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Ch.129 Serious Accusation (2)

Qin Xin’s nails sunk deep into her tender palm.

Raising her small face, she looked aggrieved at Empress Wei and defended herself, “Your Majesty, please know that it was Daoist Master Yunguang who was talking nonsense! In order to reduce her charges, she pushed this blame onto me and wronged me on purpose!”

These words were repeated many times since she came here.

But don’t mention Empress Wei, even the Empress Dowager did not believe her.

Things happened so quickly that Qin Xin’s mind was still in a disarray right now.

She had no idea where things went wrong.

Yesterday, she asked Shu Xiang to find the man at Xuanqing Temple, and the man swore to the heavens that he had not been talking nonsense outside.

They just want silver, so it would be no good to them if things get out of hand too.

Even though Qin Xin believed his vow, she had no way about it at the moment and could only take things one step at a time.

But she didn’t expect things to turn out like this in just one night.

That fluke of a daoist Yunguang had taken her ten thousand taels and bitten her in the back!

Empress Wei shook her head and said disappointingly, “Qin Xin, you have let me down too much.”

“You even colluded with a heretic like that Yunguang!”

“And you even got her to boast about your name and deceived the Empress Dowager.”

The evidence is already conclusive, what else do you have to argue!

“You, wrongly accused Then tell us, why would Yunguang wrongly accuse you!”

Empress Wei slapped her palm on the table next to her, her expression cold and aura oppressive.

Empress Dowager Liu’s face was dark behind her.

Whenever she thought of how much she pampered Qin Xin in the past, it would feel as if she had eaten a mouthful of spoiled rice.


Su’s body on the bottom trembled.

She felt that she was suffering from undeserved disaster, and it was all that girl Qin Xin’s fault!

This girl’s courage was simply too great.

How dare she even collude with a heretical practitioner.

No wonder Yunguang kept on praising Qin Xin for having good fortune, it was because of this!

Qin Xin bit her lower lip and felt even more afraid now, but she could only grit her teeth and deny it.

“Your Majesty, Empress Dowager, it was Daoist Master Yunguang who wronged me!”

No matter what she said, she kept on going back to the same thing, yet she couldn’t say why Yunguang would want to frame her.

She couldn’t just say she gave her too little hush money, right

Empress Wei stroked her sleeves elegantly.

“Since you won’t admit it, then you can confront Yunguang at the public hall and be tried by the Lord Mayor.”

Qin Xin’s eyes widened.


Empress Wei looked at Qin Xin who was kneeling on the ground and there was only disgust in her eyes.

She wanted to treat Qin Xin as her own daughter but she just wasn’t able to feel close with her.

Gradually, she gave up and just wanted to take good care of her as repayment for the souls of her sister and brother-in-law in heaven.

It wasn’t until Qin Gui appeared that she realized that the connection between bloodlines was such an amazing thing.

The blood of Zhao Aman and her horrible spouse flowed through Qin Xin’s veins, so it’s no wonder why both her character and her actions were so similar to them.

Her actions were completely inexcusable!

Qi Xin and Gu Jing had a marriage contract set by the emperor.

For the sake of the royal family’s face, Empress Dowager Liu instructed Empress Wei to have the trial in private so the people would not have to see this royal joke.

And for Empress Wei, she also took into account Qin Zening, Qin Gui, and Qin Zeyu, the three siblings.

They shared the same last name and were cousins with Qin Xin.

If Qin Xin’s scandal spreads in the capital, it would ruin the reputation of the Zhongyi Marquis and negatively affect all three of the siblings.

They haven’t even been married yet so they couldn’t let this vile Qin Xin ruin their future.

Especially not Qin Gui.

Qin Gui had a difficult life to begin with.

Since she grew up away from home, it was inevitable that she would be looked at differently in the capital.

If not for Qin Xin dragging down Qin Gui, then even if she has this empress as her backer and to lead her in the right path, she still won’t be able to control whether or not her husband would favor her.

So, Empress Wei did not reject Empress Dowager Liu’s idea and had mentioned the lord mayor just now just to scare Qin Xin.

Qin Xin really did believe her and she did get scared.

She knew that Empress Wei had been sick of her since Qin Gui returned, and she also believed that Empress Wei could do it.


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