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Someone reminded Lin Mo that out of good intentions, he didnt want Lin Mo to suffer too much.

“After offending someone, I dont dare to show my face in public.

Everyone, please give me some face and accept my spirit pills,” Lin Mo said.

With this, there were no more problems.

Lin Mo wore his bamboo hat, and there was a reason for him to be cautious.

The crowd did not doubt him and started to inquire about the price.

[ Congratulations to host for successfully auctioning the tier 9 top grade life pill ]

[ Successful triggering of 2000 times the auction profit ]

[ Congratulations to host for obtaining the spirit rank tier 1 blood vein pill ]

One by one, the spirit stones were taken away by Lin Mo, and his collection gradually became bigger[.

Although it was not as rich as before, it still doubled.

“Brother, I dont have that many spirit stones, but I have a small item in my hands, can I barter with it”

Someone said, wanting to trade with Lin Mo.

“Oh, take it out and have a look.

Ill give you an estimate.”

Lin Mo nodded.

No matter if it was bartering, he did not mind.

As long as it could be auctioned off, even if it was at the base price.

“I want this spirit grade grand blood solidification pill.

I have three treasures in my hands.

How much do you think its worth”

That person was a young man with a scar on his face.

He should be a mercenary who frequented the mountains.


He would often pick up extraordinary items, but it was impossible to determine their value.

Soon, a scroll and two thumb-sized stones appeared in Lin Mos hands.

As soon as they appeared, the two stones emitted a special aura, attracting everyones attention.

“This looks like good stuff.”

Some people sighed.

They didnt know what the scroll was, but these two stones were definitely not ordinary.

“Let me check first.”

Black spiritual energy surged in Lin Mos hands as his soul power covered them.

On the surface, he was trying to find out what kind of treasure they were.

In reality, Lin Mo had kept them in the system space at the first instant.

[ Enlightenment stone fragment, tier 1 spirit-grade]

[ Enlightenment stone fragment, poured into the blood of the immortal ascenders, tier 9 spirit-grade]

[ Incomplete immortal scripture, records the profoundness of the Immortal Ascension platform.

Only Ninth Heaven of the Nirvana realm can view it ]

The systems voice rang out.

Three treasures, each of them worth quite a bit, especially the last two.

If this spread out, it would cause a bloody storm.

The entire Eastern Continent would be in chaos.

There would be people coming to snatch this incomplete immortal scripture just so they could ascend to the immortal ascension platform.

Seeing Lin Mo frown, the owner of the treasure was somewhat anxious.

He urged Lin Mo to ask, “Fellow Daoist, can you tell what it is”

“What a pity.

I cant read that scripture.

As for those two stones, the complete one should be the size of a head.

They are spirit-grade tier 1 dazzling dragon stones.”

“However, these two of yours can only be fragments.

Their grade is at most tier 7…”

Lin Mo shook his head and took out the three treasures, wanting to return them to the man.

“Dont!” The other party immediately panicked.

He really wanted to exchange the spirit grade spirit pills in Lin Mos hands.

He really needed them.

For this, he had even taken out what he thought was his most precious treasure.

Yet, the result was like this…

“How about this I cant see through this scripture either.

It might be a treasure.

If its not weak, Ill take a loss.

Three Treasures, plus three tier 9 demonic beast inner cores or spirit pills, is that alright”

Lin Mo waved his hand, saying that if it wa not for the fact that he couldnt see through this scripture, he wouldnt be willing to trade.


“Can I have two”

That man had a troubled expression on his face.

He immediately thought of it and said, “Fellow daoist, arent you auctioning it The price you set for this spirit pill is a little low.”.

Strictly speaking, three tier 9 demonic beast inner cores were already close to the starting price set by Lin Mo.


However, he could notsell the inner cores on the spot.

Lin Mo was still in charge of the price.

“Alright then… Ill take a loss.

Two then.”

Lin Mo hesitated for a moment before deciding to agree.

The other partys face was immediately filled with smiles as he took out two inner cores and the three treasures from before to trade with Lin Mo.


When the three treasures were once again stored in the system space, Lin Mo finally heaved a sigh of relief, his heart filled with joy.

[ Congratulations, host, for successfully auctioning the tier 1 spirit-grade grand essence blood clotting pill ]

[ You have successfully triggered the 10,000 fold return on the auction ]

[ congratulations, host, for successfully obtaining the tier 5 spirit-grade grand essence blood clotting pill ]

10,000 fold return on the auction, not only did he obtain the three treasures, he had also successfully obtained the tier 5 spirit rank pills.

This trip had been too good, he had made a huge profit.

Following this, Lin Mo auctioned off the two inner cores.

Before the news spread, he rushed to the Chamber of Commerce and the auction house, using the excuse of an expedition to purchase a large number of healing pills and spirit medicines, before leaving in a carefree manner.

When some people realized that Lin Mo had lost ten to twenty million low-grade spirit stones, they felt that it was inappropriate.

After thinking carefully and guessing that it was Lin Mo, he had already met up with Qing Xi and set off towards the border of the Yanhuang dynasty.

“According to our speed, in another five days, we will be able to cross the border and enter the Wasteland Battlefield.”

Lin Mo looked at the map.

They had been avoiding the crown princes pursuers along the way.

After taking a detour, their final destination was an ancient battlefield.

The so-called desolation battlefield was where all the races in the world gathered.

That place was extremely chaotic, and it was located in the buffer zone between the Yanhuang Divine Epire and the Lujin dynasty.

The wanted criminals of the two empires would usually enter there, forming quite a large force.

However, Lin Mos route was still calculated by others.

These people, through the clues, concluded that Lin Mo would head to the desolation battlefield and enter the Lujin Divine Empire there.

“Hes going to be hunted down again.

I wonder if Jin Lie is still there.

I really want to kill him,” Lin Mo said coldly.

Due to the exposure of his identity, rumors had spread throughout the Yanhuang Divine Empire.

They said that Lin Mo had betrayed the country and was escorting the evil Saint Qing Xi into the wilderness battlefield.

These were all spread by Jin Lie, giving Jiang Xiyue a headache.

Lin Mo could not come out to refute the rumors, she could only announce to the public that Lin Mo was in closed door cultivation…

“Dont do anything rash.

Its the last stage, be more careful.” Qing Xi said, worried that something might happen at the last moment.

“Dont worry, Jin Lie isnt my match.

As long as the Nirvana stage powerhouse beside him isnt strong, I can deal with him.”

Lin Mo said, his gaze was like a torch, incomparably confident.

Qing Xi was speechless.

She realized that no matter what Lin Mo did, he carried an endless wave of confidence.

It was an invincible aura that looked down on everyone.

This aura turned into power and made people feel at ease.

It was as if no matter what dangers he faced, Lin Mo could turn them into benefits.

Wasnt this what Lin Mo did when he was being chased all the way He protected her safety.

However, she still did not believe Lin Mos words.

Killing Jin lie was not a joke.

He was a peerless genius who had the same invincible aura as Lin Mo.

“Nirvana stage experts are too terrifying.

Dont take the risk.” Qing Xi advised.

She still did not believe Lin Mo.


“Dont worry, I still have a trump card…”

Lin Mo said with a smile.

Moreover, the Origin Spirit Puppet had already been repaired.

Under its attack, it would be very difficult for Jin Lie to block it.

The following journey was much smoother.

Although there were some demonic beasts blocking the way, Qing Xi could deal with them herself.

However, the two also knew that there would be a battle at the end of the journey, which was inevitable.


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