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Trial (2)

“Three months…” She licked her lips and whispered softly as if hesitating, “I-I wanted to see you.



It had been three months.

Why was she now reminded of the fact that she couldn’t even say a proper goodbye

He looked like he had been set on fire unintentionally.

Something inside him suddenly broke.

It was reflected in the jewel-like red eyes.

And what popped out was such a thirst that only arose due to a long drought.

“I did my best.

I think that’s a lot of patience.”


“From now on, it is all your responsibility, Lily.”

“What… Ahngh! Ah…!”

He pulled her body down, impaling her on his cock.


Her eyes flashed white.

A few long days followed.

* * *

When her husband’s turn was over, exhaustion devoured her.

Not only did her energy decline, she lost all sorts of motivation to do things.

Her consciousness was completely extinguished as if she sank into the deep sea.

In her dream, she ate the honey cake brought by Buttercup.

Strawberries with condensed milk.

In the spacious garden, Hans was drunk and accidentally stepped on by Ivan and Talin.

Valks was saying something loudly.

She suddenly realized that she was sitting alone at the table and hurried to find Vlad.

As if he was the only uninvited guest, he stood at a distance and looked out over the garden.

She was about to call him, but her ears were ringing and her eyes were bleary.

In the center of her blurred vision, he was reflected in reality.

The hand stroking her head as if he was sorry, as if she was squinting.

She thought he was muttering something…

[I will return everything.]

She couldn’t remember anything other than that.

There was no context behind it, so she was still confused about what it meant.

After hours or days of darkness, she did not know how long she had slept, and he finally whispered in her ear.

“Lily, it will be difficult, but how about sleeping with something in your mouth”


A low, elegant bassline was added to the hazy voice.

Instead of answering, Lily reached out in the direction he was supposed to be.

It was an unconscious habit.

After spending the night, days without him were weird, but the daily routine of getting used to an empty bed was really upsetting.

“Where… are you…”

Everywhere her hand touched it was flat.

As she groped the bed, the mattress dipped on one side.

Her body, lying on her back, shifted, and her head lifted slightly.

A thick forearm slipped under her neck.

His scent was like an old tree in winter.

She could feel the warmth of the firm, bare skin.

He had given her an arm pillow while taking off his shirt.

“Where does it hurt That…” He faded out at the end of his words strangely, oozing regret.

Unable to get out of sleep, Lily dug into his arms.

Her breaths warmed his chest.

They dug into his heart and settled there as they shared body heat.

Subtly exhilarated, Lily mumbled in a voice like her sleep talk, “It smells like flowers.”

His laughter tickled the top of her head.

“I brewed flower tea and prepared it with honey cakes and strawberries with condensed milk.”

Lily didn’t answer for a moment.

Only regular breathing followed.

“I’m… sorry.”

His solid body hardened even more at the sound of her sleep-talking.

It was a subtle reaction.

It was as if he was terribly surprised.

Perhaps it was an illusion she felt in her sleep.

No matter how big the physical stamina difference was, she was sorry that she always fell asleep first.

She never thought she would be able to completely satisfy him.

They had lots of sex over the past few days.

He didn’t ejaculate inside her after all.

In Cadis Jail he was clearly different.

She didn’t even see what he looked like.

Anyway, that must have been his true face.

Therefore… You probably don’t want to have children.

Without knowing what kind of remorse he was living with, because she has been talking about a child.

His thick chest shook violently once, while her head was pounding.

His large hands tickled her hair.

Vlad murmured carefully, holding back his rapid breathing, “You have no reason to say that.

Rather, I…”

Suddenly, his words stopped.

Lily uttered those short, painful words and fell asleep.

That sweet breath pierced his heart like a needle.

He covered his eyes and forehead.

His head was throbbing.

I’m sorry.

I apologize.

I didn’t mean it like that.

I missed you.

Even if he thought about it again, what rights did he have to hear such words

To do well.

Why the hell is that so difficult

Rather, it was ten million times easier and more convenient to stay in the front line or in Ataka.

Vlad didn’t even know where to start and how to fix it.


His breathing, which had been continued in the silence, stopped for a moment.


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