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If Whitebeard hadn't made the call to threaten him, El's method of recruiting Shirahoshi might have been a little gentler, however, the call from Whitebeard directly changed his mind.

He only threatened Whitebeard with his front foot, and then his next step is to use a solicitation method that is not in line with the identity of the Pirate Emperor, does that mean that he is really showing weakness to Whitebeard

Furthermore, if he wants to awaken his Devil Fruit Awakening, he must have a top-level battle with a strong person.

Such a level of battle is undoubtedly a matter of life and death, just like the battle between Kaido and Luffy that was interrupted by the CP agents, the top-level battle between the strong people, when they go all out and use their ultimate move, they can't be interrupted at all.

In order for Whitebeard to fight against him seriously, El must be prepared to die or kill his opponent.

In this way, before awakening his devil fruit ability, not only can't El befriend Whitebeard, but he must anger him, this is also one of the reasons for El's current coercion and inducement.

"Come on, make your choice King Neptune." Staring at King Neptune who remains silent, El said lightly.

"I choose the first option..." King Neptune showed a hint of pain while speaking.

"But I hope that your Excellency, can be gentle and make Shirahoshi willingly follow you to leave the Fishman Island, this is my humble request to his Excellency as a father."


Hearing King Neptune's choice, El also showed a gentle smile, nodded, and said, "Shirahoshi is my companion, what a simple and kind girl she is, I have seen it long time ago."

"As long as it is my companion, I will treat them like my family and give them all they want."

"I will not only make Shirahoshi leave us willingly but also make her happy every day.

Looking at El's sincere face, and at Carina and Robin who were also smiling happily, King Neptune seemed to recall something and suddenly became stunned.

My god, such eyes, could it be that you and the whole world have misunderstood me

Hearing him say that he will give the best to his companion and the worst to his enemies and strangers.

King Neptune suddenly thought of his good brother, Edward Newgate, and his deceased friend, Gol D.

Roger, who was the same type of person and he suddenly felt relieved in his heart, and his face could not help but reveal a smile.

"Thank you, your Excellency."

"You're welcome, from now on you and Fishman Island, are my friends..."

Handing Tama in his arms to Robin, El stood up slowly and said to King Neptune and Jinbe.

"My companion, please entertain them for a while, I'll go and deal with the mouse whos hiding deeply before looking for Shirahoshi."

"Carina, Violet, let's go." Without waiting for King Neptune and Jinbe to speak, El left with Carina and Violet who got up.

He is not afraid that after he leaves, King Neptune and Jinbe will do something bad to Robin and the others.

If they want to go to war, they will let them know how terrifying the Rumble-Rumble Fruit and conductive the sea is.

"Hehehe, Nii-san, in addition to innate observation haki that can read people's memories you also have the ability to read people's minds just like violet's devil fruit ability, right."

Carina, who followed El while leaving the Ryugu palace had an expression of 'I have discovered your biggest secret' and teased El while laughing.

"Awesome, you're the first person to discover it." El reached out and patted Carina on the head while praising her.

"Hehehe, no wonder me and Nami will lose every time we gamble with you, Nii-san."

Carina first smiled proudly, then punch El with her little pink fist, and said with a grudge.

"I thought it was because of the peculiarity of Haki, but I didn't expect you to gamble with us while reading our minds."


El couldn't help hugging Carina on the shoulders while laughing, it seems that even if she is smart, it's only possible to find through his action that he has the ability to read people's minds and not that it's a passive ability and actually turned on 24/7.

Even if he is discovered, El doesn't care.

Now the girls he cherishes the most have completely transformed into his shape.

Even if they knew that their thoughts are being read 24/7, they would at most just beat him with a red face.

As for looking disgusted, or even trying to escape, it will never happen.

Moreover, El, whose strength has improved rapidly, has the confidence that he will be able to control his passive ability in the near future, because, at this time, he vaguely found that, at his observation haki there was still a crucial step before he could enter a higher level.

After grasping that trick, El's three haki will reach the highest level and at that time his strength will enter the next level and become a veritable, fourth emperor of the sea.

Luffy can to the top at the age of 19 and he, who is the protagonist of this era has full confidence that he will be faster than him and completely reach the top of the world.

Holding Carina and Violet in one hand, El did not use a Ryugu which is the main transportation method but directly used his devil fruit ability to fly back to the Pegasus.

They did not immediately go to capture Vander Decken IX, but first went back to the cabin to let Carina eat a box containing fruit, and then carried a few more Bubbly Coral, before entering Asura form and began to look for Vander Decken IX trace.


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