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They were in a race against time and speed, and, to make things worse, the sound of gunfire and explosions in the town had attracted the attention of ​​the corps who were on their way back.

Just as Mu Feichi received the second group of refugees in the square, the army corps had caught up.

“Niao, take Yun Xi and leave with the rest!” Mu Feichi saw that the situation seemed dire, and the first thing that came to mind was to get the two women out of there.

Yun Xi had just returned from planting the bombs and shook her head stubbornly.

“Were outnumbered by the enemy.

I wont leave you and run away at a time like this.

If you want me to leave, then we leave together.

Lets all evacuate the town.

This road here is the only way out.

The bombs Ive laid can buy us some time.

Lets go!”

Putting away her gun, Yun Xi stretched out her hand and dragged Mu Feichi in the opposite direction.

Just then, Mu Feichi winked at the Fenghuang siblings, and the two immediately got the cue.

With one person on each side, they circled their arms around Yun Xi, hauled her up, and pulled her back.

Lie Huo and Grey Wolf, who had retreated from their respective positions, stood behind Mu Feichi with complete understanding.

They would be the last line of defense for all the refugees.

This was their duty, and it was their calling to be faithful to their duty.

“Ill be back.

Take her away!”

The air was filled with the smell of dry debris and gunpowder.

Yun Xi struggled desperately as she was dragged away by the Fenghuang siblings.

“Mu Feichi! Mu Feichi!” Looking at the stubborn man who had turned his head away, Yun Xi shouted frantically as he left her with nothing but the vision of his tall and proud silhouette in her mind.

“Cheng, Niao, put me down! Ill go on by myself, you should go back and help him.”

She understood his heartlessness and the protectiveness he felt for her.

Suddenly, the two realized that she was no longer struggling.

The siblings exchanged a glance and finally put her down.

“Go back and help him.

I will wait for you by the town exit.

If Im right, San Qing and the armed helicopters should be arriving soon.

No matter what, you have to bring him out.

I will be laying mines along the way, so be careful.

Walk on the paths that Ive marked, and dont step on any landmines.”


Well go back, you go ahead and get out!” Fenghuang Niao nodded at Fenghuang Cheng, and the two of them released their hands in unison.

As soon as the two of them let go, Yun Xi sprinted toward the road outside of town without any hesitation.

Both the siblings were taken aback by her resolution.

By the time the Fenghuang siblings rushed back, the two sides were already at war, and Mu Feichi was leading their team to evacuate while trying to evade the enemys attack at the same time, which slowed their escape dramatically.

“Why are you back” Mu Feichi became annoyed as soon as he saw Fenghuang Cheng, who had just fired a few shots to cover for him.

“Where is she”

“She went to wait at the town exit.

Lets evacuate immediately.

This is just their vanguard.

Once those behind them arrive, there will be tanks and low-altitude missiles.

By then, well have no chance of getting out.”

“We cant leave yet.

The refugees havent left the town, we need to stall for a little while longer.”

“The girl is going to lay landmines along the way, which will help stall for time.

Come on, lets go!” Fenghuang Cheng gestured at the surrounding team members, and everyone scattered to evacuate the town.

The sound of artillery and gunfire behind them was getting closer and closer.

Everyone trod with caution but no one dared to stop.

There was a possibility of stepping on newly laid landmines on every corner of the street, waiting to explode right beneath their feet.

They were getting closer and closer, and soon the exit was right in front of them.

Out of nowhere, a teenage boy suddenly appeared on the street.

Before they realized what was happening, the boy lifted the gun strapped across his body and shot at them.

Mu Feichi inhaled sharply and shouted, “Dodge!”

Just then, at a distance of only five or six yards, the boy pulled the trigger.

At the same time, a shot from an unknown location hit the boy right in the head.

His arm tilted, and the shot he fired tilted with it.

Mu Feichi looked at the boy who had been shot dead.

Then he lifted his gaze and stared in the direction of the gunshot with an awfully strained expression on his face.

“Yun Xi…” He pressed the loose earpiece on his ear and sighed helplessly.

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