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Qin Gui nodded but she almost wanted to cry inside.

Sigh, she’s already left the palace so why is she still unable to escape from these dastardly accounts!

The thought of having to wrestle with these devils for a few days left Qin Gui hanging her head in despair.

At this time, in Ronghe Hall, Madam Qin was lovingly comforting Qin Xin.

“Xin’er, don’t you worry.

Your big brother is not an unreasonable person.

I’ve already told him that it’s to supplement the household spendings.

He won’t pursue the matter.”

“No, it was me who didn’t consider things properly.

I should have reminded you earlier and taken the initiative to hand the books back to Gui’er.”

“I don’t blame Grandmother.” Qin Xin pursed her delicate lips and smiled, saying thoughtfully, “It was my fault for not thinking about it.

Grandmother, Granddaughter will go back and settle the account books first.”

Madam Qin nodded, so Qin Xin and Mrs.

Su left together.

They were silent on the way out of Ronghe Hall.

After they were out, Mrs.

Su said, “There are no issues with the accounts on your side, right”

Qin Xin was a little distracted and only smiled.

“Don’t worry, mother.”

The two of them walked along a bluestone path while Mrs.

Su stared at Qin Xin’s profile for a while, eyes flickering.

The old madam is probably the only one who thinks of Qin Xin as a weak woman, but in fact, Qin Xin is more calculating than anyone else.

She must have thought that they had misappropriated the dowry because the household money was not enough, but only Mrs.

Su and Qin Xin knew that it was just an excuse.


Su stroked her sleeve and remembered what happened three years ago.

At that time, she loaned out the family’s money, but the person ended up running, causing them a huge loss.

For a moment, they weren’t able to fill up the hole.

In order to make up for the gap in funds, she first thought of using Mrs.

Wei’s dowry.

She originally thought that once she gets the money back in hand, then she could quietly top it back up and nobody would have to know.

But who knew that Qin Xin would discover it.

During that time, Mrs.

Su was panicking and begged Qin Xin not to tell anyone, and she agreed.

She even said that if she wanted her help, then she wanted 60% of the money.

Having no other choices, Mrs.

Su agreed.

After that, by Mrs.

Su’s initiative, she asked Madam Qin to let Qin Xin learn how to do handle the accounts and also asked for her to take care of Mrs.

Wei’s dowry.

She was naive back then.


Su thought that Qin Xin wanted to save money for herself so she would not have to share Mrs.

Wei’s dowry with Qin Zening and Qin Zeyu.

But now that she thought about it again, Mrs.

Su really wanted to slap herself.

Qin Xin knew about her own background, that is why she wanted to prepare a way out for herself as soon as possible and secretly saved amassed her own wealth.


Su’s eyes were deep and her lips were pursed into a line.

She felt even more regretful of taking Qin Xin under her own name.

Wasn’t she raising a tiger in her own home!

But she couldn’t get out of this anymore! Both she and Qin Xin were now tied to the same rope.


Su gulped and her throat felt so dry it was unbearable.

In a quiet voice, she said, “Xin’er, it’s better if you pay more attention to this matter.

Don’t let that bastard girl catch ahold of your weakness.”

Qin Xin answered without much care.

It only felt like Mrs.

Su was nagging her.

Back then, she was overjoyed when she got the money, but when this trouble dropped onto her head, Mrs.

Su was riddled with trouble.

Qin Xin clutched her handkerchief.

If they were not forced to the point of no return, then she wouldn’t have sold off Mrs.

Wei’s dowry.

In those three years, she never dared to move any of the things in the dowry.

At most, she would fiddle with the account books and move parts of the dowry’s assets out, then give 40% of it to Mrs.


Still, she didn’t save up more than two thousand silvers.

If Yuan Guang hadn’t asked for so much this time and asked her to fork out 10,000 taels of silver in just five days, things wouldn’t have to come to this!

Since the key to the treasure is in Madam Qin’s hands, Qin Xin can only join together with Mrs.

Su to make false claims of subsidizing for the household so that Mrs.

Qin can take out some of the assets, then she had Shu Xiang’s parents pawn it off.


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