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“Senior brother Li, who is this person”The crown prince asked.

“Nirvana stage, I dont know.”Li Longs answer was very straightforward.

He could accurately sense those below nirvana stage, but those above Nirvana stage were not something he could calculate.

That required an extremely accurate calculation of the heavens, even reaching the level of the SAINTESS.


I didnt expect that an auction would actually attract so many mysterious experts.”

He didnt participate in the bidding.

He had already consumed the heavens reflection fruit before, so these were extra items that could be auctioned off.

The other reason was to let Lin Mo know that there were all sorts of benefits to being by his side…

“Lin Mo, Oh Lin Mo, although you killed Jin lie, your talent is enough for me to spare your life.

If you submit to me, youll have all sorts of resources…”

The crown prince muttered to himself and continued to watch the auction.

“12 million.”

The people who were still bidding were still the second prince, the fourth prince, and the mysterious person who had auctioned the star pill earlier.

As for the Nirvana stage powerhouse who had bid earlier, he had long since gone silent.

“Second brother, what I lack the most right now is the heavenly reflection fruit.

Can you take care of it”

“When you bought the star pill just now, I didnt snatch it,”the fourth Prince said in a deep voice.

That mysterious person didnt seem to have much money left and the number of bids he made decreased.

Only the second prince and the fourth Prince were still fighting over it.

Neither of them was willing to give up.

“Fourth brother, youre exaggerating.

I yearn for this kind of treasure.

Im afraid I Cant give it up this time.”

The second prince smiled.

As he spoke, he spoke again, “12.5 million.”

“Lin Mo, Ill sell some spirit herbs on the spot.

Do You Want Them”

The fourth Prince walked out and looked at Lin Mo.


For the sake of the heavenly reflection fruit, it didnt matter even if he missed the finale.


If the customers on the spot can give a suitable price, I can help you sell them,”Lin Mo said with a smile.

He was naturally willing to do business that came to his doorstep.

“Alright, I have a few treasures in my hands, help me sell them.”

The fourth Prince threw out some spirit rank spirit herbs, but they were all third or fourth rank spirit herbs.

The quality wasnt good, but the quantity was sufficient…

This left Lin Mo speechless.

He had agreed early.

How was he going to sell these things were there so many of them for auction

“Theres no need to bid too high, the price is suitable.

You can directly drop the hammer.

Its fine even if you lose.”

The fourth prince seemed to have seen through Lin Mos difficulties and said.

He had a lot of these treasures.

If it wasnt for the limited storage ring space on his body, he would even be able to take out more.

“Thats great.

Thank you, Fourth Prince, for helping me.”

Lin Mo said with a smile.

He set the prices of these treasures one by one and then asked the people in the hall if they were willing to auction them.

As for offending the second prince, that wasnt necessary.

This was because the fourth prince had the financial support and also took out some spirit herbs to auction off.

If both of them wanted to cash in, the people in the hall would feel at ease.

After spending a full ten minutes, all of these treasures had been bought off, and Lin Mo had obtained a sufficient amount of treasures.

Furthermore, as they had all been sold at a loss, he had triggered five times the 10,000 fold rebate.

A piece of spirit rank 5 meteorite iron, after 10,000 times the rebate, he had obtained a piece of star iron, a spirit rank 9.

“A money-giving boy…”

Lin Mo accepted it with a smile.

With the support of funds, the two of them began to bid.

The value of the heavenly reflection fruit rose in a straight line, and in the end, it actually reached 17,000,000.

In the end, the second prince and the fourth Prince had a discussion, and the fourth Prince successfully bid for the heavenly reflection fruit.

As for what price he would have to pay the second prince, that was unknown.

“Congratulations, Your Highness, for successfully bidding for the heaven reflection fruit.”

Lin Mo dropped his hammer and gave the order to record the items that the second prince and the fourth Prince had added to the auction.

[ congratulations, host, for successfully auctioning the spirit rank 7 heaven reflection fruit ]

[ successfully triggered the 1,000 times auction return ]

[ Congratulations, host, for obtaining the spirit rank 8 blazing sun fruit ]

With the sky-high price, it was basically impossible for him to get good items back.

However, Lin Mo didnt mind it.

A spirit rank 8 blazing sun fruit was much stronger than the heavenly reflection fruit.

“It doesnt have any effect on me.

Next time, Ill sell it as the finale.”

Lin Mo laughed in his heart as he waved his hand.

The maid continued forward, and everyone stared at her intently.

At this moment, Lin Mo still hadnt said what the finale was.

This made them very curious.

“Everyone, youve been waiting for a long time.

The final item is about to arrive.

This is the second-to-last treasure.”

Lin Mo said with a smile.

The money that they should earn was about to arrive.

Everyone present had already placed their bids, especially the fourth prince.

The following items basically had nothing to do with him.

“Heavenly Thunder calcined fire wood, spirit rank 8.

Although this is wood, it contains the Lightning and fire attribute.

It can be used to refine weapons and can also be directly absorbed.”

The red cloth was lifted, and Lin Mo introduced it with a faint smile.

Everyone in the crowd was extremely shocked.

There were indeed many good items in this auction, causing their eyes to be dazzled.

The Heavenly Thunder Fire Wood appeared, and on the silver plate was a piece of glistening wood.

It was half a meter long, and above it faintly flickered with the undulations of lightning.

When the crown prince had just delivered this level of treasure, he had been shocked, unable to believe it.

The Heavenly Thunder fire calcining wood could be used to refine weapons, and it could be used to refine a spiritual grade level 8 magic tool.

If some other treasures were added, it might be able to forge a spiritual grade level 9 magic tool.

“Alright, the Heavenly Thunder Fire calcining wood is not very versatile, but it is still priceless.

The starting price is six million middle-grade spirit stones.”

The auction hammer had just dropped when the second prince directly raised the price, giving a shock to those who wanted to bid.

“Ten million.”

Raising the bid by four million in one go.

Such a grand scene was not unheard of in the auction house, but it was definitely rare.

“Your Highness, this old subject covets this heavenly thunder calcined fire wood.

Please Dont blame me.”

In another private room, an old man walked out.

His hair was white and his body was hunched, but the aura on his body was absolutely powerful.

“So its the Prince of Zhennan.

You are old and respected.

I dont dare to blame you.”

“But I still dont want to give up on this heavenly thunder calcined fire wood.”

The second prince said politely and then shouted, “11 million.”

“12 million,”the old man called the Prince of Zhennan said with an indifferent expression, as if this 12 million had nothing to do with him.

In the end, the second prince continued to bid, but the southern Kings wealth was very strong.

He successfully bought the Heavenly Thunder Fire Wood at a high price of 16 million.

“Thank you, second prince, for your help.”

The southern king bowed and returned to his private room.

Lin Mo dropped the auction hammer and congratulated him.

Then, he waited for the systems rebate.

[ congratulations, host, for successfully auctioning a spirit rank rank 8 Heavenly Thunder Fire Wood ]

[ successfully triggering the 5,000 times rebate ]

[ Congratulations, host, for obtaining the half-step Earth Rank Mythical Fire Wood -RSB-

Mythical Fire Wood was a half-step earth rank weapon forging material, and only the fire attribute was within it.

This made Lin Mo extremely excited.

The desolation ancient sword could be upgraded once again.

As long as the mythical fire wood was fused into it, it could at least be upgraded to the spirit rank 9…


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