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February 2, 1511, on the Sea Circle calendar.

This day was a very meaningful day for the four of them.

Because on this day, El was about to become a nine-year-old boy.

Yes, after El after today, the chapter of the ninth year really began.

Speaking of which, it's incredible!

What El has accomplished...it's hard to imagine that he's just an eight-year-old.

In this world, there shouldn't be a second person like El, who went to sea at the age of eight and gained the title of The Strongest Hunter in the East Blue, then became famous twice in the world in the first half of the Grand Line.

Maybe it's an innate monster privilege!

Whether it is El or Charlotte Linlin, they are all favored by the world, and they are destined to be the children of that era from birth.

Others have the courage and ability to venture out to sea in their teens, Innate monsters like El and Charlotte Linlin can go to sea as a kid, and as long as they don't meet a real strong person, there are not many people that can stump them.

Due to the difference in characteristics, Charlotte Linlin has more advantages than El in terms of strength, invulnerability to swords and guns, and the ability of Paramecia type Soru Soru no Mi Fruit, making her debut as Supernova in the Grand Line.

However, El also has the advantage that Charlotte Linlin is far inferior to, that is, his Observation Haki, that can see through people's hearts, and his familiarity with the plot as a transmigrator.

The combination of the two allowed El's wisdom and vision to surpass the eight-year-old Charlotte Linlin.

Eight-year-old Charlotte Linlin may still be thinking about what to eat tomorrow and where to have fun.

El has already formulated the Supreme Plan for himself and also made the Pirate Emperor Development Plan for the three girls beside him...

Just two Devil Fruits away, he and the three girls will lay the strongest perfect foundation in history.

As long as they don't die prematurely in the future and don't waste their talents, the four of them will definitely stand at the top of the world and become the strongest existence in history.

On the other hand, Charlotte Linlin, not only failed the World favor to her, but she is also the weakest existence in the future, four emperors of the sea.

Both Innate monsters, she and El are completely incompatible.

It has not even a year since the three girls met El.

It was their first birthday with El.

Therefore, on this day, the three girls specially made a Nine-layer cake for El, filled with nine kinds of fruits, with nine candles on the top, and a statue of four of them.

It's the first time that El celebrates his birthday after living in this world for eight years.

In this regard, El was filled with emotion.

El's meticulous care for the three girls made them completely captured by El in the past six months, and willingly became his wings.

On this day, the four played like crazy.

For El and Carina, the nine-layer cake could be solved in two or three bites, but they only ate a little bit.

The rest of the cake is all used for cake fights.

Making the living room smeared with white cream and sprayed juice all over.

The four, who were covered in cream and juice, didn't even bother to clean, they just lay down on the sofa and fell asleep.

It wasn't until six o'clock in the morning the next day that the developed biological clock woke the four of them up.

The four who woke up did not clean up the living room immediately.

But decided first to take a bath in the bathroom together, wash their body, then come out to clean together.

Kuina was in charge of making breakfast, while the three of them were responsible for cleaning the living room.

After cleaning it up, the four sat in the dining room and ate a simple breakfast.

After eating breakfast, El opened the refrigerator.

Take a box out of the refrigerator and open it.

Inside the box were rows of green liquids in glass tubes.

They were all nutritional supplements that El had made in advance when he left the drum island.

Before the age of eighteen, a bottle of the nutritional supplement can make the three girls develop faster.

Unless there is no place to train on the island, El would asked the three girls to drink a bottle of Nutritional supplement every day.

The three girls who have been drinking nutritional supplement for nearly two months and train hard hours every day, their efforts have also made significant changes.

When they first met last year, El was only about 145 centimeters.

Carina and Nami were both more than ten centimeters shorter than him, only about 130 centimeters.

And now, Carina and Nami's heights have grown to over 140 centimeters.

Nami is fairly average, she is only 142 centimeters.

It has been nearly two months since she has eaten the Devil fruit.

In addition to a bottle of the nutritional supplement every day, there are at least five more sea beasts in Carina's stomach, making her height grown to 148 centimeters

According to this growing speed, I believe that whether it is Carina or Nami, there is a high probability that they will break the maximum height they reach on the manga.

After all, they are in their infancy now, and what they do is no different from breaking human limits.

And the oldest Kuina in the fleet has also changed very obviously.

In September last year, she was only about 150 centimeters tall.

Now, she is 155 centimeters tall, she grows by an average of one centimeter every month.

But their changes...

are not as obvious as El's.

With the Life Return (Seimei Kikan) El, whether it is body or strength, it will change at a speed visible to the naked eye under the nourishment of several dozen sea beasts every day.

When he first met Carina and Nami, El was only eight years old, but he is 145 centimeters tall and looks like a boy at eleven or twelve years old.

when he first met Kuina, he was already similar to her height.

When he entered the great route, El was already 155 centimeters tall.

If it wasn't for the information, no one would think he was an eight-year-old boy.

After getting the method of making the nutrient solution, El, who drinks two more bottles of nutritional supplement every day than the three girls, has now reached a height of 16l centimeters

In just over half a year, El's height grown by 16 centimeters.

If this skyrocketing speed does not slow down

I believe that next year at the same date, El may have surpassed the height of 17-year-old Luffy.


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