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As he said before, after leaving Twin Cape, El made the supreme Plan 1.0 for himself.

This being supreme refers to being the ultimate person who integrates Devil Fruit, swordsmanship, physique, and Haki, and elevates them to the extreme, without any flaws any directions.

Whitebeard in his peak period is such one.

As for why would it be Version 1

It's very simple, because the key to this plan is the Baku Baku no Mi fruit, and it must be the devil fruit that can seize the other devil fruit according to his speculation.

If the speculation of seizing the Devil Fruit fails, El will start Version 2.0 of the supreme Plan and find other means to seize the Devil Fruit.

Fortunately, his conjecture has been confirmed, and the Baku Baku no Mi fruit is definitely the most terrifying paramecia type devil fruit in history.

After confirming that the Baku Baku no Mi fruit can take the devil fruit of the previous user, El only needs to get his favorite devil fruit and his all-around plan is finished.

In the future, he only needs to become stronger step by step and he can stand at the top of the world pyramid and be the strongest man in the world.

At that time, the old whitebeard could never hold on to his strongest throne.

Because the difference between him and El is not only his age but also the attribute of being an innate monster.

El, who was an innate monster, once he became the ultimate Person with both his mind and body, he will be the strongest existence in history.

El's favorite Devil Fruit is not the Logia-type Goro Goro no Mi Fruit.

The Goro Goro no Mi Fruit is of course the strongest in logia type, even among the three types of Devil Fruit, it is also one of the 'invincible' devil fruit.

But its strategic shock and deterrence did not reach El's expectations.

Because the Meki Meki no Mi fruit may not lose to the Goro Goro no Mi fruit on the same level.

Two abilities with similar nature, unless the comprehensive strength is higher than the opponent's level, it is the same as the Aokiji and Akainu whose attributes restrain each other, they must fight until the physical strength of both sides is exhausted, and then the winner can be determined.

That's why El won't eat the Logia-type devil fruit.

The reality is he wants to seize the Goro Goro no Mi fruit, in order to give it to Kuina.

When El was in Cocoyasi Village in the East Blue, He assured Kuina that he would find her a suitable devil fruit.

As long as Kuina eats the Goro Goro no Mi fruit, she will be the fastest woman in the world in the future.

If she integrates the power of thunder and lightning into her swordsmanship, she may be able to use her own style of swordsmanship to reproduce the splendor of her ancestor Shimotsuki Ryuma and become the new generation of Dragon-slayer.

Moreover, after Kuina ate the Goro Goro no Mi, it was not only her who will gain the benefits, but the entire team will gain a tremendous benefit.

After obtaining the Baku Baku no Mi Fruit and personally naming Carina's technique "Three Heads and Six Arms", El silently made a plan for them.

That plan is "The Pirate Emperor Development Plan".

Nami's talent in meteorology is undoubtedly first in the world.

Logically speaking, the Goro Goro no Mi fruit ability is the most suitable for her however, at that time, El didn't have a clue whether it was the supreme Plan version 1 or 2.

In order to allow Nami to take revenge with her own hands so that her will would sublimate to awaken her Haki as soon as possible, El decided to cut off Ace's devil fruit, and let Nami have it.

After Carina became a devil fruit user and displayed the three-headed and six-armed, El felt that the Goro Goro no Mi Fruit was simply made for Kuina.

As long as Kuina becomes the Goro Goro no Mi Fruit user, she will not only become the new generation of Dragon Slayer but at the same time, as long as she combines with Carina and Nami...

The combination of Baku Baku no Mi, Goro Goro no Mi, and The Mera Mera no Mi will be the most unsolvable combination in the sea.

Just imagine when the three girls enter the state of "three heads and six arms", they can freely use the power of thunder and flame at the same time, and they also use the swordsmanship that combines lightning and flame, and even Six styles (Rokushiki) and Haki, and the most critical point is the vast physical energy provided by the Baku Baku no Mi fruit.

Such a monster will surely ascend to the apex of the world pyramid in the future and become one of the overlords of the sea.

As long as he seizes the Goro Goro no Mi and makes Kuina eat it, El can cultivate a future Pirate Emperor, one who can definitely surpass, Silvers Rayleigh, Benn Beckman and roronoa zoro and become the strongest first mate(captain right hand) in history.

In the future, when the strength of the three girls and El reached the peak of the world.

The two strongest in history join forces, even if the opponent is Mary Geoise who has dominated the world for 800 years, and the three major forces that check and balance the sea, what is there to fear


After deciding to advance the plan, El can't wait to go to sky island and go to Birka to seize Enel's devil fruit.

In the original book, he was six years before the plot started.

Now is the year 1511 of the Sea Circle Calendar, and Enel is already an adult in his twenties.

An adult in his twenties, even if he is malnourished before, once he becomes a logia type devil fruit user, his elementalization and speed that is as fast as the Meki Meki no Mi fruit, will make him almost invincible.

A year or two is enough to bring his undernourished body back to the peak of its age.

However, Enel, who was bullied since childhood, destroyed his hometown, Birka six years before the beginning of the plot, that is years 1514 of the Sea Circle Calendar.

Perhaps, Enel hasn't eaten the Nature-type Thunder Fruit yet.

Even if he has already become a devil fruit user, he is still in the stage of developing his ability, maybe he has not even awakened his observation Haki.

This stage is definitely the best moment for El to seize his devil fruit.

Thinking of this, El is more determined to plan ahead...

But just in case, the four not only returned to the ancient island, but also returned to their first stop on Grand Line, and bought a pair of sea stone handcuffs from the black market.


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