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While Robin is reading the Poneglyph, El deliberately took Tama to some ghost ships for some exploration, scaring her to the point where her whole face hides in his arms and she never dared to look up, so when El comes back, he has a smile of successful mischief on his face.

Looking at Tama whose face was pale in fright and the wicked smile on El's face, Robin couldn't help but rolled her eyes at El before taking Tama with some tears in the corner of her eyes and began to comfort her young heart.

"Tama, you can't be so timid..." On the other hand, El didn't have any remorse, instead, he showed a preaching look and shook his index finger at Tama.

"You are our future main member, so you will need a few more courage training like this in the future."

"Eh--" Tama, who will be two years old in a few months and has been able to communicate with El and the others, except that her words are not very clear.

After hearing El's words, her clear big eyes widen, and on her face full of baby fat, she showed an expression on the verge of crying.


I don't want to go to that kind of place again..." Hearing this, El couldn't help but burst into laughter.

"To scare a child under two years old, where is your consciousness." At this time, Robin stood up decisively and reproach El, who was full of evil taste before comforting Tama.

"Don't worry, your Nii-san is lying to you."


"If you don't believe me, then look at your Nii-san." Looking at El who was grinning at her, Tama's little face suddenly swelled into a bun.

"Nii-san is really annoying, I'll ignore you."

"Don't be angry, I will take you to fly as compensation to you ok"

"Really Great!"

After a while, they return to return to Carina and the other location.

At this time, Shirahoshi has also finished praying and she is currently telling to the others about her experience.

Looking at Shirahoshi who was reminiscing about her past, El who landed from the sky while holding Robin and Tama suddenly thought of something, and the smile on his face suddenly disappeared, only when the girl's eyes turned to him did the smile return to his face.

"Let's go back" El came over and look at Shirahoshi with a smile.

"Shirahoshi, are you ready to go and explore the outside world."

Seeing her nodding excitedly, El speaks continues speaking.

"Then let's go back and pack your things."

When El finish speaking, they boarded back to the Pegasus and the ship once again gets rid of the gravity and flew toward the Ryugu Palace direction.

After returning to Ryugu Palace, he lets Violet uses clairvoyance to find the trace of a certain person on the fish-man island and for El's command, Violet no longer dared to have the slightest negligence.

After witnessing Carina seizing the Devil Fruit, Violet has already recognized the truth.

In Doflamingo's place, she may be treated like a treasure just to use her devil fruit ability but in the eyes of El, she is actually nothing.

If they wanted to, they could kill her at any time, then take her devil fruit and retrain a new user, so after realizing her own value in El's eyes, Violet doesn't dare to have any other thoughts and can only be obedient and pray that El is a person who keeps his promises that after she assists him with her Glare-Glare Fruit ability and he will save her father from Doflamingo.

So with the help of Violet, El soon found the final destination of this trip to Fishman Island and that was the Fishman who assassinated Queen Otohime three years ago, Hody Jones.

Hoddy Jones is a great white shark fish-man, who is a racist, overly hypocritical, prideful, brutal, and vicious-natured fish-man who, like many of his kind, hates humans for leaving Fisher Tiger to die when he could have been saved and at the same time he also believes that fish-man are the supreme race

Just because Queen Otohime brought back the signature of establishing a friendly relationship with humans, he took advantage of the fire on the signature box to personally kill Queen Otohime himself by assassinating her with a rifle and Shirahoshi who knew the real murderer, but because of her mother's words, she did not say that the person who assassinated her mother was not a human, but it is actually Hody Jones, so much so that he has been free until now.

If El doesn't exit, Hody Jones will still live to 1522 and become a pirate with a bounty of 190 Million Belly, but now, his destiny is fated to end at this time.

It has been fourteen years since El time-traveled, so his impression of some small characters and unimportant plots has become more and more blurred.

If it weren't for hearing Shirahoshi's recollection about her past in the Sea Forest, El would have almost forgotten this little guy, Hody Jones.

Since it was remembered by him, then there is no need for Hody Jones to live, so El used an absolute crushing strength to kill Hody Jones and his crew amid their horrified and desperate face.

However, before killing Hody Jones, El used his ability and read his memory, as if he was looking for something in his memory, then after getting rid of this garbage, El brought Violet back to Ryugu Palace.

At this time, Shirahoshi had already packed up her luggage and moved his own special big bed into her own room on the Pegasus, then after saying goodbye to her father and brothers with a slightly reluctant expression on her face.

Shirahoshi, with her longing for the outside world, boarded the Pegasus again and went to the surface world with El and his group.

Before El steps into the Sabaody Archipelago, he had just made a name for himself in the world and was offered a bounty that surpassed one billion Belly, but now after a few months, El is standing at the apex of the world and of the four strongest pirates recognized by the whole world with the bounty of 3 billion Belly.


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