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Actually, Gu Yancheng was looking for an opportunity.

He wanted a plausible reason to see Ye Tianxin.

Coincidentally, Lu Qingxin gave him a very good reason this time.

Lu Qingxin never failed to act frail and pitiful in front of Gu Yancheng.

Ye Tianxin cast a glance at both Gu Yancheng and Lu Qingxin.

She did not want to bother with what was going on between them.

Gu Yancheng pretended not to notice Lu Qingxin.

He only had eyes for one person.

Lu Qingxin used to be his entire world, but now she was nowhere to be found.

“Gu Yancheng, please watch over your darling Qingxin.

We have had a lot of mad dogs roaming in the streets lately.

It will be a disaster if this mad dog bites someone.”

Gu Yancheng smiled broadly.

“Tianxin, lets not bother with this crazy woman.”

Lu Qingxin was seething in anger when she heard what Gu Yancheng said.

She rushed up to Gu Yancheng and raise her voice at him.

She had no qualms about making a scene in front of so many students in Capital University.

“Gu Yancheng, how can you think of cutting ties with me Did you have a change of heart”

Ye Tianxin laughed with disdain when she saw the look on Gu Yanchengs face.

She smiled sweetly at Lu Qingxin.

“Lu Qingxin, you seem to like to pick up trash from the rubbish bin.

Take your pick then.”

Gu Yancheng felt his heart hurt.

Did Ye Tianxin regard him as trash from the rubbish bin

She had loved him in the oast.

She was so madly in love with him.

Had she forgotten all about it

Ye Tianxin, you loved me.

“Ye Tianxin, stop pretending.

You are just like your mother.

Both of you are so hypocritical…”

Before Ye Tianxin could react, Gu Yanchang was already one step ahead of her.

He went up to Lu Qingxin and slapped her on the face.

He had been very forceful when he hit her.

Lu Qingxin tasted blood in her mouth.

“Gu Yancheng, are you mad”

Gu Yancheng ignored Lu Qingxin totally.

He turned to Ye Tianxin.

“Tianxin, in future, leave her to me.

Dont hurt your hands.”

When Lu QIngxin went livid with rage when she heard that.

She was completely devastated by his heartlessness.

Ye Tianxin would hurt her hands

Did her face not hurt even more

Was the skin on her face so thick that it could not feel any pain

Ye Tianxin laughed.

Gu Yancheng could be really brutal if he wanted to.

Not wanting to continue arguing with Lu Qingxin, Ye Tianxin turned around and was about to get into the car.

Unexpectedly, Lu Qingxin rushed to the front of the car and sat on the ground, bawling her eyes out.

Lu Qingxin always thought she was Buddha, while Gu Yancheng was like Sun Wukong in comparison.

No matter what she did, the Moneky God would never be able to escape from Budhha.

They were childhood sweethearts, with a strong bond between them since youth.

Lu Qingxin always thought their relationship would never change.

That was why she left for overseas without giving it a second thought.

She thought that when she returned, all she had to do was to use her charms on Gu Yancheng and he would continue to follow her like a lost puppy.

But Lu Qingxin realized she could not be more wrong.

Gu Yancheng already had a change of heart.

he did not love her anymore.

Lu Qingxin would not be so furious if Gu Yancheng liked someone else, but she couldnt accept the fact that he liked Ye Tianxin instead.

After all, Ye Tianxin was the one who broke her family apart.

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