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This second soul was the place where the blood soul flame resided.

At a critical moment, it could replace the hosts death.

“This ability can even increase along with the rise of ones realm…” Lin Mo exclaimed in admiration.

There was such a wondrous item in this world.

However, the flaw was also very obvious.

It required a lot of resources to condense the second soul.

It was equivalent to starting from scratch, using up a lot of resources to allow the second soul to catch up to the host.

In the future, cultivating would also require double the amount of resources…

However, though it was possible to obtain a second life, one flaw was neglected by the masses.

That night, two people returned from Yue Xuan.

The first to return was the travel-worn Tang Chen.

He searched all over the mountain, searching for spirit herbs for Lin Mo.

During this period of time, he even found a middle-grade spirit mine that no one had dug out.

After digging around, he had dug out a total of 7 billion low-grade spirit stones.

In total, he had dug out 700,000 middle-grade spirit stones.

“Its been hard on you, elder tang.

In order to prevent another theft, Ill take care of it personally.” Lin Mo did not stand on ceremony and accepted all of the spirit stones and spirit herbs.

He checked and found that there was nothing missing.

These spirit herbs were just enough to hold an auction.

Tang Chen had just left when Jiang Xiyue came looking for him with a smile.

“Hows the situation”

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Lin Mo stood up and told Jiang Xiyue what had happened on his side.

“I already know.

The blood fiend mercenary group is just taking revenge.

Its not important.”

Jiang Xiyue said and told Lin Mo that she had gained a lot this time.

“Here, this is yours.”

A scarlet red crystal the size of a palm that was as red as blood appeared.

It had just appeared and Lin Mos soul was cleansed.

“This is… A blood spirit crystal”

Lin Mo was shocked.

He did not expect Jiang Xiyue to bring him such a good thing…

“Your soul power is already strong.

After refining it, it will definitely become stronger,” Jiang Xiyue said with a smile.

This time, they found more than ten pieces.

She and the fourth prince found that the blood soul flame was a meritorious service, so they each got three pieces.

The rest were taken away by the emperor.

“Alas, the blood soul flame is too strong.

Elder Luo was injured, so he had to retreat…”

Jiang Xiyue said with a regretful look.

Since Luo Haoyu was still a level five torturer of the Hall of punishment, he had to leave before the emperors people came.

Therefore, she didnt get more blood spirit crystals.

“Wait, three”

Lin Mo was overjoyed and put the blood spirit crystal into the system space.

[ Blood spirit crystal, palm-sized, extremely pure.

It can effectively increase the power of the soul.

No side effects.

Grade: Spirit Level 9.


Spirit-grade 9 blood spirit crystal.

If he auctioned it, as long as his luck wasnt too bad, he would be able to get an earth-grade treasure.

“Thats right, three pieces.

One for each of us.”

Jiang Xiyue said.

She had already given Lin Dies piece to her and was already refining it…

“What a pity…” Lin Mos face was filled with regret.

He had lost a piece of blood spirit crystal…

“Whats a pity” Jiang Xiyues face was filled with confusion.

She didnt understand what Lin Mo was talking about.

“Xiyue, trust me.

If you let me auction off these two pieces of blood spirit crystal, Ill be able to give you a better treasure.”

Lin Mo said confidently.

If he auctioned off the blood spirit crystals, not only would he get two stronger ones, but he would also get a large amount of spirit stones.

What he lacked the most in his god-devouring body cultivation was spirit stones…

“Really” Jiang Xiyue didnt believe him, because what he said was too unbelievable…

“Of course its true.

Trust me,” Lin Mo said solemnly.

He looked at Jiang Xiyue, indicating that he wasnt joking.

Looking at the serious Lin Mo, Jiang Xiyue took out the other piece of blood spirit crystal with some doubt.

Lin Mo reached out to take it, but Jiang Xiyue grabbed Lin Mos hand.

A serious expression appeared on her face.

She looked at Lin Mo and said, “You cant joke about such things.

Are you sure”

Being stared at like this, Lin Mo smiled helplessly.

He reached out and pulled Jiang Xiyue into his arms.

“My Princess, dont worry.

This subordinate will definitely not disappoint you.” Looking at the beauty in his embrace, Lin Mo hugged her tightly.

“This subordinate Who wants such a rude subordinate like you”

Jiang Xiyue rebuked, but she realized that her voice was a little soft.

Hearing this, Lin Mos body trembled.

Seeing that Lin Mos gaze was a little fiery, she hurriedly broke free from his embrace.

Her face was already red.

“Then… Then Ill leave it to you…”

With a slightly red face, she ran out of the room as if she was escaping and left Yue Xuan through the teleportation array.

Lin Mo looked out of the window, recalling the scene just now in his mind, a smile hanging on the corner of his mouth unknowingly.

The next day!

The sunlight shone into the room, and Lin Mo slowly woke up.

After pushing open the door, the plans in his mind gradually surfaced.

Very quickly, an important piece of news spread out.

Not only the imperial city, but even outside, there was news that spread out.

It could be seen how shocking this news was.

“Whats going on Yue Xuan is holding an auction tonight, and the grand finale is the blood spirit crystal”

“What kind of joke is this Who is the owner of this Yue Xuan To find news of the blood soul flame so quickly and claim the reward from the emperor”

Many people refused to believe it, because only a day had passed.

What kind of speed was this.

“Yue Xuans owner is Lin Mo, right He is ranked eighth on the Board of Fame and is a young genius.” Someone said, knowing about the recent news of Yue Xuan changing owners.

“Nonsense, Yue Xuan is only managed by Lin Mo.

the true owner is the eighth princess.” Someone retorted.

Yue Xuan was Jiang Xiyues property, and many people in the imperial city knew about it.

After all, the eighth princess was not qualified to fight for power in the early years.

She was fond of doing business, and that was why she founded Yue Xuan.

“Could it be that the eighth princess got the news”

“Are you stupid The eighth princess and the fourth prince found out that the blood soul flame was a meritorious service and was rewarded with three blood spirit crystals.”

“Theres even a notice posted at the entrance of the imperial palace.

Why wouldnt she look at it herself”

Some people were discussing, but they were all very curious.

SInce the blood spirit crystal was very precious, and the eighth princess was actually willing to take out a piece to be auctioned.

This was very rare.

Moreover, there were also people discussing behind her back.

The eighth princess had many people under her care, and there were also many Nirvana Realm experts.

The blood spirit crystal was so precious, didnt she need to win over peoples hearts It was actually auctioned off in public

“Forget it, stop guessing.

Perhaps the eighth princess is lacking spirit stones.”

People came forward one after another.

Yue Xuans entrance had been trampled to the ground, and they were all here to make an appointment for the auction.

In the end, Lin Mo had no choice but to step forward and settle the matter.

He announced the rules, and those who placed spirit-grade treasures for auction could participate in the auction directly.

Those who didnt put them up for auction would have to pay an entrance fee of 1,000 middle-grade spirit stones.

This rule made many people dissatisfied, and they felt that Lin Mo was taking advantage of the situation.

However, when Lin Mo mentioned the blood spirit crystal that would be auctioned tonight, the palm-sized one would be used as the finale.

Apart from that, there were a total of 15 thumb-sized blood spirit crystals to be auctioned.

Looking at such a heated situation, Lin Mo smiled faintly.

At this moment, in the system space, he had split a blood spirit crystal into 15 pieces, all the size of a thumb.

The system immediately stated its value.

[ Blood crystal, the size of a thumb, extremely high purity, can effectively increase the power of the soul, no side effects, grade 6 spirit level ]


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