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Carina didn't care about El reading her memory.

Because she is such an understanding girl.

In the original manga, in order to save Nami, Carina did not hesitate to play the drama of betraying her companions, so that she carried Nami's 'hatred', and be chased by a team of treasure hunters, and entered the Grand Line alone.

Before establishing a bond with El, they were just strangers that had never met.

The pirate group's banquet that day was originally to celebrate their apprenticeship turning into a regular crewmates.

El not killing them, was already showing kindness.

Instead of killing them, El was willing to protect and take them in, and bringing them together to make money.

Compared with it, what is a mere reading of their memories

"Nii-san, are you...you..."

Unlike Carina, who didn't care, Nami looked flustered at this moment, and looked at El on the opposite side, with a look of hesitations to her face.

El nodded and said, "I know all your secrets.

Now we are going to Sixis Island to solve your problem."

"Nii-san..." Nami stared at El in a daze, her eyes were filled with haze.


Carina was stunned for a moment, then cast a suspicious look at Nami: "Nami, what secret are you hiding from us"


Nami didn't know how to speak.

It wasn't until El nodded at her with a smile and silently encouraged her that Nami pulled down the neckline of her long-sleeved T-shirt, exposing her left shoulder in front of the three of them, she closed her eyes and said solemnly, "I'm actually a member of the Arlong Pirates.


"I see..."

Looking at the tattoo of the Arlong Pirates on Nami's arm, Carina was slightly taken aback: "No wonder you didn't want to bathed with me after we've known each other for so long.

so your original purpose of wearing long-sleeved clothing was to hide the tattoo."

Without waiting for Nami to speak, Carina continued to explain.

"However, Nii-san's attitude towards you is still good, which means that you should be forced to join the Arlong pirates, Right!"

"If nothing else, the Fishmen who topped the No.

1 East Blue Pirates Ranking, his base camp should be in your hometown!"

"And the condition for you from the other party is to help them steal things, or to draw a nautical chart, so you can only go to sea to steal or draw at such young age!"

After hearing her words, Nami opened her mouth wide and looked at Carina blankly.


It looks like I guessed right."

Seeing Nami's expression, Carina had already got the reply she wanted, she couldn't help but show a smug smile.

In response, El gave her another thumbs up.

As a talented monster favored by the world, El has realized the importance of talent.

Talented people are born extraordinary, people without talent are born nothing but mortal and his ship are full of this talented monsters that is top existence in a their certain field.

Needless to say, his three talents are all unique.

Nami's sailing talent is the first in the world.

Kuina, the descendant of the God of Swords, her swordsmanship talent is no less than Gion, who is the Vice-Admiral of the Navy.

And Carina's talent is not inferior to the two girls.

She has two talents, one is her beautiful voice, if she develops into music, she will definitely be a world-class singer in the future.

In addition, she has an extremely flexible and intelligent mind.

She obviously didn't experience what Nico robin's did, such as Buster Call or escaping from the world government, but El was able to see the shadow of Nico Robin on her.

If she was born in Ohara in the West Blue, El did not doubt that Carina would become a scholar.

If she was sent to the Navy headquarters, he believe she will be loved and nurtured by Vice Admiral Tsuru.

Being able to recruit her, it can be said that he has found a treasure.

As long as the three girls are cultivated well, making them fully developed their talents, El will definitely get the help of three powerful and beautiful women in the future.

"As expected of you, Carina..."

Nami recovered from the shock and nodded with a wry smile: "Yes, just as you said..."

Next, Nami told how her adoptive mother was killed and the 100 million contract she made with Arlong in order to save her hometown.

"It's too much, why are they like this!"

Kuina, who was in contact with the darkness for the first time, stood up angrily.

Looking at Nami, who was in tears as she spoke, the smile on Carina's face also subsided.


please help me..."

Nami, who told her biggest secret, looked at El with tears in her eyes, and finally plucked up the courage to ask him for help.


El gave Nami an unexpected reply.

"No...I won't avenge you!"

El shook his head and looked at Nami with a desperate face.

The corners of his mouth rose slightly and said, "You are all crew members I like.

The wings that will help me soar in the sky in the future, you can't always rely on my strength."

"Nii-san, you mean..."

Carina's eyes were fixed on El, those beautiful blue eyes flashing with dazzling light: "We are going to Sixis Island now to find the legendary treasure of the sea, and let Nami eat it and become devil fruit user then she is going to take revenge on the Arlong Pirates herself"


El nodded with a smile.


Nami came back to her senses and stared at El again in a daze.

The despair on her face was gradually replaced by other emotions.

She took a deep breath and said in a choked voice, "Thank you, Nii-san!"

At the same time, Carina and Kuina also looked at El with admiration.

At this moment, El's body seemed to exude a special effect of golden light.

The captain they follow...

is so cute!



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