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“um” Sun Xuanyin nodded, it seemed that this would be the beginning of the demise of the Immortal Profound Sea Realm.

All the plans carried out by Ye Chen had worked very well, there should be no one else who could stop Ye Chen, the current Ye Chen was not stopped by anything.

“Everything is done, we just have to wait, right” Sun Xuanyin asked Ye Chen, Sun Xuanyin said that the current brands only need to wait for the results.

“Youre absolutely right, Ive done everything, now just need to wait for the results.” Ye Chen completely agreed with what Sun Xuanyin said, the two of them just needed to wait.

Ye Chen and Sun Xuanyin rested, they both had a fairly secluded place to rest.

Sun Xuanyin had purposely found a place that was not too crowded, that way they would be able to relax and not be disturbed.

The entire inn was extremely lively, lots of people from outside the area had come and made the place very lively, so it wasnt strange that all the places were full of people from far away, they came to see the wedding and give gifts according to their means.

“With all the preparations youve made, you should be able to obtain victory effortlessly,” Sun Xuanyin said to Ye Chen.

“Is that so, it seems that this is still a troublesome thing, what I do might be directly repaid by Hai Wan, that old man wont let me off easily.

“With your current strength, you should have nothing to fear, except for one ancestor from the Immortal Profound Sea Realm, you should be fine and no one will be able to beat you,” Sun Xuanyin said to Ye Chen.

“I want to ask, does every major power have an ancestor” Ye Chen asked Sun Xuanyin.

“Of course, its just that their existence is extremely secretive, they usually wont come out of their seclusion and wont be bothered with trivial matters anymore, they take care of things that are far more troublesome than managing a large power,” Sun Xuanyin said.

“Your explanation is very easy to accept.” Ye Chen understood, Sun Xuanyins explanation was very easy for Ye Chen to accept.

“everything will be fine, so lets sleep.” Sun Xuanyin tugged Ye Chen, she pulled Ye Chen towards the bed.

This place only had one room, so they could only share one bed for the two of them.

After the incident just now, Sun Xuanyin wasnt in the mood to Dual Cultivation with Ye Chen, she wanted to spend more time recovering strength together with Ye Chen.

‘ᴜᴘᴅᴀᴛᴇ ꜰʀᴏᴍ NoVELBIN.


Tomorrow was a tough day, Ye Chen might encounter a terrifying power, so it was better for Ye Chen to recover strength so he could be at his best.

Ye Chen was accompanied by a beautiful and super tempting woman, he was of course happy about this.

“So tomorrow, I have to be prepared for everything that will happen.” Ye Chen will do his best, he must be prepared for everything that will happen.

Ye Chen together with Sun Xuanyin slept, the two of them recovered the strength and mind they had.

Time flies, in the twinkling of an eye, time flies and they are currently at the wedding ceremony.

There were many guests present, they were important guests from all corners of God Realm, one could say that they were also the great powers that controlled God Realm.

“There are so many people” Ye Chen saw that there were too many people around, they all came to congratulate Hai Wan and Dongfang Xong.

“They are all powerhouses controlling the God Realm, naturally their power is immense” Sun Xuanyin said to Ye Chen.

“You are too eye-catching” Ye Chen said to Sun Xuanyin, even though wearing Sun Xuanyins maid outfit was too eye-catching.

“Even though I have tried to hide this matter well, it seems difficult to hide my original beautiful appearance” Sun Xuanyin said to Ye Chen.

Sun Xuanyin was already beautiful from the start, no matter what clothes she wore, she would still be beautiful and charming.

Ye Chen couldnt comment on this matter, in front of him was one of the beautiful goddesses in God Realm, how could Ye Chen comment on this matter, obviously he couldnt say much about this matter.

“Miss, can I have a drink.” There were several men who tried to approach Sun Xuanyin, they approached Sun Xuanyin because of her beautiful appearance.

The male guests did not expect that in this place there would be such a beautiful woman, this was indeed the might and power of the Immortal Profound Sea, they could afford to employ such a beautiful maid.

“please sir” Sun Xuanyin can only serve, she cant make a fuss about this matter.

There were more and more people in this place, it seemed that almost all the invited guests had arrived, even Dongfang Xong and Dongfang Xiu were ready to start.

“Everyone, thank you for coming.

I, as the ruler of the Immortal Profound Sea, am very pleased that you would take the time to come to my place,” said Hai Wan to everyone who came.

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“applause .


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.,” everyone applauded, they did this event formally.

“I wont say much, considering this is a good day for my son, so let him be the star of this event” said Hai Wan to everyone.

This was his sons stage, so he would let Hai Ming shine in front of everyone, let Hai Wan shine and become his successor in the future.

This event was broadcast throughout God Realm, naturally everyone could know what was going on.

The Immortal Profound Sea was so huge, they were able to broadcast this matter throughout the God Realm, everyone could know what happened in Hai Ming and Dongfang Xius marriage.

“the bride is coming” the bride is coming, she is coming with Dongfang Xong.

“what a beauty” everyone focused on Dongfang Xiu, they all focused on the beauty that Dongfang Xiu possessed.

“Its very beautiful” Ye Chen was also mesmerized by the beauty of Dongfang Xiu, today Dongfang Xiu is very beautiful.

Sun Xuanyin elbowed Ye Chen, she elbowed the dazed Ye Chen.

“ouch, what are you doing Ye Chen asked Sun Xuanyin.

“Have you forgotten about our plan” Sun Xuanyin said to Ye Chen, Sun Xuanyin reminded Ye Chen of the plan they had to carry out.

“Xiu is too beautiful, it seems she has confused me” Ye Chen said to Sun Xuanyin.

“If you are late it will be a problem for you.” Sun Xuanyin said to Ye Chen, herself telling Ye Chen to carry out her plan immediately, if they were late, then it was certain that they would not get anything.

“I know that” Ye Chen knew, he would do the best he could, he would ensure that Dongfang Xiu would not fall into the wrong hands.

Ye Chen started taking the imaging stone, he was going to let everyone see what happened last night.

“Shes so charming, its the big day, after so long I can finally get what I want” Hai Ming has been waiting for this for a very long time, after so long he managed to get what he wanted, he will get the goddess Dongfang Xiu.

This was Hai Mings greatest achievement in life, he would never forget this day.

Hai Ming would indeed never forget what happened, today would be the day Hai Ming would lose face.

Dongfang Xiu looked at Hai Ming, she looked displeased when she saw Hai Ming.

“Why didnt he come, did something happen to him” Dongfang Xiu wanted to know news from Ye Chen, since that incident she had never heard from Ye Chen.

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