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[ Congratulations, host, for successfully auctioning the spirit level rank 5 ice god lotus petals ]

[ You have successfully triggered the 9,000 times auction rebate ]

[ Congratulations, host, for obtaining the spirit level rank 9 extreme evil dragon lotus petals ]

To trigger the 9,000 times auction rebate on the first try, this kind of multiple was rare.

Moreover, the treasures that the rebate gave were very powerful.

The extreme evil dragon lotus was an ice spirit item that was even purer than the ice god Lotus.

Furthermore, it was said that the extreme evil dragon lotus was a variant of the ice god Lotus.

It was nurtured by dragons blood the moment the ice god lotus was born.

Although it was a sub-dragon and the dragons blood was not pure, it was still extraordinary.

Under such harsh conditions, the ice god Lotus had a chance of evolving into the extreme evil dragon lotus.

“When Xiyue absorbs the true dragons heart blood, she can be faster with the protection of the extreme evil dragon lotus petals.”

Lin Mo nodded his head in satisfaction.

The items that were being auctioned off this time were too suitable.

“Alright, next is the second item.

Its also a very precious treasure.”

He waved his hand and a maid came up with a silver plate.

It was still covered by the red cloth and Lin Mo lifted it up.

In an instant, an extremely pure life essence reverberated in the surroundings.

“Everyone, please observe for a moment.

I will explain to you later.”

Lin Mo waved his hand, and had the maid carry the silver plate towards the crown princes private room.

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Not long after, the maid walked out, and then walked towards the second princes private room, followed closely by the seventh Prince and the tenth princess.

Next were the other private rooms.

Some were the princes and nobles of the imperial city.

Some were people from the Holy Land who had brought their own juniors to participate in the Jingdou Dao Conference.

When the maid walked out of the last private room, Lin Mo finally spoke.

“Im sure everyone is very confused as to why an ordinary stone would have such a dense life energy, right”

“Perhaps there are already people who can tell.

This object is an ancient mine of life, but its not complete.

Its just scrap material that has been cut off, and its even been absorbed.”

Lin Mo said with a smile.

It was a scrap material and had been absorbed before, when Tang Chen handed it to him, he still didnt know what it was.

It wasnt until he kept it in the system space that he understood that it was actually an extremely precious legendary ore.

“How is this possible”

Everyone was shocked.

The ancient life mine was a priceless treasure.

It was said that it only needed a small fragment to save a Nirvana Realm powerhouse.

The piece in Lin Mos hand was already extremely precious.

Although it had been absorbed, it was still a scrap, but at the critical moment, it could definitely bring people back from the dead.

“The scrap material of the ancient mine of life, grade 5 spirit rank.

The starting price is 300,000 mid-grade spirit stones.” Lin Mo said with a smile.

However, at this moment, no one was bidding.

Everyone looked at Lin Mo in disbelief.

The ancient life mine.

They had only heard of such a treasure in legends.

It was a heaven-grade treasure, one that could only be found by chance.

Even if it was just a piece of scrap material that had been absorbed, it would still be able to reach the level of a spirit grade 5.

However, what everyone was hesitating about was whether what Lin Mo said was true.

If it was just a piece of ore that contained life energy, it would be a huge loss.

“Everyone, feel free to bid.

I guarantee that what I said is true.

If its fake, feel free to look for me.”

As if he could see everyones concerns, Lin Mo immediately spoke up.

In reality, if it wasnt for the systems reasons, he wouldnt have believed that this was just a side piece of the ancient life ore.

After hearing Lin Mos words, everyone in the hall was already tempted.

However, the people in the hall also knew that they definitely had no chance.

This was because someone had already made a bid in the private room.

An unfamiliar mans voice sounded out, “400,000.”

Lin Mo smiled faintly.

Someone had already made a bid, so this scrap of the ancient life mine could be sold for a high price.

He didnt believe that these people would be able to endure it.

Especially the seventh prince and the crown prince.

These two were contenders for the throne.

Assassination attempts were commonplace to them.

The slightest mistake would result in their heads being chopped off.

If they could obtain this piece of scrap material, it would be equivalent to having a chance at rebirth.

This opportunity was very precious to them.

Hence, the seventh prince immediately made a bid.


The seventh prince directly increased the bid by 100,000.

Moreover, from the looks of it, he would definitely increase the bid.

For a moment, he actually scared off those who wanted to bid.

“Alright, the seventh prince is willing to bid 500,000.

Is there anyone who is willing to bid higher” Lin Mo dropped the auction hammer and wasnt anxious.

However, his gaze would occasionally look towards the crown princes private room.

Could it be that the crown prince wasnt interested in the scraps of the ancient life mine


Another person bid, wanting to compete with the seventh prince.

“600,000.” The seventh Prince didnt show any signs of weakness and immediately called out the bid in the next second.

The price of 600,000 was almost the limit of this ancient life mine.

“600,000 going once!”

“600,000 going twice…”

“600,000 going thrice, sold.

Congratulations, seventh prince, for successfully bidding for the scraps of the ancient life mine.”

Lin Mo dropped the auction hammer.

Up until the end, the crown prince did not participate in the bidding, which made him very surprised.

Could it be that the crown prince was so confident that he wouldnt be killed, and even if someone wanted to assassinate him, he could still escape

“Sigh, forget it, I cant be bothered with it.”

It didnt matter who he sold it to anyway.

He had killed Yuan Cang, the right-hand man that the seventh prince had found with great difficulty.

As for the Crown Princes study companion Jin Lie, he had also been killed, and the true dragon blood that he was about to obtain had also been cut off.

These were all enemies, and it didnt matter who he sold it to.

[ Congratulations host for successfully auctioning off scraps of the ancient life mine, rank 5 spirit rank.


[ Successful triggering of 10,000 times the auction return.


[ Congratulations host for obtaining a fragment of the ancient life mine, spirit-grade tier 9.


The auction return was 10,000 times, and it was a true ancient life mine.

Lin Mo almost cried out in shock.

Although it was a fragment, it was a real ancient mine of life.

If word got out, even the emperor would come here to auction it off, because the ancient mine of life had an extraordinary meaning.

“My luck changed today Good things have appeared one after another…”

Lin Mo was very happy.

He was very satisfied with this result.

He hoped that it would continue to be like this, earning spirit stones and obtaining supreme treasures…

The quality of the next items in the auction decreased slightly, and their origins werent that great anymore.

However, most of them were spirit medicines, causing everyone to fight over them.

Perhaps it was because the Dao Conference of the capital was about to begin, that spirit pills and spirit medicines were selling especially well.

Especially the recovery and healing types, they were all being auctioned off at higher prices.

Lin Mo gradually discovered a pattern.

If he earned a lot of spirit stones in his auction, then the rewards given back by the system would be less.

There was even a spirit rank 6 spirit pill.

Lin Mo planned to try his luck and see if he could get a higher ranked one.

This way, Jiang Xiyue would be able to absorb the true dragons hearts blood and gain a level of protection.

However, the healing type spirit pill was too tempting and was bought by the Holy Maiden of the ancient Moon Holy Land, Xiao Yue, for one million middle-grade spirit stones.

This price allowed Lin Mo to earn a lot, but it was also very touching, triggering ten times the price…

The rebate was only giving Lin Mo a spirit rank 6 spirit pill, the change was negligible…


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