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C485: One-Sided / Jean

The battle unfolded as imagined.

Musashi’s magicraft squadron, which had set out, scattered to the four winds and headed toward the enemy.

Then, undaunted by the overwhelming numbers of enemies, they charged into the enemy forces.

Tris, the most humble of the four, made the most spectacular start.

Leaping and diving into a group of enemies, he moved with quick steps and swung his sword as if drawing the character eight, slashing three enemies at a time and blowing them away with his sword pressure.

The enemies try to finish off Tris with spears and swords, but he reacts as if he can see attacks from all directions and easily repels them then slashes them down with his sword in return.

Brünnhilde’s personality was shown in her movements.

Steady and honest, she approaches her enemies slowly and cuts them down one by one without fail.

Even if enemies attack at the same time, she responds by subtly changing her body position, never confronting more than one magicraft.

However, strangely enough, she does not lose to Tris in the speed at which she destroys them.

That is how lean her movements were.

The way she efficiently and without overreacting, and surely defeating the enemy, should truly be called a combat master.

Kiyone’s movements were like adding the movements of Tris and Brunnhilde and doubling them.

Her quick, efficient, yet dynamic movements transcended those of a magicraft.

She avoided the enemy’s attack with a single movement and cut them down with a momentary counterattack.

Furthermore, with gliding movements, she approached the enemy magicraft and destroyed them one after another.

The enemies who went toward the Sword Saint were the most terrified.

Most enemy riders did not even know how they were hit.

In addition to being so fast that his movements could no longer even be seen, his attacks were so weird that people could not even tell which enemy had been cut by which attack.

However, the fact that the enemies around Excalibur were being destroyed one after another was real, and an incomprehensible threat was more than effective in spreading confusion and fear among the enemy forces.

Soon there were no more enemy magicrafts heading toward Excalibur.

As in the battle between magicrafts, the bombardment between ride carriers was one-sided.

The shells from the enemy ship, called bomb ballistas, which are reinforced ballistas with improved explosive power, bounced off the Salamander cannon and the armor of the Musashi, which was reinforced with four-element cannon in mind, without even a scratch.

In contrast, the Efreet cannon, the new main gun of Musashi, crushed the enemy’s ride carriers with a single blow.

The battle did not last long in such a one-sided development.

By the time about half of the enemy ride carriers had been destroyed, the enemy soldiers had completely lost their will to fight.

One ship raised the white flag to indicate defeat, and the rest began to run away.

Even though most of the enemy soldiers admitted defeat, the president did not seem to give up, cursing his fleeing allies.

The soldiers, however, were too fearful and confused to follow any words.


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