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Chapter 903: Did You Miss Me

Carrying Yun Xi over his shoulder, Mu Feichi stopped beside the wooden bed in the tent.

He was filled with anger and initially had wanted to throw her down on the bed.

But he couldnt bear to do it after he realized that the person on his shoulders was a lot lighter than she had been before.

Mu Feichi turned around and sat down on the bed.

After he sat down, he placed Yun Xi on his lap.

Mu Feichis strong arms locked around Yun Xis tiny waist and shoulders tightly, as if he didnt want to let her go.

“Commander…” Being so close to him, Yun Xi could clearly sense his anger and the suppressed emotions of how much he had missed her.

Yun Xi wanted to caress Mu Feichis head.

Although Mu Feichi still tried to keep his calm and reason, he lost all sense of rationality upon hearing her voice.

His eyes were so dark and deep that they looked like they were full of black ink.

After not seeing Yun Xi for three months, Mu Feichi had missed her a lot and had been really worried.

So he decided to express all these emotions with his lips.

Suddenly, Mu Feichi grabbed Yun Xi close to him.

He then swallowed before lowering his head to kiss her.

He grabbed her chin, which made her raise her head, and he kissed her vigorously like an animal.

His lips, teeth, and the mint scent that only belonged to him immediately filled her mouth.

Yun Xi sat on his lap in a daze, just like a puppet being controlled by him.

These familiar yet unfamiliar sensations flooded her mind.

At this moment, Yun Xi actually wasnt offended by Mu Feichi kissing her suddenly, and she didnt resist him either.

Mu Feichis kiss came out of nowhere, so Yun Xi hadnt been given any chance to think or reject it.

Instead, he deepened the kiss without hesitation while she was still stunned and hugged her tightly in his arms.

Yun Xi just hung onto Mu Feichi when his grip on her loosened.

She was dizzy and couldnt think straight at all.

During this separation of three months, Yun Xi had had a fulfilling and satisfying time.

She hadnt even had the time to think about any other things or even think about him.

It was a path that Yun Xi had chosen for herself, so she didnt feel bitter or upset.

Instead, she was full of expectations for each brand-new day.

She was looking forward to the day that she could fight and work with him.

But for Mu Feichi, the three-month separation had been torture.

Panting slightly, Yun Xi raised her hand to caress the tightly knitted eyebrows on Mu Feichis face, to calm his emotions as if she was soothing a child.

“We havent seen each other for three months.

Did you really miss me that much”

Actually, Yun Xi had already felt how much Mu Feichi had missed her.

Mu Feichi lowered his gaze slightly.

Then, with an additional unfathomable look in his eyes, he held on to Yun Xis shoulders and took a bite of her neck.

“Babe, you can feel for yourself how much I missed you.”

Suddenly, he grabbed her wrist and pulled it toward his lower abdomen.

“So how was it Did you feel it”

Hearing his deep, smooth voice was just like drinking and getting drunk from rum.

The warm breath faintly hit her earlobes, but the hot sensation she felt from her palms on his wet camouflage clothes made her shiver.

What a jerk! Mu Feichi could still tease Yun Xi at a time and situation like this.

Yun Xi pulled back her hand frantically and also pushed Mu Feichi away from her.

She held his face and said seriously, “Stop messing around for now.

I have something important to tell you.”

“What did you want to tell me About how you ended up here And what about Yan Shuo”

“Instructor Yan brought me to the rain forest for wildlife survival training, but we got into some trouble.”

Yun Xi told Mu Feichi what had happened in a village nearby in the rain forest.

When she mentioned the piles of corpses outside the village, his sparkly eyes were immediately filled with hostility.

Mu Feichis gaze remained on Yun Xi as he listened quietly to her.

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