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Ch.133 Terrified (1)


First, Mrs.

Su was shocked.

Then, she was afraid.

She was shocked that Qin Gui was actually able to discover a problem with the account books.

And, afraid because Qin Gui had told the empress about it!

She could feel a lump gather at her throat.

This Qin Gui is still so irritating! Doesn’t she know what it means to keep the family scandal to herself!

“So that’s how it is,” Empress Wei answered in an indifferent tone.

“But this is the Qin family’s domestic affairs so I will not ask further.”


Su breathed a sigh of relief.

Her heart had been going up and down today.

It almost felt like she was going to have a heart attack.

But before she could settle her heart down, she saw Empress Wei turning to look at her.

“Madam Marquess, your daughter’s character is lacking and it is your duty to right it.

Go back and educate your daughter well.”

“If you can’t do it properly, then you shouldn’t be a marquess anymore.”


Su’s heart plummeted from Empress Wei’s words and her pupils shrank.

She was terrified.

When Empress Wei turned back to Qin Gui, she was all smiles again.

“Xiao Gui, your mother’s dowry belongs to you and your two siblings.

No one else can touch it.

If the Qin family does not handle this matter fairly, then please don’t blame me if I make a move.”

“To dare touch even the dowry of a Wei family daughter, the Qin family really has got guts!”

The words were actually meant for Mrs.

Su’s ears, whose face became ugly again.

That’s right, the Wei family.

The legal daughter of the Wei family’s main branch, sister of the empress!

This matter will not look good on them.

Empress Wei patted the back of Qin Gui’s hand tenderly and said, “Xiao Gui, you should head back first.

Come back to the palace tomorrow.”


Su was feeling even more panicked now.

Empress Wei clearly meant that she was waiting for the results from the Qin family.


Su tried to shoot a look at Qin Gui with her eyes to get her to stop, but Qin Gui didn’t even look at her.

She happily nodded to the empress and said meaningfully, “Don’t worry, Auntie.

Grandmother will definitely deal with the matter impartially.”

“…” Qin Xin’s heart was a mess and she could no longer think.

After that, Empress Wei sent them back.

Grief-stricken, Mrs.

Su took Qin Gui and Qin Xin back to the marquis’ mansion.

Madam Qin had been waiting anxiously in Ronghe Hall for a long time.

Qin Zeyu was also there.

Seeing them return, Madam Qin hurriedly asked, “How is it What exactly happened”

“Grandma!” Qin Xin shed tears before she evens poke.

Aggrieved, she flung herself into Madam Qin’s arms, which made Madam Qin feel heartbroken.

“What happened” Madam Qin scolded Mrs.


“Peiyao, really.

As a mother, why didn’t you protect this child”

Other than the three years she suffered in exile, Mrs.

Su lived a pampered life.

After kneeling in Fengluan Palace for so long and being nagged by Madam Qin as soon as she was back, she felt a ball of fury rising up inside of her.


Su said blurted impatiently, “Mother, why don’t you ask her what good things she’s done Qin Xin bribed Yunguang to boast about her good fortune in front of the Empress Dowager, and now that Yunguang has confessed, the Empress Dowager is furious and reduced her to a mere concubine!”

This was the first time Mrs.

Su had called Qin Xin by her name, so the displeasure she felt was evident.

“She’ll be no more than a lowly concubine from now on! Let her cry, see if she still has the nerves to cry!” Mrs.

Su let it all out but she still didn’t feel good at all.

Instead, she felt even more stifled.

Right now, Qin Xin was recognized as her daughter, and she has become a nameless concubine.

Would her own daughter be able to find a good marriage after this!


Qin was stunned and said in disbelief, “How can this be! Xin’er was named Second Princess Consort by holy decree! How can she be reduced to a concubine”

Madam Qin was completely dumbfounded.

She couldn’t believe her ears.

“Xin’er, tell Grandmother.

Is this true”

Qin Xin’s face turned red with shame, then annoyance and hatred.

She hated that Mrs.

Su wouldn’t even give her any face.

They haven’t even sent out the servants in Ronghe Hall yet!

Now, everyone in the whole house will know that she was reduced to a lowly concubine! Once again, her dignity was trampled underfoot!

What will the servants think of her now

What will the noble ladies in the capital think of her in the future…

Was she really going to be a lowly concubine in the future, kneeling down to the Second Prince’s consort

As soon as she thought of such a future, she felt overwhelmed and terrified.


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