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Ch.126 Embezzlement (4)


A gleam flashed past Qin Xin’s eyes.

She was going to be relying on the marquis household in the future, so she should make sure that Second Uncle and Second Aunt are at ease with the main house.

Anyway, the household dabbles in a lot of business.

She also won’t be treating Qin Zeyu badly in the future, so why would he need to work hard to ruin her future Isn’t it nice being a free and happy boy like he was now

If it wasn’t for Qin Gui suddenly returning, then Qin Zeyu really wouldn’t have to work so hard.

After easing her mood, Qin Xin returned back to her own courtyard.

The next few days were calm and uneventful.

Qin Zening and Qin Gui didn’t give her any more trouble with the dowry either.

Qin Xin could finally put her heart at ease.

But on this day, after accompanying Madam Qin to lunch and returning to her courtyard, Shu Xiang came over in a hurry and said anxiously, “Miss, this slave’s mother came to see her just now and said she recently heard some rumors in the capital…”

Qin Xin was reading a poem book and asked without much care, “What rumors”

Shu Xiang gulped and glanced cautiously at her, saying, “They said…They said there is actually another master behind Daoist Master Yunguang’s back, and that she is stirring up trouble in the capital to make a name for her master.”

“They also said that Daoist Master Yunguang’s master was of noble status, that she’s the young mistress of a noble family that was going to be big in the future.”

“When this slave’s mother heard about it, she asked around, but no one knows where this news came from,” Shu Xiang said worriedly.


Qin Xin’s eyes widened slightly and the book fell out of her hands, landing on the ground.

She looked incredulously at Shu Xiang and said, “Say that again!”

Shu Xiang hurriedly repeated herself and said, “Miss, this slave’s mother rushed over as soon as she heard the rumors and asked this slave to tell you no matter what.”

Qin Xin had asked Shu Xiang’s parents to pawn off those things, so they only vaguely guessed that Qin Xin was in a pit of trouble that was also related to Yunguang.

So, as soon as they heard the rumor, Shu Xiang’s mother immediately rushed over and asked for the girl and told her everything.

The blood suddenly drained from Qin Xin’s face.

She could hardly believe her ears.

Even though the rumors outside did not explicitly say that Qin Xin is the master behind Daoist Master Yunguang, she can be described as “noble” and a “young mistress” who will one day be “big”…these could all definitely be associated with her!

She had clearly given Yunguan ten thousand taels of silver, and Yunguang promised to keep the secret!

Qin Xin’s chest was heaving uncontrollably and she couldn’t help but raise her voice, asking Shu Xiang, “Did you give the silver to him or not”

Ten thousand taels was no small amount of money.

Qin Xin herself should have headed over to Xuanqing Temple herself.

But since the Yunguang incident, Xuanqing Temple had been pushed into the limelight.

With so many eyes outside, it may lead to unnecessary trouble if people find out that she went there.

So, after raising the ten thousand taels of silver, she had SHu Xiang head to Xuanqing Temple to hand the money to the person Yunguang mentioned.

Could it be that Shu Xiang took the money But she doesn’t have the guts to do so, does she

“I gave it to him, miss!” Shu Xiang immediately went down to her knees, face white as a sheet.

She quickly said, “This is such a big matter, how would this slave dare to be reckless!”

“Miss, this slave has been with you for so many years, she would never do anything against her mistress!”

“You have to believe this slave! this slave’s deed of sale is still in Mistress’s hands!”

Shu Xiang was shaking.

To put it badly, the lives of her entire family are in Qin Xin’s hands.

Qin Xin stared at Shu Xiang quietly for a moment and said, “Get up.

Of course I believe you.”

Shu Xiang comes from a whole family of slaves that served the marquis for generations.

She had no reason to betray her.

Taking ten thousand steps back, even if she was moved by the money, then she would have fled long ago if she took it.

How would she dare to come back to the marquis’s mansion!

Was it Yunguang

Yun Guang was trying to squeeze more out of her And that is why she spread these rumors to scare her and make her bow down again!

That’s right, people are always greedy.

They’re all greedy snakes!


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