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On the vast sea, a pirate ship with a smiling face flag sailed slowly at the sea.

This pirate ship belongs to one of the famous pirate groups in the New World, which is only second to the Four Emperors and it's the main ship of the Donquixote Family, one of the kings in the underworld, the Numancia Flamingo.

On the deck of the ship, El and Doflamingo sat under the umbrellas and chatted while feeling the sea breeze.


El who was drinking a glass of juice, looked at Doflamingo wearing a beach suit across from him and asked.

"How did your devil fruit awaken"

Due to the time needed to read the memories, when he and Doflamingo shook hands briefly, it's far from enough to read Doflamingo's distant memories.

Therefore, El took advantage of the fact that he had gotten closer to Doflamingo over the past month and became his ally, to ask him for some advice regarding to a higher level usage of a devil fruit, awakening.

Each of the three types of Devil Fruit has its own awakening.

Among them, the awakening of the Paramecia devil fruit will have an impact on the surroundings and will make the user much stronger.

The awakening of the Zoan-type devil fruit is to greatly improve the resilience and combat power of the user, but if the awakening fails, it will cause side effects on the user.

El's Float-Float Fruit is a rule-based ability, with a single ability.

Its ability, just like the Logia type devil fruit user, he only needs to touch the object, and it will consume stamina to seize the control of the object and make them float.

However, El knows that this ability is not Devil Fruit Awakening, but the basic ability of the Float-Float Fruit.

According to his conjecture, if the Float-Float Fruit awakens, then he should be able to take control of the surrounding object without touching it with his hands, or, it will become similar to Paw-Paw Fruit, it will give him another ability to control Intangibles things.

For example, the airflow, and shock waves formed by the air, these things are intangible, even if El can seize the control of the flying slash created by the tearing airflow, he cannot seize the control of the shock wave.

Once the fruit awakens and he can control the intangible thing, then it's possible to control the blizzard or storm.

In this way, with the ability of the Float-Float Fruit, it might be possible to control the power of nature just like the Logia type devil fruit.

Regardless of the result of the Float-Float Fruit awakening, it is a great improvement for him.

In the former, El is equivalent to having the surrounding field under his control and in the latter case, El will turn into a real lord of the sky.

Therefore after mastering the Six styles (Rokushiki), Hakoku sovereignty, Emission, internal destruction, and Conqueror's coating, El felt that it was time to work hard on devil fruit awakening.

"Hey, you are only thirteen years old yet you are already thinking about devil fruit awakening, such talent and dedication are truly enviable."

Doflamingo smacked his tongue slightly, then shook his head and said.

"Actually, I don't know how devil fruit awakening actually works, the awakening of the devil fruit is just like the Conqueror Haki, It cannot be acquired through training at all."

"There is only one way to awaken the devil fruit and that is to rely on what we called, talent."

"Just like some people, their Haki capacity is very large but no matter how hard they tried, they couldn't master the higher usage of Haki, and this kind of person, the best example is me."

With a slight pause in his tone, Doflamingo suddenly laughed at himself and said.

"Actually, I'm just like you, El.

When I was less than ten years old, I had already awakened the Conqueror Haki."

"But now I'm 34 years old, and I haven't mastered the Conqueror's coating and yet you are only 13 years old this year but you already master it."

"Just like how you were favored by the world, you were born with a strong Haki, and you have a unique talent for cultivating Haki."

"My talent in Haki is very mediocre, but I am extremely talented in devil fruit development"

"In my twenties, I have mastered the power of devil fruit awakening."

"If you want to awaken your devil fruit, then you can only work hard to improve the proficiency on your devil fruit, just like when you're developing your Haki."

"At that time, if you really have that talent, then you only need to catch that feeling that even the naked eye can't see, and your devil fruit ability will enter another level."

"I see."

El was slightly taken aback, however, El that there is a second method to awaken the devil fruit which is through a continuous fight with people who also awaken their devil fruit, and it's the same type.

Moreover, he speculates that the devil fruit awakening of the Logia type devil fruit would have a permanent effect in the area.

For example, Aokiji VS Akainu of the Logia devil fruit, Kaido VS Luffy of the mythical zoan devil fruit.

If El wants to awaken the Float-Float Fruit, then there are only two ways.

One is to work hard to improve the proficiency of his devil fruit ability just as Doflamingo said, and then to capture that invisible feeling.

The second is to engage in battle with strong people with the same type of devil fruit and then use the pressure on the life and death battles to sublimate his own will again to awaken his devil fruit.

In addition to the two above, there should be no third method.

Thinking of this, El can't help but feel a headache, of these two awakening methods, the second method is undoubtedly a shortcut.

But the strong person who awakens their devil fruit is even rarer than the conqueror Haki user.

So which method should he use


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