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With the Blood Spirit Crystal as a guide and Jiang Xiyues reputation, Lin Mo felt extremely relaxed.

He had earned a huge sum just from the entrance fee alone.

“So many people have come…”

Although it was within his expectations, he was still a little stunned when these people really came.

After all, he didnt seem to have enough treasures on him.

Fortunately, there were quite a number of people who had sent them to bid.

They could use them to support him.

After all, these people were all here for the blood spirit crystal.

“Its my turn.”

Lin Mo smoothly walked in and looked ahead.

“Thank you for your support.

There are too many people here.

Im greatly surprised.”

He walked onto the stage and smiled as he greeted everyone.

“The crown prince is here.

Step back quickly.”

Suddenly, just as Lin Mo was about to announce the start of the auction, a shout was heard, startling the entire venue.

A team of guards walked in quickly and cleared a path, leading straight to the private room closest to the auction stage.

That was the first seat.

Lin Mo had never seen anyone use it before, and Jiang Xiyue had also warned him not to send anyone in.

“Looks like this is reserved for the crown prince…”

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Lin Mo thought to himself.

The crown prince, Jiang Cheng, had also come.

Was it for the last blood spirit crystal.

“Forget it.

Its not impossible to sell it to a competitor.

As long as I pay the price truthfully, its fine.”

He did not dislike the crown prince auctioning off the blood spirit crystal.

Of course, the prerequisite was that he had to pay the price…

“I didnt expect the crown prince to come to visit us.

Please forgive me for not welcoming you.” Lin Mo cupped his fists and saluted, looking at the person walking in the middle.

The crown prince was extremely young.

He was in his early twenties and was about the same age as Lin Mo.

He was dressed in a plain white robe.

Just by looking at his appearance, he looked like an elegant young master from the capital.

The crown prince held a folding fan in his hand and gently fanned it.

He sized up Lin Mo from head to toe and nodded.

“Why are we auctioning off the blood spirit crystal” The crown princes voice was calm, as if he was asking about something unimportant.


The crowd was a little quiet.

They looked at the crown prince, then at Lin Mo, choosing to remain silent.

They hadnt expected the crown prince to personally come.

It seemed that the value of the blood spirit crystal far exceeded their imaginations.

“Uh… I hope the crown prince will forgive me, but I cant tell you.” Lin Mo said in neither a servile nor an overbearing manner.

His words almost shocked everyone.

This was the crown prince, an existence that was below one person and above ten thousand people in the entire imperial city.

It was fine if you just cupped your fists and saluted him.

The crown prince actually didnt get his question answered…

“According to what I know, the ones who obtained the blood spirit crystal were fourth brother and eighth sister, right You are eighth sisters hanger-on, helping her take care of Yue Xuan.

“That means that the order to auction off the Blood Spirit Crystal was given by eighth sister.”

The crown prince continued to speak, completely ignoring the people around him.

He looked at Lin Mo, his lips moved slightly, and a voice transmission entered Lin Mos ears, “Even if my royal sister could kill Jin Lie, she wouldnt dare to say that she could kill him under the protection of a Nirvana Realm powerhouse.

“You have such talent, yet youre under her tutelage, yet you cant even get a single blood spirit crystal

“Hehe, I wont beat around the bush.

Jin Lie is dead, and the Heavenly King Manor wants me to kill you, but I lack a helper…

“If you come, Ill give you a blood spirit crystal.”

The crown prince smiled, opened his folding fan, gently fanned it, and slowly walked into the private room at the front.

The remaining guards surrounded the private room, protecting the crown princes safety.

“Im only here to participate in the auction.

All of you can bid legally.

Dont worry about me.”

The crown prince laughed softly.

This gentle laughter also eased the atmosphere of the auction.

With the crown princes arrival, the others naturally did not dare to be negligent.

In the private rooms, the tenth princess, the second prince, and even the seventh princes spoke up and chatted with the crown prince.

“The fourth prince isnt here.

It looks like hes refining the blood spirit crystal.”

Lin Mo thought to himself.

The appearance of the crown prince actually caused all the important figures hidden in the dark to appear.

“Alright everyone, lets invite our first auction item.” After Lin Mo adjusted himself, he began to host the auction.

Following his voice, a maid walked up and carried a silver plate.

The plate was covered with a red cloth.

Lin Mo lifted it up, and the gazes of everyone present focused on it.

In an instant, an icy cold aura swept through the entire auction hall.

A pale blue petal lay quietly on the silver plate.

This petal was the petal of a lotus flower.

There were strange patterns on it and it was crystal clear, as if it was carved out of ice.

Just the petal alone highlighted its beauty.

The icy cold aura on it also made everyone clear-headed.

As soon as it appeared, everyones attention was focused on it.

Lin Mo looked at everyones shocked gazes and nodded slightly.

He introduced, “In the extremely cold lands, there is a lotus flower called the ice god lotus.”

“The ice god lotus is a well-deserved rare treasure.

Its grade can even reach the earth-grade.”

“If ice and water attributed cultivators appear, they might be able to comprehend a sliver of the Dao.

Its extremely precious.

Although it wont directly raise ones cultivation level, it will greatly increase ones combat strength and talent.

“However, its a pity that the seller only managed to obtain a single petal of the ice god lotus in the end.

“As for the true ice god Lotus, the last time it appeared in the entire eastern continent was a thousand years ago.”

“This petal of the ice god lotus has a grade of spirit tier 5.

The starting bid is 300,000 mid-grade spirit stones.”

Just as Lin Mo finished speaking, everyones high spirits were immediately lowered.

The entire place was silent.

300,000 middle-grade spirit stones.

This was the price of an ordinary spirit rank 5 spirit herb.

And this was the starting price of this ice god lotus petal.

If someone were to fight over it, the price would far exceed the price of a spirit rank 5 spirit herb.

However, on second thought, the ice god lotus was incomparably precious.

It was rare to see it even in a thousand years.

It wasnt impossible to buy it at a high price.

“350,000 middle-grade spirit stones, Ill take it.”

The first person to bid came from the private room.

From the voice, Lin Mo recognized that it was the tenth princesss voice.

When he thought about how the tenth princess carried an icy cold aura every time she appeared, it seemed like she was determined to get the ice god lotus.

350,000 might not be able to scare everyone away.

“400,000 middle-grade spirit stones.”

As expected, the tenth princess had only bid for a short while when someone else raised the price by 50,000.


The tenth princess instantly raised the price.

This time, she raised the price by 100,000, shocking everyone.

As expected of a princess, she had so many spirit stones in her hands.

“Tsk tsk, 500,000, it already exceeds the value of the ice god lotus petal…” Lin Mo was speechless.

This tenth princess was really rich.

In the private room on the other side, the people inside were somewhat hesitant.

They wanted to continue bidding, but they could feel the tenth princess determination.

After thinking for a while, they shut their mouths and stopped participating in the auction.

“500,000 going once.

Is there anyone else who wants to bid”

“500,000 going twice…”

“500,000 going thrice.


Alright, Congratulations to the tenth princess for successfully bidding for the ice god lotus petal.”

Lin Mo dropped the hammer and completed the first item at an extremely high price.


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