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Even so, Qin Jiu still felt frustrated by it.

“You feel frustrated” Gu Zezhi asked.

Qin Jiu nodded and said angrily: “I really want to shove him in a sack and beat him up!”

The corner of Gu Zezhi’s lips raised as he couldn’t help but chuckle, a gentle smile was plastered on his face.

Qin Jiu: “Unfortunately, I can’t……” Even if she wanted to, she couldn’t beat him!

Gu Zezhi turned around and said, “Little girl, let’s go get a cup of tea.” He gestured casually, and a guard behind him quietly stepped back.

Tea! Qin Jiu felt a numbing sensation run through her scalp at the thought of brewing the tea.

Isn’t it just a cup of tea Why do they have to be so particular about the brewing process!

Her gaze flickered, she then saw the theater in front of her, and immediately cut off his words: “Big brother, let’s not drink tea, let’s go…… to the theater! Yes, to the theater!”

She was scared that he would disagree, so Qin Jiu left first, and emphasized, “It’s on me!”

So Gu Zezhi followed Qin Jiu to the theater, with a seemingly good mood.

The theater “Daya Class” was very happening, seats were almost full, and it was filled with laughter and chatter.

In fact, Qin Jiu didn’t understand ancient plays at all.

Those actors performed at a very slow pace.

The only ones that were fast paced were the ones who played with spears and did somersaults when they got on stage, she got excited at the scene of them.

During the rest of the show, she was either eating, munching on some sunflower seeds or some snacks, drinking tea, or peeling the walnuts.

The walnuts on the nut platter were cracked open slightly before they were served to the guests, so it would be easier for them to crack open, but the walnuts were quite hard, and Qin Jiu’s face wrinkled slightly after she tried quite some time to crack it open.

She wasn’t planning on giving up on the walnut in her hand, right then, she saw a big slender hand suddenly stretched out in front of her, his palm facing upwards, “Give it to me.”

Qin Jiu gave him the walnuts without much thought.

Gu Zezhi casually took another walnut from the nut platter, he then held the two walnuts in the palm of his right hand, and gently pinched……

His pale fist clenched tightly, the muscle tones from his fingers, the back of his hand to his arm tightened, he was like a snow leopard ready to pounce, sharp and compelling, calm and powerful.


Gu Zezhi loosened his right hand, and a few cobweb-like cracks appeared on the two walnuts in his palm.

A chill ran down Qin Jiu’s neck.

Gu Zezhi: “Here.”

Qin Jiu was about to clap for him.

Her saviour is so competent, his hands were even more useful than those nutcrackers!

Halfway through the snow, a tall and average looking  guard, who was in green, appeared and said to Gu Zezhi, “Third master, the person is almost here.”

Gu Zezhi smiled gently: “Let’s go.”

Qin Jiu was taking a bite of a sweet chestnut crisp and casually asked, “Where are we going”

Gu Zezhi didn’t answer, and with a deeper smile on his face, he signalled Qin Jiu to follow along with his finger.

“……” Qin Jiu swallowed the chestnut crisp in a few bites and got up obediently.

She’ll go wherever his saviour asks, he won’t sell her off anyways!

The three of them left the Daya Class and then turned into a small alley next to it.

The guards walked in the front to lead the way, followed by Gu Zezhi and Qin Jiu.

The small alleyways in the capital had many twists and turns.

At first, Qin Jiu tried to remember the way, but she gave up after a while.

The three of them turned into an alley that was only wide enough for two people to stand beside each other.

Qin Jiu followed Gu Zezhi’s gaze and looked forward.

On the other side of the alleyway, the sign of “Siyi Pavilion” was in sight.

Qin Jiu blinked, her pair of clear apricot coloured eyes looked at Gu Zezhi.

Gu Zezhi made a silent gesture to her, he smiled through his narrow phoenix eyes, they resembled a pool of clear spring water.

There was another guard waiting at the entrance of the alley.

He took a look outside and turned his head to say, “He’s here.”

Gu Zezhi kept the hand-held fan with a smile, and the two guards immediately understood what he meant.

After a while, Yelu Luan’s slender figure appeared at the entrance of the alleyway.

Apart from him, there was no one else.

The people from Beiyan never liked to be restrained, they craved for freedom, and they didn’t like to be ordered around.


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