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After going ashore, El and the five girls habitually found a small stall and bought a local map, then they went to the most luxurious hotel in the area and opened a large suite.

Perhaps the hotel also knows that the Sabaody Archipelago is mixed with fish and dragons, which some are unruly pirates, so they don't dare to discriminate making the opening of a large suite go very smoothly.

After the suite was opened and some deliberation, El and the five girls decided to divide into two groups and act on their own.

The first group was Nami, Carina, and Perona, who wanted to visit the Sabaody Archipelago to see if there were any specialties worth buying, and Kuina who follow them and acted as the bodyguards.

The second group is El and Robin who are going to find a coater to coat the Pegasus.

However, after finding the coating shop and finalizing the cooperation with the shop owner, El and Robin secretly followed the four girls, keeping a distance of several kilometers away from them.

Except for Kuina, who has amazing Observation Haki, none of the three girls found out.

Seeing El was completely uneasy and silently following the four girls, the corners of Robin's lips rose and she couldn't help but tease El.

"Since you can't help but worry about them, why don't join you them"

"The chick will learn to fly one day, I can't protect them all the time."

El didn't care about Robin's teasing him, and stated his reason: "But letting me really relax and let them act alone, even if I know that their strength is very strong, I can't do it yet."

"After all, they have been with me for four years and some for five years, and have never left my side."

"you're so thoughtful, little captain."

Looking at El's side face, Robin's heart at this moment also splashed with some ripples due to El's words.

No wonder the four girls are full of dependence and trust in him, and even regard him as their partner for life.

Such thoughtfulness, let alone a young girl, even as an adult, she can't help but feel moved.

Ever since she was a child, she has longed for a companion and recalled Saul's words more than once in her mind and she is looking forward to finding a companion who is willing to protect her one day.

After fifteen years of despair, what she couldn't bear the most was this kind of kindness.

It's nice to have a big brother.

Robin secretly thought and was suddenly envious of the four girls.

Perhaps it was the reason for keeping a low profile for three years or the three years' continues usage of nutritional supplements, which made El and Kuina have a tremendous change in these three years.

On this day, the four girls, who are young and beautiful, with different temperaments and styles, are in the business district of the Sabaody Archipelago, attracting the attention of countless people.

But it seems that no one recognizes Kuina, who is still wearing red and white priestess clothes with long blue hair, and her thin body compared to the past has also become bumpy.

Except for some traffickers and some pirates who are full of greed and evil thoughts towards them, no one dares to harass the four girls in the street.

El, who had been with them silently for a day, also felt a little relieved.

The next day, Robin joined the four girls and traveled around the Sabaody Archipelago while El was responsible for staying in the port as an overseer.

Coating the Pegasus took five days, with the best coating team working together, otherwise, it would have taken at least a week.

After all, the size of Pegasus belongs to the maximum of medium-sized sailing ships, and it is no different from ordinary large three-masted sailing ships.

The coating time of large three-masted sailing ships generally takes about a week.

To prevent them from cutting corners, slacking off, or ignoring some important points, El must not only supervise their work but also observe their inner thoughts.

Once they did any of the above mentions, he doesn't mind taking some action.

After all, their group is full of devil fruit users if their ship sinks and nobody died thanks to the existence of Bubbly Coral, but the loss of Pegasus was enough to make his heart feel pain.

They didn't fall into the hands of the enemies, but as a result, they fell into the hands of the coater, this is definitely a huge shame.

In addition, the bottom two cabins of Pegasus are filled with gold from the City of Gold, the total value is definitely more than 100 billion Belly, if they convert it to the cash they can buy a small Kingdom.

Whether it is El or Kuina's Observation Haki, it can only cover three or four small islands, and it is absolutely impossible to perceive it across regions.

To prevent these coaters from doing something stupid, they must leave one person to supervise the work and that person can only be El who has the ability to read people's inner thoughts.

therefore, after seeing that no one was looking at the four girls except for some trash fish, El was relieved to stay and supervise the coaters.

However, El obviously underestimated the specialty of the Sabaody Archipelago, at the same time, he also forgot why Robin rated the Sabaody Archipelago as the most chaotic island in the world.

On these islands, there are Celestial Dragons, slaves, beggars, privileged rich and aristocrats, navies maintaining public orders, pirates, human traffickers, bounty hunters, etc.

In addition, there are some low-key masters mixed in here.

In this archipelago, being too dazzling is not a good thing, for example, the five girls who wander around and buy various specialties and El, seem to have forgotten something.

Then, after undisturbed two days passed, El and the five girls did not realize that they entered the eyes of two groups of people.

The who one caught the attention of these two groups of people were just ten years apart in age, and they were both the same people who were offered bounty at the age of eight - El and Robin.

Those two groups of people are a certain big man who lives in seclusion here, and the all-pervasive, CP agents.

If El saw that big man, he would instantly remember what he had forgotten.

Four years ago, no to be precise, was at the end of 1510 of the Sea Circle Calendar, before they leave the East Blue, they killed a group of Fishmen and among those Fishmen, one of his savior was a big man.

This big man is the second-in-command on the Oro Jackson, the Right Hand of the Pirate King, and his title is the same as one of the three ancient weapons - "Pluton" Silvers Rayleigh.

As El and the five girls entered the eyes of these two groups of people, El and the five girls ushered their final challenge on the first half of the grand line.



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