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The appearance of the Hard-Shell Tower and the gates that were as thick as walls, make it look like a prison for a certain person, however, once you go inside you will see it's full of pink decorations that give a girly style.

The room is large, but the light in other places is very dim and only the special bed under the light of the bedside lamp is particularly conspicuous.

So, El who had just sneaked into the room was immediately attracted by the big bed and the giant mermaid lying on the bed at first sight.

Yes, a giant mermaid.

As a monster among mutated humans, when Charlotte Linlin was 5 years old, she was much larger than an ordinary adult and when she became an adult, she is 8.8 meters tall.

Kaido is only 7.1 meters tall while Whitebeard a mutated human is only 6.66 meters tall.

So, what is Shirahoshi's height On 1522 of the Sea Circle Calendar, she is only 16 years but her height has reached an astonishing 11.87 meters, this year although she is only 9 years old, however, she is already a few meters tall and at this time, she is lying on the special big bed sleeping.

Not far from the bed, there's a sleeping shark with a length of dozen meters wearing a shirt from the Criminal fashion line, it's Shirahoshi's pet, playmate, and companion inside the Hard-Shell Tower.

"Shirahoshi, wake up." After looking at the room inside the impregnable tower, El began to wake her up.

"Umm, what's wrong Megalo" El's voice successfully awakened Megalo and Shirahoshi, who were sleeping.


When Shirahoshi finished rubbing her eyes after sitting up and saw El floating right in front of her, her face suddenly change color, and her body that is several meters tall shrunk to the end of the bed, and then she look at El with a pale face and her voice tremble while she speaks.

"Who are you"

Shirahoshi's squeal also awakened Megalo who is sleepy, then after realizing that there was an intruder inside, Megalo hurriedly floated in front of Shirahoshi while trying to his fierce teeth at El.

"Don't worry, I won't hurt Shirahoshi." looking at Megalo who hurriedly acts as a guardian, El smiled and said, "So, can I ask you to get out of the way"

Looking at El with a gentle smile, Megalo showed a look of horror with cold sweat on its face, then when it looks at El's red eyes, which seemed to be surrounded by dark purple light, it quickly nodded vigorously and flew back to the dark corner while shivering.

"Shirahoshi, don't be afraid, I won't hurt you."

After Megalo left, El looked at Shirahoshi on the edge of the bed and said softly in the tone that's like coaxing a child.

"With your innate ability, you should be able to find that I have no ill intention towards you right"

Shirahoshi, who had recovered from her fright, stared at El who had a gentle smile on his face and as if she had sensed something, her pale complexion slowly disappears, then she ask in a timid voice.

"Then, who are you"

"My name is El, we're the same kind and also your future captain."

El floated in front of Shirahoshi again, then he sat cross-legged in mid-air, which is aligned with Shirahoshi's line of sight before speaking slowly speaking again.

"Just like you...

I was also born with the ability to see people's hearts...

so I came to Fishman the island after I discovered your existence for the first time, I also heard your wish, and specially came to fulfill it."

"Shirahoshi, leave the Fishman Island with me, and let's roam the outside world together."

"Really" Hearing El's words, Shirahoshi's blue eyes suddenly shone brightly and she look at El with excitement and anticipation while asking.

"Will you really fulfill my wish and take me to the outside world"

Seeing El smile and nod, Shirahoshi was about to reply with a happy face, but as if she thought of something, she shook her head with disappointment.

"No, I can't leave here."

"Are you afraid of Vander Decken IX" At this time, El said another sentence to Shirahoshi while smiling.

"Don't worry, since I will fulfill your wish, how could I forget that guy's existence."

"I already deal with him and his outside the Hard-Shell Tower, So Shirahoshi...

you are now...


As El's last words fell, Shirahoshi's eyes were suddenly filled with tears while looking at El.


El nodded again, then he stretched out his palm at Shirahoshi while grinning.

"So, Shirahoshi, get out of here with me!"


Inheriting her mother's innate observation haki and the ability to see others' thoughts and emotions, Shirahoshi who can look directly at a person's heart, nodded tearfully, and responded to El with a choked tone.

The two people of the same kind of ability, communicate with each other in their own unique way.

If El approaches her with the intention of using Poseidon's power, then Shirahoshi who can look directly into a person's heart will be the same as when El sees other people emitting a disgusting stench, he will be defined as a villain like Vander Decken IX and his invitation will not be accepted easily by her.

For the pure and kind Shirahoshi, El is full of good feelings and the reason he rescues her from her distress is not because she is the current incarnation of the Ancient Weapon Poseidon but because he also feels distressed about her situation.

So in Shirahoshi's eyes, El is a savior who radiates dazzling golden light that saves her from the darkness.

There is no so-called suspicion in the communication between El and Shirahoshi because in the conversation between them, they can't lie at all and it doesn't make any sense to lie at the same time they do not communicate using their mouths but through their minds.

Shirahoshi, who has the ability to look straight into people's hearts, can see the true meaning of El's words and El with the same ability can also see the true response of Shirahoshi.

So, the recognized most beautiful mermaid in the world has officially joined the fleet.


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