group, and the cost was 10,000 middle-grade spirit stones per person.

However, this mercenary group was not weak either.

The leader was at tier 27 of the Dragon Transformation Realm, and the other members were also at the 25th and 26th tiers.

In the past, such strength would definitely be able to support a small clan.

Now, experts from various places had come out of the mountains, and there were more and more experts walking in the Yanhuang Divine Empire.

This kind of strength was not enough.

The other people protecting Qing Xi also chose to be escorted by the mercenary group.

However, they were all separated and used to confuse the others.

“Hopefully we can avoid it.”

Lin Mo shook his head.

He did not know what they would encounter when they left the city.

If they were discovered, it would inevitably lead to a huge battle.

“What a bastard.

My business failed three times and I lost nearly 300,000 low-grade spirit stones.

Why did they seal the city!” A merchant in the mercenary group complained.

Of course, this mercenary group would not only protect Lin Mo and Qing Xi.

Other than that, there were a dozen other merchants.

These were all merchants who traveled around the major cities and had to leave them frequently.

“Dont say such things.

Its already good enough to be able to leave the city alive.” His companion advised him to shut up.

After a series of investigations, the mercenary group finally successfully left the city.

Other than their group, there were also quite a number of people who came out.

There were more than a dozen mercenary groups that were released.

The people they were escorting were all inspected before they were finally released.

“They came out just like that” Qing Xi furrowed her brows, feeling a little surprised.

This was because it was too easy.

Moreover, the people who were inspecting were not serious either.

They just took a glance at the portrait and left.

“Indeed, its too easy.

Its very abnormal…”

Lin Mo looked around, but he did not find anything abnormal.

After the mercenary group left the city, they scattered in all directions.

They followed the mercenary group and gradually left the area of Jade Cloud City.

On the way, there were people discussing this matter, trying to guess what kind of existence the wanted person was.

However, in the next moment, a bolt of lightning suddenly appeared in the sky.

It descended from the sky and fiercely struck the ground.

Not far away from Lin Mo and the others, a mercenary group was directly blown into pieces.

Everyone was badly mutilated and died immediately.

Such an attack was too terrifying.

It was the means of a Nirvana Realm powerhouse.

“No, its an ambush!”

Qing Xi was shocked.

At this moment, Lin Mo also understood that letting people out of the city was a trap to lure Qing Xi out of the city.

Once the battle broke out, Qing XI would also fall into a dangerous situation.

And if the Nirvana Realm powerhouse protecting her made a move, her position would be directly exposed.

At that time, Qing XI would have no way to escape even if she had wings.

“Dont make a move.

Follow me.”

“Sir, what are you doing Its none of our business.” A mercenary group leader appeared, wanting to ask to be shown mercy.

“Its better to kill wrongly than let go wrongly.”

An old man appeared in the sky with an ice-cold expression.

He stared at everyone with a bronze mirror in his hand.

Above him, there was supreme lightning.

“But we are not your targets.

You are killing innocents indiscriminately.” Someone said, arguing with reason.


In the next moment, thunder rumbled.

That old man pointed his finger and killed the man who had just spoken.

He was too powerful.

That was an expert at tie 31 of the Dragon Transformation Realm.

One could imagine how terrifying a Nirvana Realm expert was for him to die just like that.

“This old man has decreed that all of you will die here.” His eyes were cold as he swept his gaze over everyone.

Lin Mo was shocked in his heart.

This was because after this old man made his move, another mysterious person appeared.

He was also at the Nirvana stage.

“Sorry to trouble you…”


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