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Chapter 60 Top Sixth-Level Dragon Transformation Pill! The Miao Clans Conspiracy

As a result, Miao Yan gritted his teeth and shouted, “25,000 spirit stones!”

Miao Jian did not show much anger on his face.

However, the serious gloominess on his face seemed to appear gradually.

He glanced at Du Nanfeng and the others indifferently and sneered, “Yaner, dont be angry.

These people are like grasshoppers after autumn.

They wont be able to jump around for long.”

Seeing that the Miao clan had raised the price again, Du Nanfeng could not help but raise his eyebrows.

“It seems that Brother Miao is determined to get this pill.”

Miao Jian said coldly, “It seems that the head of the Du clan also needs this pill.

However, those who are capable will get it.

It depends on who has the most spiritual stones!”

“30,000 spiritual stones!”

Du Nanfeng and Miao Jian clashed again.

The air was filled with the strong smell of gunpowder.

Everyone seemed to have seen the scene from last time.

Miao Jian was so enthusiastic that it could not help but make people curious.

After all, he had already suffered a loss last time.

Could it be that he still wanted to repeat the same mistake

There must be something fishy going on.

Lin Mo could not help but fall into deep thought.

According to Miao Jians character, even if he needed this pill, he would not do such a thing.

Of course, he could not rule out other situations.

The Miao clan did not have enough strength to contend against him.

After all, with Lin Mos current cultivation, he was not afraid of anyone in the spirit gathering realm.

Such a pill should be extremely rare even for the high-level cultivators in the Miao clan.

Even if Miao Jian had a grudge against him, he could only put it aside for now.

At this moment, the price had already soared to 40,000 spirit stones, and it was still rising rapidly, making the other bidders unable to catch up.

“In terms of strength, these big clans are still the richest.”

“I heard that among the four big clans, Miao Jian was the first to break through, so comparatively speaking, the Miao clan is the richest.”

“Looks like this precious Spirit Tempering Pill will fall into his hands.”

“Not necessarily.

Looking at the Du clans expression, it seems like this pill is of great use to them.”

“45,000 spirit stones!”

“48,000 spirit stones!”

At this moment, only Miao Jian, Du Nanfeng, and Wang Zhong were left to bid.

As the Huang clan mainly studied martial arts, they were not that keen on pills.

As the price continued to increase, although the Huang sisters also wanted the Spirit Tempering Pill, they chose to give up in the end.

“60,000 spirit stones!”

As Miao Jian shouted the price, the entire venue fell silent.

This was almost the highest price ever auctioned in the history of Qingyang City!

Miao Jian was very pleased with himself.

He looked around, and finally, his gaze fell on Du Nanfeng, with a somewhat provocative stare.

Du Nanfeng secretly clenched his fists.

Subconsciously, he wanted to open his mouth, but he forcefully endured it.

The Du clan could afford 60,000 spirit stones.

However, mobilizing such a large amount of funds in such a short period would probably have a certain impact on the Du clan.

Moreover, looking at Miao Jians appearance, he was bound to bid for the Spirit Tempering Pill.

If he continued to bid, the final deal would probably not only be 60,000 but an astronomical price.

After thinking it through, Du Nanfeng and Wang Zhong had no choice but to give up.

“Only the Miao clan has the ability to take out so many spirit stones.

As expected, among the four great clans, the Miao clan fares slightly better.

If Miao Jian successfully makes another breakthrough, the situation in Qingyang City might change again.”

“If we add in the Spirit Quenching Pill, Im afraid that Miao Jian has a greater than 50% chance of making a breakthrough.

It was not easy for the other clans to close the gap between them, but they are going to make another breakthrough again.”

“Could it be that the Miao clan is really going to become the leader of the four great clans”

Everyone discussed animatedly.

In the end, Miao Jian bid for the pill at the price of 60,000 spirit stones.

Miao Jian, Wang Zhong, and Du Nanfeng were the first to break through to the peak of the ninth-level gathering realm.

They relied on the rich medicinal pills and resources in their clan.

Wang Zhong and Du Nanfeng did not have as much wealth as Miao Jian, so they could only comfort themselves.

Even if they had the Spirit Tempering Pill, it did not mean that they would be able to break through smoothly.

Otherwise, the entire Miao clan would have to put all their efforts to refine the Spirit Tempering Pill to allow Miao Jian to break through.

Why would they have waited until now to spend such a high price to bid for the pill


Even though that was what they said, Du Nanfeng and Wang Zhongs expressions did not look good.

In comparison, Miao Jian was extremely pleased.

At the same time, a system notification sounded in Lin Mos mind.

[ Ding! Host has auctioned a top sixth-level Spirit Tempering Pill.

] [ Successfully triggered 1,000 times critical strike return.


[ Obtained a top seventh-level Dragon Transformation Pill! ]

The Dragon Transformation Pill could help a ninth-level spirit gathering realm expert break through to the Dragon Transformation Realm!

It could be said that a carp had leaped through the dragons gate and ascended to the heavens in a single step! Even Lin Mo could not suppress the excitement on his face.

This scene happened to be seen by Du Nanfeng and Wang Zhong.

They felt that this scene looked strange.

After all, the two of them had a grudge.

If Miao Jian were to bid for this pill, his strength should increase greatly after consuming it.

According to his vengeful character, the first person he would deal with was Lin Mo.

However, Lin Mo did not feel the slightest sense of crisis and instead seemed to be somewhat happy.

This was truly unbelievable.

At the same time, Miao Jian also saw Lin Mos expression.He thought that Lin Mo knew something, and the gloominess in his eyes became even more intense.

Miao Yan could not help but say, “Lin Mo couldnt have found out about our plan, right”

Miao Jian was not sure either.

Logically speaking, only the core members of the Miao clan and the Lin clan knew about this plan.

There was no chance that the secret would be leaked unless Lin Mo could predict the future.

“No matter what it is, this kids nature is crafty and hard to deal with.

It might also be a smokescreen prepared by him.

All in all, its best to be careful.”

The father and son looked at each other.

Their gazes were dark and filled with a sense of conspiracy.

At this moment, Lin Mo was still unaware that danger was slowly approaching.


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