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"What information"

After listening to El's words, The three girls are even more curious...

"The branch they are responsible for are adopting orphans, forcibly recruiting good seedlings to brainwash for Mary Geoise, and intelligence gathering."

El activated his ability to lie without blinking again and said: "In fact, recruiting us this time is just a secondary thing.

After all, none of them thought that I would be so powerful and that Nami and Carina are devil fruit users."

"In their eyes, a mere grasp of "Flying Slash (Tobu Zangeki)" is at most no different from the genius who mastered breath of all things at a young age"

"Such a genius may be able to do whatever he wants in the East Blue and the Loguetown in the first half of the Grand Line, but he is still vulnerable in the face of a superhuman with devil fruit who masters the Six style (Rokushiki) and it's variation."

"So, the main task of the Bonier team is in fact not forcibly recruiting us but to investigate a fairy tale story"

"That fairy tale is...

The City of Gold!"

"Whats the City of Gold"

"Feels like I've heard it before.


El's last words made Carina and Nami's faces show a trace of contemplation.

"I remembered"

Carina, who was still the think tank of the team, reacted first, and looked up at El with a slightly excited expression: "Is that the City of Gold in "Noland, the liar, and trickster""

"Noland, the liar, and trickster"

Kuina asked curiously, "I've read this very famous fairy tale book, but isn't this fairy tale book fictional"

"That's right...

I've seen this too, and I remember that in the end, Noland committed the crime of fooling the king and was not only executed by their king but also memorialized in a fairy tale as a liar and trickster."

Nami said incredulously: "Could it be that the fairy tale that has been circulated for four hundred years is actually true"

"Yes, in the eyes of the world, the City of Gold is something from a fairy tale."

El nodded and said with a playful smile: "But in eyes of some people, especially those who control the entire world, there is a possibility that the City of Gold exists.

Over the years, Mary Geoise sent more people to went into the sea to look for it and each time they found nothing, then they came up with a guess."

With a slight pause, El pointed to the sky and continued: "That is, the island where the city of gold is located is more than 10,000 above the ground!"

"sky Island"

Looking at the blue sky with floating white clouds, Nami showed an expression even more shock expression than hearing the news about the City of Gold.

"An island floating 10,000 meters above the ground really exists"

"It's real, and there's more than one."

El continued to lie: "In Bonier's memory, I saw that the CP organization found more than one trace of a sky island."

After getting the affirmative reply from El, the three girls were shocked, Nami seemed to think something, and she asked her question: "But Nii-san, which sky Island is the City of gold in, and how do we go to a place that's in 10,000 meters altitude"

"we will go to a special sea ​​area."

While pinching Carina's face, El said slowly: "Everyone's Eternal Pose in that sea area will point to the sky, and Mary Geoise believes that there is a sky island above...

After their archaeological investigation, Noland from 400 years ago was not only a real person, but also came to that special sea area."

"So, Mary Geoise, suspects that the legendary City of Gold is on that sky island.."

"As for the way to go..."

El looked at Carina in his arms and grinned.

"We can rely on Carina's Devil fruit."

"Rely on me"

Carina, who let El pinches her small face, was slightly taken aback and pointed at herself.

"Yeah, I almost forgot

Nami's eyes lit up and said: "Carina's poisonous Devil fruit ability can let her change into anything, she only needs to eat a large bird, and then she can take us to the sky island"

"Our Belly is all stored in the bank.

Except for the equipment and medicinal herbs for making Nutritional supplements, we don't have many precious things.

It is completely possible to abandon the ship."

"That's alright.

Nami, I didn't expect you to think of this method!"

Hearing Nami's words, Carina couldn't help but admire her little friend.

"Hehehe..." Nami couldn't help showing a smug smile.

At this time, Kuina suddenly said: "But where are we going to find the birds that can carry the three of us at an altitude of 10,000 meters"

Hearing this, Carina and Nami instantly fell into a state of silence...

Undecided, they resolutely turn their attention to El, their Nii-san who is omnipotent in their hearts, did not disappoint them, and said with a smile.

"Have you forgotten On the last island, before we go to the kingdom of Alabasta, there are extinct and large Ferocious beasts, among them are the legendary pterosaurs"

"Yeah, why didn't I think of that"

The three girls' eyes lit up, and Nami said with joy: "If it is the legendary pterosaur, we will definitely be able to reach the altitude of 10,000 meters."

As if thinking of something, Nami's face changed again: "Oops, our ship is still moving forward, and we have to turn around and return to the previous route."

After speaking, Nami trotted away and ran to the bow to turn the rudder.

"As expected of Nii-san, just reading the enemy's memory, you can interpret so much and find a solution to our problem, so handsome"

Carina hugged El's neck and kiss him hard on his face.

"I just think of this too, otherwise Nami would have also thought of this idea too."

El touched Carina's head, to be honest, this method is indeed what El just think of.

To be precise, El's plan to go to the sky island had to be advanced after he learned that he had been offered a bounty.

The three brothers, Luffy, Ace and Sabo agreed when they were children that they would only go to sea at the age of seventeen.

And if El remembers correctly, Luffy's birthday is in May.

That is to say, the time when the real Son of Destiny goes to the sea is at least in May 1520 of the Sea Circle Calendar.

Luffy cleared the East Blue and came to the great route and defeat his first big boss Crocodile...

It only took two or three months and the time for Knock Up Stream was at least in July or August.

But now, it is only January of the 1511 year of the Sea Circle Calendar, and there is still more than half a year before the time for the Knock Up Stream.

So, El didn't want to go to the sky island so early.

His original plan was to use the half-year time to improve the strength of the three girls before the arrival of the Knock Up Stream, and by the way, find a new weapon for himself.

After seeing his bounty, El knew that his plan must be advanced,

Otherwise, the closer he gets to the end of the first half of the grand line, the more insecure he will feel.

And El's plan is to seize the logia type - Goro Goro no Mi Fruit.

Rather than seizing the logia type - Goro Goro no Mi Fruit, El prefers to call this plan—"The Pirate Emperor Development Plan"


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