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Under the influence of El, the views of the three girls have undergone great changes.

In addition to not burning, killing, looting, and bullying civilians, they will decide whether to show mercy to the enemy according to their mood.

Kuina, who made a huge mushroom cloud a few hundred meters away, obviously did not have the intention of showing mercy.

On the contrary, Kuina used her strongest move to kill the weak pirate.

With the rising of the mushroom cloud, the terrifying lightning blasted not only kill the pirate and destroy the ship he was in, but also the surrounding pirate ships to dust.

The pirates in the ships who were responsible for staying to watch the ships also lost their lives because of the unpredictable disaster.


such a strong attack, even my full-power Fire Fist can't compare to this move by Sister Kuina."

Looking at the huge mushroom cloud, Nami gasped and sighed.

Carina was not surprised and said calmly, "lightning is the strongest element in nature.

If the Goro Goro No Mi does not have such destructive power, it will not be the strongest element."

El was a little surprised and then stared at the sword in Kuina's hand, the ordinary sword was molting into a pool of molten iron at a speed visible to the naked eye.

These days, El has not spared time to help Kuina develop her devil fruit ability and explain the four abilities of Goro Goro No Mi to Kuina.

El thought that Kuina at present could only use the electric field to increase his speed and lightning to add lightning attribute damage to his attack.

But unexpectedly, Kuina would actually imitate his Hakuku sovereignty and developed a different kind of judgment of God.

The original version of the judgment of God is to turn one's wrist into lightning, and then according to the idea of ​​​​the user, turn it into a huge thunder beam or release it in diameter, or project it into the sky, and slam down from the top of his opponent head.

However, Kuina sends out her God Judgment by swinging her sword.

Because both hands are holding the knife, both wrists have turned into lightning, resulting in the lightning bolt swung out by Kuina, the power to be even greater than Enel's judgment of God.

Except for the judgment of God that is not destructive as El's Hakuku sovereignty, the other aspects of the judgment of God have surpassed El's Hakuku sovereignty.

Especially the terrifying electric heat, even if El was hit, he would feel extremely uncomfortable even if he use the Armament Haki to defend.

The sword in Kuina's hand naturally couldn't bear the heat.

With just one move, the sword melted into molten iron.

It seems that he has to speed up finding a sword for himself and return the Wado Ichimonji to Kuina

El groaned slightly in his heart.

Not only that, El felt that it was time to help Kuina master the power of Haki.

Whether it is the weapon or Haki a swordsman must have it.

Kuina didn't know what El was thinking.

At this moment, she was looking at the mushroom with satisfaction Now Kuina, covered all over the place with a breath of confidence.

Just like eating when Enel eats the Goro Goto No Mi, he crawls out from the dark abyss, destroys his own hometown, rules the sky island, and claims to be a god.

Anyone who eats the Goro Goro No Mi will become as confident as Kuina and Enel, even if he just masters any one of its four abilities plus the passive elementalization.

Such a feeling of invincibility, it's so maddening Kuina has not become swollen, it has been all thanks to El's training.

After Kuina put away the sword with only the hilt left, the four saw the pirates in Mock Town come and watch in horror on the bustling and crowded coast.

Along the way in the direction of Mock Town, the four encountered a lot of pirates who had come to watch the fun, and they encounter them one after another.

the four soon found a stall on the street and bought a map of the town.

Then on the map, they search if there is any is a shipyard.

It is a pity that Jaya Island, which lost part of it, is just a small island.

In addition, there is a lawless town here, and no shipbuilding company is willing to come here to open a shipyard.

There is only one repair shop that specializes in repairing a ship.

Seeing this, the four looked at each other, and then they divided their work and cooperated tacitly.

El walked towards a certain store and the three girls left together.


With the sound of a blade tearing through flesh, a certain pirate ship at the Port of Jaya Island is performing a death dance that makes the pirates on the port look stunned and full of horror.

Kuina, who was wearing a red and white witch costume, turned into a blue-and-white meteor, holding the sword she had snatched and were harvesting the life of the pirates who stayed on the boat and guarded their ship.

No matter who the opponent was, in a blink of an eye, Kuina would ruthlessly take their life.

Carina and Nami, on the other hand, as if they did not see these bloody pictures, were anchoring the ship.

"Damn - what did you do to my crew!" Just then, there was a roar from the port.

there's a group of pirates headed by a man wearing a suit and holding swords and gun in his hand.

Judging from the angry expression on the man's face, it is not difficult to see that he is the captain of this pirate ship.

Before they could get close to the ship, a deafening thunder roared suddenly sounded from the ship.

Kuina, who had already cleaned up the pirates on the ship, stood on the railing of the ship, surrounded by blue and white electric lights, holding a sword that turned into a laser knife, and pointed the sword tip toward the pirates below.

Compared with the previous one, the light beam was ten times smaller.

The lightning bolt fell into the crowd and turned into countless electric spark, covering all the pirates.

The strong electric current made them scream again and lay on the ground and roll, over and over again.

When the lightning disappeared, all the pirates' hair turned into explosive heads, and their clothes and bodies exuded a burning smell.

"Sister Kuina, go and help Nii-san!" After Kuina defeated the pirates on the dock, Nami's voice suddenly came from the rudder.

Kuina nodded slightly, then turned into a flash of lightning and disappeared above the railing of the ship's side.

This scene was seen by the crowd watching the battle not far away.

At the same time, it was also photographed by an excited reporter.

I believe that after today, a girl named Kuina will become in the sea.


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