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In just three days, the five girls went from the fourth area to the second area.

As usual, the five girls walked side by side, going in and out of some shops, buying some special products that were unique to the Sabaody Archipelago or were shipped from all over the world.

As the center of the world, and also the largest archipelago, the Sabaody Archipelago, like the four seas, are also not as small as they appear in manga or anime, on the contrary, it's probably the largest island they come across and the money is spent everywhere here.

All pirates who have passed through the seven routes and want to go to the new world, they must pass through here, and according to the size of their ship, they will stay here for as short as a few days or as long as a month.

During this period of time, those pirates who have the strength and ability to reach the Sabaody Archipelago will not be able to stay on their ship, but they will relax in various places in the Sabaody Archipelago.

In addition to the pirates, there are also rich people from the local area and those around the world who came in order to witness the glory of the Celestial Dragon or please them, so they will buy various items from the auction shops, making the price higher than the average price.

Whether it is the pirates who pass the seven routes or the rich people, they are all customers who are willing to spend money.

The major forces in the dark world will naturally not miss the opportunity to make money.

Therefore, the Sabaody Archipelago has more items available than any bustling island and as long as you go to the illegal zone, even the prohibited items can be bought, therefore, the things that five girls bought these days can already fill a room.

Walking out of another shop, Carina, Nami, and Perona were all carrying a large bundle of lines in their hands.

These lines, connected to bubbles like balloons, are filled with packaged items.

Walking on the crowded street, Carina, Nami, and Perona ignored the passers-by, either full of surprise or full of evil thoughts, and continued to discuss what to buy next.

Robin and Kuina, on the other hand, followed the three girls from left to right, one looking at them discussing with a gentle smile and the other was expressionless.

At this moment, a tall figure in a white suit with a white mask on his face appeared in the crowd in front and passed Robin.

When the masked man passed Robin's shoulders, his footsteps stopped for less than a second.

Taking this opportunity, the masked man speaks in a low voice that only Robin could just hear, making her eyes shrink like pinholes and her cheeks to turned pale in an instant

The strong breath of fear was not noticed by the three girls around her but Kuina with sharp perception notice this change and also heard the low voice with her strong Observation Haki, then she stop and turned towards the masked man's back, and said, "Do you know Bonier"

"Iron Body! (Tekkai)"

She doesn't know if these words stimulated the masked man, or if he also has Observation Haki and senses something.

Without the slightest hesitation, the masked man immediately wanted to use the Iron Body (Tekkai).

It's a pity that he didn't have time to use one of the Six styles (Rokushiki), and a severe pain came from his waist.

In the next instant, dazzling blue and white lightning arc appeared out of thin air right in front of his eyes, which is condensed by the blue-haired girl wearing red and white priestess clothes and holding a famous sword.

Immediately, the masked man's line of sight suddenly dropped, making close contact with the ground

From the perspective of God, you will find that the masked man's body has been cut in two from the middle by an incomparably sharp force, and the intestines and blood flowed all over the ground.

The scene of killing people in the street, and even cutting their bodies in two, instantly caused panic and commotion in the streets.

Even those civilians, who are used to seeing the pirates fighting in the street, can't help screaming, and then hurriedly distanced themselves from the five girls, or flee the scene.

Looking at the broken body on the ground, the three girls also stopped talking and frowned.

While the fear on Robin's face became even more intensified.

Instead of wiping the blood away on the sword, Kuina who killed the CP agent at an unbelievable speed just return it to its sheath.

Turning to look at Robin, Kuina, who is more and more like an iceberg beauty, showed a small smile that only her companions can see and comforted robin.

"Don't be afraid of the threat of this garbage, Sister Robin, we will protect you."

Looking at Kuina, who exudes a powerful breath all over her body, the three girls also smile after realizing what happened.

For some reason, Robin's vision seemed to blur, and her voice became choked up.

This 'Devil Child', who has been crying less and less for the past 15 years and gradually hiding her weakness, shed tears again.

But this time, her tears were no longer sadness and despair but happiness.

Saul, I seem really able to find the companion that is willing to protect just as you said.

El didn't know what happened to the five girls, Otherwise, he will be very surprised.

El thought that someone would recognize him and Kuina and cause a chain reaction, but he never thought that the CP agents did not target him and Kuina, but Robin, who had just joined not long ago.

After a while, Carina used the den Mushi Mushi to contact El and was going to tell El about what happened there.

However, El didn't answer her call because now El has also encountered an accident that belongs to him.

"Kid, interested in talking for a moment"

Just as El was yawning as he sat and supervise the coaters, a voice suddenly came to his ear.

Looking in the direction of the voice, El's red eyes shrank slightly.


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