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"Wow, 100 million Belly, your first bounty is so high sister Kuina, you also look so cool in this picture!"

"Nii-san bounty has also increased, from 80 million to 120 million Belly, its amazing!"

On the deck of the ship, Carina and Nami each held a Bounty order, and approached Kuina and El then said excitedly.

In response, Kuina just smiled and said: "That's because you didn't make a move, otherwise, whether it's you, carina and Nami, they will be as famous as me."

"You are too modest, Sister Kuina."

Carina smiled and said: "Nami's devil fruit maybe only second only to you in terms of fame, but unless they know my ability "three heads and six arms", otherwise I will not be valued by the Navy or Mary Geoise."

El pinched Nami's small face in front of him, and said indifferently, "With our potential, sooner or later, we will completely shock the whole world, and now is just the beginning."

"Rather than caring about fame, it's better to practice hard.

When you improve your physique and master Haki and Six style (Rokushiki), they will not only pay attention to our potential but also 'fear' our strength.


"We got it, Nii-san"

The three girls nodded, and the excitement on their faces disappeared.

El and Kuina are still a child but they are already supernovas in the first half of the grand line, it's entirely because they have a rare talent in swordsmanship, as well as the reputation of Goro Goro No Mi as the strongest Logia-type Devil Fruit.

They are all in a certain area, full of potential.

But just like the powerhouses on the new world, they never take the supernova in Paradise seriously.

A supernova just means that the other party has strong potential.

Only a big pirate can be recognized by the world for this person's strength.

Before their talent is fulfilled, there are few people who can kill El and Kuina in seconds in the new world.

If you become arrogant because of a little achievement, you will be beaten by the world sooner or later.

After calming down, the three girls trained with El as usual.

While training, the four returned to the direction of the drum island.

On the way, the four passed through Sandy Island, and in the port city of Nanohana in the Kingdom of Alabasta, they sold the stolen pirate ship cheaply and then bought a new small ship.

Both El and the three girls all like cleanliness.

They don't like to live in someone else place and use things that other people have already used except for the things that they used.

That's why El worked with the three girls to buy futons and other daily necessities in the store.

During this time, a Medium box is used to hold the gold that Carina has turned into golden balls.

When changing ships, The four made a trip to Alubarna, the capital city of the Alabasta, to find the largest local gold exchange, and sold part of the gold that re-entered into Baku Baku Space for One and a half billion Belly.

As for the rest of the gold, they did not sell it yet because the three girls also like gold.

Carina with "synthesis" and Kuina with "electricity", has the ability to change gold into other shapes at will.

So, they're going to keep most of the gold and wait until they get a new ship and fill the cabin with gold ornaments.

Unless they were short of money or needed it urgently, then they would only turn the remaining gold into Belly.

After buying all the daily necessities, the Four boarded a new temporary ship and returned to Drum Island.

After half a month, The four came to the medical country again.

After going ashore, they divide their work and cooperated again, El was in charge of going to the largest pharmacy and stocking up a lot of the medicinal herbs used to make the nutritional supplement.

The three girls went to the bank and took out the two Zoan-type devil fruits deposited in the bank, as well as the equipment for making the nutritional supplement.

After rendezvousing with El, the four moved their things back into the new ship's warehouse, then continued their journey.

At the end of February 1511, the four returned to their first stop on the grand line.

Going to the black market, El bought a new batch of Bubbly Coral, as well as several pairs of sea tower stone handcuffs, and some eternal pose that was very rare and hard to buy.

El even bought a map of the other black-market strongholds in the first half of the Grand Line.

Finally, after buying a few barrels of sword at the local weapons store, El and the three girls followed the same path and spent another half of the month returning to the special sea area where the sky island is located.

Until March 30, 1511, the four just passed through the long roundabout way and came to the water 7 where they were going to customize a new ship.

Water 7 is one of the seven most famous islands in the first half of the Grand Line, just like the drum kingdom known for its medicines.

Water 7 has the largest shipbuilding company and the world's best shipbuilders, it is recognized as a holy place for shipbuilding in the world.

The shipbuilding technology is excellent, and even the warships of Mary Geoise and the Navy Headquarters are entrusted to the shipyard in the Water 7 to manufacture.

Countless famous ships were also born here.

The most famous representative of them is undoubtedly Gol D.

Roger pirate ship called, Oro Jackson and Pluton.

The ship of kings of the pirates and one of the three ancient weapons in history are all works on the water 7.

This shows how amazing the background of this island is.

The water 7 is a must-see for countless people buying and customizing ships, including El and the three girls.

Along the waterway, the four sailed into the port of the water 7, After anchoring and going ashore, the four buy the map city and rented two bulls, which is the mean of transportation here on water 7, and headed straight to a newly opened ship company.

The new shipbuilding company is the one that will merge several other shipbuilding companies into the largest shipbuilding company in the Waters 7 in the next nine years - " Galley-La company".

Iceberg, who is the first disciple of Master Tom and will become the "Mayor" of the Waters 7 in the future, is the shipbuilder that El is most optimistic about besides Franky.

Franky for now, his shipbuilding skills are far inferior to his senior brother's except for making weapons.

Therefore, El intends to entrust Iceberg with making their customized ship


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