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Mu Feichi pushed open the door to the bedroom and stood in the doorway.

His deep eyes twinkled as he looked at Yun Xi, who was still sleeping.

Yun Xi had been discriminated against and bullied while staying with the Liang family and the Yun family.

With Old Master Xiao returning to the country, her identity as the Xiao familys legitimate granddaughter would be even more respectable than that of the Presidents daughter, Si Wenxuan.

Once the Xiao family announced her identity, it would probably be a hard slap across the face of those who had ridiculed or spoken ill of Yun Xis background.

It was his little vixens destiny to be extraordinary.

After hed washed up and changed into his military uniform, Mu Feichi went downstairs.

Feng Rui and Qi Yuan were already waiting for him in his living room.

Both of them simultaneously saluted him upon his appearance.

Qi Yuan passed Mu Feichi the file he was holding and said, “We already have sent those men back to the Han family, specifically when Han Hongbin was at home.

And, we ran the car straight through their main gate, so the commotion must have shocked most people in the household.”

“Since Han Hongbin decided to dig his own grave, I dont mind giving him a push.

However, Yun Xi wanted to deal with them personally, so all of you need to know where to draw the line when executing your tasks in the future.”

“The Han family is now like an opening for us to further break the balance of power in Jingdu.

Once we make a significant breakthrough, we can eliminate all the corrupt practices and rebuild a well-balanced community.”

“Then…do we have to explain whats happening to the President”


“We dont have to do that because this was the outcome he wanted as well.

Its just that the person holding the knife now is not me, but the little girl.

Now that we had confirmed her true identity, her knife will just get sharper in the future.”

With the Mu family and the Xiao family supporting her, she would definitely be more invincible in the future.

“Old Master Xiao is returning to Jingdu today, so make preparations for it.

Notify the security team and the Presidents Office about it.

What happened last night must never happen again!”

“Yes, sir! I will give them a call now!” Qi Yuan responded to Mu Feichis instructions and left with Feng Rui.

When Yun Xi woke up, Mu Feichi was no longer in the room.

She then turned to look at the clock on the bedside table and saw that it was already 8:00 oclock in the morning.

As she had been tired and worn out from the blood loss last night, she fell asleep right away.

She didnt even know when Mu Feichi had woken up.

When Yun Xi got out of bed, she saw a set of clothes on the stool next to the dressing table and was stunned.

Her face also immediately turned red when she saw the undergarments, especially the front clasped bra.

Mu Feichi could be remarkably gentle and attentive, and no one could beat him at that.

It was no wonder that the Prime Ministers daughter had liked him for so many years.

As Mu Feichi was such a caring and outstanding man, Yun Xi would never want to let go of him.

Yun Xi went downstairs after changing out of her pajamas.

Halfway down the stairs, she heard Xiaoer and Xiaosi greeting her, “Young Miss!”

“Yes, we have eaten…” Xiaoer and Xiaosi exchanged looks before turning hesitantly to look at Yun Xi.

“Young Miss, Boss found out what happened last night.

He was so worried that he couldnt sleep.

We didnt look for you, as we didnt want to disturb your rest.

But now, we are wondering if you would like to give Boss a call…”

Yun Xi stopped in her path and looked at the mobile phone in Xiaoers hand.

She then nodded her head slightly.

“Call him now, and I will talk to him.”

She wasnt surprised that news had spread so quickly in Jingdu.

However, after discovering that Xiao Jinglin was her biological father, she didnt know how to face and interact with him.

Xiaoer passed the phone to Yun Xi after the call was connected.

Yun Xi took the phone and spoke softly, “Hello, this is Yun Xi.”

“Yun Xi How are you Were you badly injured”

When Xiao Jinglin heard Yun Xi on the phone, he spoke immediately, sounding extremely worried and anxious.

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