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The news of Lin Mos return quickly spread.

“Hey, did you guys hear that Lin Mo is back Hes the one who opened the mysterious auction house that suddenly appeared in the city.”

“Lin Mo It cant be him, right Didnt they say that he was abandoned by the Lin clan and exiled to some remote place Whats going on”

Everyone knew of Lin Mos name back then.

They also knew that he was the most outstanding genius of the Lin clan.

Not only did his powerful talent and advancement speed far suppressed all his peers, but he had also become an existence that everyone looked up to.

Everyone paled in comparison to him.

There were even people who said that his achievements in the future would not be inferior to those great emperors.

It could be said that Lin Mo was the rising star and representative of the Lin clan.

However, his cultivation level started to stagnate.

It was not until the people he had left behind caught up to him that he was reduced from a genius to trash.

He was ridiculed by everyone and even bullied and ostracized.

The higher you were, the greater the fall.

Now that they heard Lin Mos name again, it was as if a lifetime had passed.

“Thats right.

He has suddenly returned.

Moreover, no one knows what his cultivation level is now.

Even the second elder has fallen into his hands.

He wont be able to gain any benefits.”

“Who knows, he might have encountered a great opportunity outside.

Thats why he was able to take out so many magic treasures.”

The Lin clans second elder was currently in the limelight.

However, Lin Mo, who had just returned, had caused him to suffer a great loss.

From this, one could guess Lin Mos strengths.

After all, after he had been abandoned by the Lin clan, he did not have any foundation.

Unlike the second elder and the others, who had worked hard in the Lin clan for many years, whether it was manpower or resources, they were not something that Lin Mo could compare to.

It was precisely these two people who had such a huge disparity in strength that the second elder had suffered a huge loss at the hands of Lin Mo.

Even so, there were still people who did not dare to believe it.

It was probably because Lin Mos image as a good-for-nothing had been too deeply ingrained.

“Has Lin Mo really become so powerful now”

“If you dont believe it, go and take a look for yourself.

Previously, the auction house that he had opened was something that even the Lin clan had to avoid.

Moreover, the items that he had brought out from the auction house were all around the fifth level.”

When the others heard this news, they felt that the world had become unpredictable.

“Then, wouldnt the Lin clan be in for a huge change”

“Who says so Previously, it was just the first elder and the second elder vying for the position of the family head.

Now that Lin Mo has joined in, I dont know who would be more capable.”

“Furthermore, Ive heard that the Lin clan auction house was originally taken over by the second elder.

However, the moment Lin Mo returned, the clan leader handed it over to him.”

“How can the second elder be willing to accept such a loss”

“So what if hes unwilling The clan leader has already spoken.

From this, it can be seen that Lin Mo still has some tricks up his sleeves.

Otherwise, based on the status of the second elder in the Lin clan, how could he so easily snatch away the authority in his hands”

Many people still held a dubious attitude.

This was because although Lin Mo had returned, he did not really come out to take a walk.

These were just rumors.

As the rumors grew more and more intense, he was shrouded in a layer of mysteriousness.

Furthermore, Lin Mos deeds and experiences were rather complicated.

As a result, many people paid close attention to him and even wanted to find out more about him.

On the day of the auction, the Lin clans auction house was packed with people.

The doors were almost broken through.

The hall was densely packed with people, and there were even quite a few people outside who were watching it.

It was enough to show that everyone was paying attention to this auction.

When the second elder saw such a grand occasion and the people around him were discussing Lin Mo, his expression was as dark as ink.

The people around him carefully said, “Second elder, theres no need to be angry.

As the saying goes, the higher you climb, the heavier you fall.

This kid is so proud now.

In the future, there will be times when hell cry.”

The second elders expression became even colder.”Im afraid that well cry before Lin Mo does.”

“The clan leader is also muddle-headed.

He actually entrusted such an important matter like the auction house to this brat.

I wonder what kind of bewitching potion Lin Mo gave him.”

What else could it be It was naturally the glorious deeds of Qingyang City as well as the invitation from the imperial capital.

With all these added together, it would be able to make the clan leader view him in a different light.

When the second elder thought of this, his mood became even more depressed.

After all, this was still the Lin clan.

If he were to act rashly, he would be discovered and ostracized instead.

Moreover, if he did not succeed, it would instead cause Lin Mo to run to the clan leader and complain.

The losses would not be worth it.

“Well take it one step at a time.

I want to see if he can manage the Lin clans auction well!”

Compared to the unhappy expressions of the second elder and the others, Lin Yixuan and Lin Wan were extremely happy.

Not only did Lin Mo solve their current predicament, he even saved Lin Junyans life.

He could be said to be their benefactor.

Lin Wan glanced at the second elder from the corner of his eyes and could not help but chuckle.

“Father, look at their expressions.

Theyre almost the same as charcoal.”

Lin Yixuan did not show his emotions, but the corners of his lips curled up.

It was obvious that he was in a good mood.

“The second elder and the others have been so happy for so long.

Its rare to see them so defeated.”

“Thats right.

Its all thanks to Brother Lin Mo.

If it wasnt for him being so powerful, Im afraid we wouldnt have been able to get out of this predicament.”

Ever since Lin Mo returned, Lin Yixuan had heard Lin Wan talk about Lin Mo the most.


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