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Just like Carina said.

El is getting stronger again!

As the chosen son of this era, El has a rate of growth like Charlotte Linlin, who made a name for herself in the second half of the Grand Line at the age of 6, and who first offered a bounty of 50 million Belly in that era.

This growth rate will slowly slow down until he developed out his talent, or wastes it.

In the more than three months on Sixis Island, El went to the sea to hunt, and the coast of Sixis Island was piled with the bones of large and small sea beasts.

Converting these sea beasts into energy, describing in the vocabulary of the game...

In the past three months or so, El has not only risen one or two levels.

The skyrocketing physical strength and physique cannot be described by data.

However, the coverage of El's "Breath of All Things" was fully doubled.

The enhancement of "Breath of All Things" allows his swordsmanship to slash with a wider range and greater power.

Just like Hawkeye's on Paramount War, he just swept his sword, and cut off the iceberg he doesn't know how long.

With just one drawing of his knife, El was able to cut out a ditch that was hundreds of meters deep on the sea.

Mamoo, who came from the Grand Line, was cut into two by this slash.

As the saying goes, people change every year.

Before long, El will be a 9-year-old boy.

It has been nearly four years since he mastered "Breath of All Things".

With El's strength and talent, it is not surprising that he develops fast.

And...that's not his full strength.

After taking out momoo, El lets Nami continue driving the ship while he goes back to his room to take a shower and change into new clothes.

Seeing this, Carina took the initiative to come in and wash El's hair and back.

"Nii-san, will it be inconvenient for you to have long hair"

Carina asked curiously while washing El's hair.

"It's a little inconvenient, but don't you think i look handsome"

Sitting on the small stool, El asked narcissistically while rubbing the bath towel on his body.

The two have known each other for nearly half a year.

El, who has long regarded each other as important companions, has nothing to hide from the three girls except for concealing his ability to read people's hearts and his identity as a transmigrator.

On this side, of course, he doesn't mind being exposed in front of the three girls.

"long white hair obsession, Nii-san, your hobby is really special."

Carina first complained, and then let out a unique laugh, saying, "Uhhehe...

I've decided that starting today, I will also have long hair."

"I believe that Carina with long hair will be super beautiful."

As for Carina's decision, El would have agreed with both hands and feet if he hadn't had a bath towel on his lower body.

Speaking of which, Carina in the theatrical version, whether she has long hair or a single ponytail, is indeed super beautiful.


Carina, who was praised by El, smile shyly and looked forward to her long-haired self in the future.

After washing El's hair, Carina rubbed El's back again, and after doing this, she left the bathroom.

From the slightly reddened look on her face, it can be seen that Carina's growth in the past six months is no longer the one she didn't understand anything when they first met.

Carina, who likes to read books, matures earlier than Nami.

I just don't know why...

Even though Carina already understands this aspect, she still washes his hair and rubs his back with Nami every day.

After El finished taking a shower and caming out with a towel holding his hair, the outline of an island could already be seen in front of the ship.

"Oni-chan, you came out just in time, we'll be there soon."

Carina, who was chatting with Kuina, raised her hand and greeted El.


El nodded, then walked behind Nami who was at the helm, put his hand on Nami's head, and asked with a smile, "Have you figured out how to resolve the conflict with the villagers"


I can only tell the truth, I believe they will understand me." Nami stuck out her tongue.

Since her adoptive mother was killed, Nami joined the pirate group that killed her mother and engraved the Tattoo of the Arlong Pirates on her arm, which caused her to be 'excluded' and 'disgusted' by Cocoyasi Village.

On the way to the village, the villagers would avoid her like a plague god, or treat her with cold eyes.

In the whole village, aside from her sister, Nami had no one to talk to.


It's just what Nami thinks.

In fact, after she told her sister about the 100 million contract with Arlong, her sister Nojiko turned around and sold her, telling the villagers about it.

The villagers' 'exclusion' and 'disgust' towards her are just to cooperate with her in acting.

"In that case, let your 'relatives' and 'enemies' be shocked by you."

El rubbed Nami's orange hair and encouraged: "Vent your inner hatred to your heart's content.

No need to worry about other things, none of them can escape out of my observation haki.


Nami nodded vigorously, then clenched her little hand, and an orange flame appeared on her fist, with a firm expression on her face "I will let them feel my pain, and then turn them all into grilled fish!"

After a while.

The ship finally arrived at the Cocoyasi Village.

The small sailboat was moored on the ports.

As soon as Nami's figure appeared, the villagers on the port immediately lowered their heads and left here as if they had seen the god of plague.

This kind of behavior made Carina and Kuina frown slightly.

They, who didn't know the truth, suddenly felt a little helpless for Nami in their hearts.

However, El's feeling was the exact opposite of theirs.

Those villagers bowed their heads, not because they didn't want to take another look at Nami.

Instead, they were afraid to look at Nami one more time, because the heartache for Nami would make their expressions flawed, so as to destroy Nami's plan.

Their acting may deceived him, but their emotions can't.

"Let's go and get rid of the garbage directly."

El put one hand in his pocket and the other hand on the hilt of his sword and looked in the direction of the fishmen closest to them.


The three girls nodded vigorously.


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