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"This kid...

he really did it!"

Looking at the newspaper release today, as one of the two people who first knew that El would take action against the Red Hair Pirates, Kaido did not expect that this battle, which was supposed to be a small fight, would turn out to be a real all-out war between one person and the entire Red Hair Pirates.

What's even more surprising is that El still won, so at this moment, Kaido's hand holding the newspaper was shaking slightly.

As one of the traditional pirates, Kaido's personality and ambition, it's all in line with the Pirate Emperor's identity.

At the same time, Kaido, known as the Strongest Creature in the world actually has a battle record of seven defeats, eighteen arrests, and forty executions which is enough to show that Kaido is not simply training himself and building his own status, it's also to satisfy his desire to fight.

Even if Kaido is known as the Strongest Creature in the world, there is still more than one person that he can't defeat but only draw in battle.

Among them, there are Shanks and Benn Beckman, he can't defeat or even kill them and he can only draw in battle.

Now, El does what he can't do, and no matter what method El used, he killed Shanks and Benn Beckman, this is an undisputed truth.

Especially when he saw the image captured in this battle, the awakening of the Float-Float Fruit make his blood boil and he could not wait to set off to fight El.

However, thinking that the other party is his partner, Kaido felt pity and joy.

It's a pity that he and El are allies, so he can't use the method of finding fault to start a fight with the other party because of disagreement.

The joy is that this brat surpassed himself and Linlin in just one battle, from the tail of the Four Emperors to standing next to Whitebeard, and the other party are still is his partner who makes big money together.

After they cooperate for a bit longer, wouldn't he be able to cooperate more closely with El and join forces to dominate the world, then decide who is the ruler of the world through a fight after

No doubt, Kaido is now exuding an aura called fighting spirit and ambition.

Unfortunately, his plans will eventually fail, because El doesn't care about the so-called status and authority at all.


New World, Moby Dick.

"Are you kidding me Shanks and Benn Beckman were defeated in two versus one battle against a kid"

"It's not fake news, is it"


there's a photo, can't you see it"

"Wow, That kid actually dropped so many meteors at one time.

I heard that the pirates on the islands that were closer to the area where the fight happens were so scared that they fled back to Paradise or to the four seas."

"Are you for real"

"This kid is too dangerous!"

"Indeed, I'm not afraid of insidious and cunning guys, I'm more afraid of madmen who have no bottom line."

"This kid reminds me of Demon Heir, Douglas Bullet, who also began to run wild around the world after Roger's death."

"A bounty of five billion bellies just like Dad and only at the age of 13 years old, tsk tsk...

this record is simply unprecedented, and it is almost impossible for anyone to surpass it in the future!"

The discussions of the others kept coming in Whitebeard's ears who was holding a specially made wine jug in one hand and newspaper in the other while having a complicated expression on his face.

At this moment, Whitebeard's eyes seemed to travel back in time to a certain day decades ago, it's the scene of the two little brats with red hair and red noses on Roger's boat, threatening to kill him which was as clear as yesterday to him.

Among the several younger generation in that era, there were only two little brats who had left a deep impression on him, and one had already departed before he knew it.

Thinking of this, Whitebeard looked at the newspaper and sighed.

"Shiki, your death really breeds an incredible monster!"

Even so, whitebeard didn't frown, as one of Shiki's old enemies and allies, no one knows the power of the Float-Float Fruit better than him and even if that kid has developed this Devil Fruit to awakening, he is still fearless.

This is the confidence of the man who has been the Strongest Person in the World for decades and has experienced countless battles and seen countless abilities.

On the paradise, Kuraigana Island.

"Shanks, did you really die"

Looking at the newspaper release today, Mihawk whose face always remains cold and expressionless, and even if there are other changes in his expressions, most of them are contemptuous.

However, at this moment, his expression is very complicated.

Looking at the second edition newspaper, it's a photo of Shanks and Benn Beckman being pierced by stone spears.

Seeing that his opponent who is also his friend died like this, although Shanks was no longer regarded as his opponent a few years ago, however, the scene of their countless battles emerged in his mind uncontrollably and the more he reminiscent, the more negative emotion he has that should not appear in his body.

"The Lord of the Sky, El." After a long time, Mihawk's eyes slowly fell to the front page which is El's New Bounty.

Seeing the young man holding a Black Sword like himself, Mihawk slowly stood up and went to the room then picked up his huge black sword before walking towards the coast.

"Let me see who is the new owner of this Black Sword!" after Mihawk's voice fell, a boat-like coffin lit with candles left the Kuraigana Island not long after.

At the same time, many people around the world have the same complex expressions as Whitebeard and Mihawk.

Some people even looked sad with even some bursting into tears.

Shanks' death, began a series of changes and the original plot has also completely deviated from its original path beyond recognition.

Although with El's arrival, the plot has long since changed beyond recognition however the death of Guide to the true Son of Destiny made the plot completely deviate.


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