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Soon after Kuina disappeared, she return with El back to the port again.

At this time, El was still carrying an oversized backpack on his back.

But the food inside has become home supplies.

Yes, El's job is to buy things like bedding and the three girls are responsible for robbing a pirate ship, but El did not expect that the speed at which the three girls would rob a ship would be faster than him buying things.

While shopping, El, who secretly observes them with observation Haki and he felt that the task of solving the miscellaneous fish in the future could be handed over to the three girls, they are much faster than him in terms of cleaning those fish.

Under the gaze of countless eyes, the four left Jaya Island in the pirate ship they had robbed.

"That...that kid, it's the "young swordsman" El with a bounty of 80 million Belly"

"you're right, I remembered him!"


that boy should be as powerful as that girl right"

"That girl can actually use the power of lightning, she also causes a big explosion just now.

What kind of devil fruit ability is that"

"That extremely destructive power, and the teleportation ability, if there is nothing wrong that girl devil fruit should be like vice-Admiral Kizaru!"

"Could it be that's the devil fruit that has not appeared in a few eras and has already become a legend—the Goro Goro No Mi!"

When the ship left, the Jaya Island exploded in a heated discussion.

Everyone is discussing about the four, accurately speaking, they are discussing about El and Kuina.

Someone has recognized El.

Some people are lamenting at the power of the kids and there are also people who are shaking at Kuina's strength and ability.

More knowledgeable people have guessed that Kuina's ability does not belong to the Paramecia or zoan devil fruit but belongs to the Logia type devil fruit and it's still the strongest in its type.

the reporter who had just taken a photo, his hand trembled slightly while holding the camera and he whispered excitedly "I heard that the girl is called Kuina and I even have her photo, I'm going to report it!"

Just like what the reporter said, he really wants to report it.

Due to the monopoly of the World Economy News Paper, all the newspapers could not survive in the first and second half of the Grand Line, and all became subordinate of Big News Morgans.

The number of paparazzi journalists who depend on Morgans' reward for their food is at least in the number tens of thousands.

Every day, countless paparazzi would collect news materials for him from all over the world.

A newspaper has only a few pages, and only a few pieces of news are published every day.

Therefore, those materials that stand out from tens of thousands of news materials will receive the attention of the World Economy NewsPaper.

The more exciting the news is, the greater the reward.

the Reporter believes that this news material will definitely stand out from the tens of thousands of news materials today, and maybe even enter the top three sections.

Thinking of the top three rewards, the reporter was full of motivation and couldn't wait to go back and sort out the information.

At night, when the reporter faxed the sorted news materials to the review department of the World Economy News Paper.

Just as the reporter had expected, his news material quickly emerged from the tens of thousands of copies.

But the reporter obviously underestimated the value of this news material.

What are the top three

When the audit department saw this piece of news material, it directly found their boss, they were only responsible for small news and the big news was directly handed over to Morgans, who was in charge of his subordinates.

"What Goro Goro No Mi are you sure this is true!"

"If there is nothing wrong with such an exaggerated lightning attack, as well as this familiar teleportation method, this must be the legendary Logia-type - Goro Goro No Mi ability."

"Hey, they even got the name and photo Well, reward the one who collected this material."

"Tomorrow's news headline will be written by me!"

"The Logia-type - Goro Goro No Mi that has disappeared for several generations, has shown up again.

This news will definitely stir the sea, I can't wait to start writing!"

The next morning.

After the news coo returned from all over the world, the news coo took up their bag and filled them with freshly-baked newspapers, then they split up and flew all over the world, again.

When the pirates buy the World Economy News Paper today and after seeing the headline and cover of the news headlines the whole sea stir just as Morgans said."

"The strongest Logia type devil fruit user - Lightning Sword Sorcerer, Kuina!"

What's Logia is, the commoners at the bottom of the world, and even many pirates in the four seas and the first half grand line doesn't know what the strongest Logia type devil fruit means.

But that doesn't prevent them from being shocked because the cover of the headline was just a little girl.

What is truly being stirred are the major forces in the world.

Just like the "young swordsman" El, at the age of eight, he entered the eyes of many people with his rare swordsmanship talent in the world.

Kuina, who is eleven years old this year, has also entered the eyes of the world with her potential.

such name as thunderstorm Kuina or lightning sword which began to sweep the whole world.

Its sensational level is even beyond El's reach.

After all, when El first became famous, the World Economy News Paper just gave him a second-page headline, and the editor in charge was not Morgans.

The second time he became famous in the world, his information was unknown, and there was not even a single report in the newspapers.

Kuina's first appearance in the world, it was reported by Morgans, the star-maker, who wrote the news in himself, and also personally gave Kuina a title.

This kind of treatment is destined that Kuina will be famous and sensational in this world for the next few days...


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