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There is a very obvious difference between famous and ordinary swords.

As long as the owner of the weapon shop didn't hide the Sandai Kitetsu, El would definitely be able to pick it up.

Sadly, now is ten years before the plot started.

Today's Loguetown are still very chaotic, and the weapon store is often visited by pirates.

The owner of the weapon shop who didn't want the cursed sword to harm innocent people, or didn't want to sell the cursed sword cheaply, did not put the Sandai Kitetsu in a wooden barrel for 50,000 Belly per sword, but put them in the area of ​​one million Belly per sword, trying to use price to scare off the customer with the intention to buy it.

In this regard, El didn't care and directly spent 1.5 million Belly to buy it.

During that time, El was also rejected by the owner of the weapon shop, telling him the history of the cursed sword.

Because the other party doesn't want to hurt anyone, especially a child.

There was no other way, El could only show his swordsmanship, after stunning the owner of the weapon shop, he succeeded in buying the Sandai Kitetsu.

"I didn't expect that there would be a cursed sword in this weapons store.

Is this a big city"

Walking on the street with people coming and going, Kuina took the Wado Ichimonji returned by El, and looked at the Sandai Kitetsu on El's waist, exclaiming with a suprise expression on her face.

"I was also surprised.

I didn't expect to find and buy a cursed sword in an ordinary weapons store."

El put one hand on the hilt of Sandai Kitetsu and smiled.

Although the Sandai Kitetsu does not belong to the "Skillful Grade Swords (Ryo Wazamono)", it is definitely a real famous sword.

For more than one million belly, to buy such a famous sword, it can be said El has made a huge profit.

"...However, the boss said that the cursed sword is an 'ominous weapon', and every owner of the cursed sword will die."

At this time, Nami said a little worriedly: "Nii-san, do you really need to use such kind of sword"

"Don't worry, only the weak will be controlled by the cursed sword."

El said with a disdainful smile: "No matter how cursed the sword is, it's just a cold weapon."

Seeing El's confident and disdainful appearance, Nami and Carina stopped talking.

The corners of Kuina's lips rose slightly, and she fully agreed with El's words.

A true swordsman can kill even with a small or bamboo sword.

Even Kuina heard her father say that a real swordsman can kill without a sword.

That is the so-called - no knife flow.

A real swordsman, can not be controlled by a cursed sword.

After buying a sword, El took the three girls to the hospital in Loguetown to buy some medicines.

Unlike El, a natural monster, the physiques of the three girls are all at the level of ordinary people.

Before they became strong, they would still catch colds and get sick.

Medicine are still a necessary supply.

After buying medicines, the group of four opened a suite in the most luxurious hotel in Loguetown before going out to go shopping.

The time for the new ship to leave the shipyard is nine days.

In other words, the four will have to stay in Loguetown for more than a week.

During this time, El, Carina, and Nami decided to relax.

The best way to relax is undoubtedly to go on a shopping spree.

As a member of the general public in his previous life and also living a very shabby life for eight years in this life.

It was not until more than a month ago, when he met Carina and Nami, that El began to change.

If he were to be a bounty hunter by himself, it would be at least several times harder for him to find his target.

El's strength combined with Carina's and Nami's abilities is a money-printing machine.

As long as there are pirates in this world, they will not worry about money.

So El doesn't worry about money, that's why he's not only good to himself, but also to the people around him.

Eat well, live well, buy well, play well...

So, the three and the new crewmate Kuina went on a shopping spree.

Since Kuina only brought a suitcase on board, the three took her to the clothing store immediately to buy clothes for the four seasons, as well as custom-made battle suit.

"That...don't buy me so many clothes."

Kuina, who was forcibly measured, said with a look of embarrassment.


Don't be shy, how can a girl have no clothes."

"That's it...

If you feel embarrassed, you should consider it as a debt to Nii-san first, and then use your share to pay it back after the operation is over."


Looking at El who nodded with a smile, Kuina could only accept it reluctantly.

However, Kuina firmly say she only needs a few clothes for the four seasons, and one special Customized battle suit and nothing else.

Unlike the three, Kuina lives in the small place of Shimotsuki Village and has been living a thrifty life.

She was already embarrassed to accept El's gift.

It's really a difficult thing to let her suddenly change.

In this regard, the three did not force her, but respected Kuina's choice.

After buying the clothes, El left an address for the clothing store and instructed them to deliver the finished clothes, and then take the three girls to order furniture and other items.

After the new ship leaves the shipyard, they have to decorate their new home.

It was not until dusk fell and the four, who had been shopping for a day, returned to the hotel and asked the waiter to deliver dinner to their room.

On this day, El spent more than 30 million Belly.

After the final payment is made, the consumption will soar to more than 50 million Belly.

In just one day, El spent half of his savings.

Feeling that there was a financial crisis, El decided to go back for a wave of blood tomorrow.

And the pirates who were in Loguetown and had bounties on their bodies did not know that when someone's thoughts moved, their sailing journey quietly reached its end.


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