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Ch.135 Terrified (3)


They agreed to split the silver four and six, but she only received 1,500 taels of silver in the past three years! How dare Qin Xin secretly swallow that much!

Qin Xin was dumbfounded.

What six thousand taels!

The total amount was only 3,900 taels, and she only got 60% of it!

Qin Xin looked subconsciously at Qin Gui, wanting to ask whether she really checked out the accounts or not.

Otherwise, how dare she make things up!

Qin Gui looked down at Qin Xin and calmly met her eyes, corners of her lips curving up at an angle where neither Madam Qin or Mrs.

Su could see.

She didn’t work out the numbers properly, and so what!

That doesn’t stop her from saying the number anyway.

Anyway, it was fine as long as she didn’t go under!

“Xin’er, speak up for yourself! Speak!” Madam Qin looked at Qin Xin with disappointment and her heart sank a little further.

Qin Xin’s shoulders were trembling slightly.

Gritting her teeth, she admitted it.

“Yes, but Grandmother, I only took 3,900 taels of silver!”

Qin Gui did not argue with Qin Xin but instead looked to Madam Qin and asked.

“Grandmother, do you believe me, or do you believe Second Sister”

This was the second time Qin Gui had asked Madam Qin this question.

Last time, Madam Qin did not hesitate to choose Qin Xin, whom she raised by her side.

But this time, Madam Qin thought of the disappointments Qin Xin had been bringing her over and over again.

Qin Gui did not care about Madam Qin’s answer.

She went on, “From the accounts, the silvers were misappropriated from three years ago, and the dowry book has been in Second Sister’s hands this whole time.

However, the retrieval token was in Second Aunt’s hands.

Every year, it is Second Aunt who received the proceeds from the farm, store, and fields each year.

Was Second Aunt aware of this matter”

Qin Gui raised a brow and looked at Mrs.


“It was second…Mother.” Qin Xin seemed to have caught a silver lining and quickly said, “Grandmother, it was Mother who forced me to do this! Big Brother was still in the army at the time and had not yet returned.

Both Ah Yu and I had to live under Mother’s care, I was forced into it!”

“Qin Xin!” The veins on the back of Mrs.

Su’s hands were popping She could almost settle for murdering Qin Xin at this moment.

“You shameless little…”

“Mother,” Qin Xin quickly interrupted Mrs.

Su and looked at her helplessly.

“Just admit it! When I first found the deficit in the accounts, I went to you and advised you to fill in the gap, but you…”

Qin Xin had only spoken halfway, but it was enough to evoke thoughts in people.

Madam Qin narrowed her eyes at Mrs.



Su was panicked.

Qin Xin’s words were only half-true, but does she mean to imply that if she didn’t admit it, then she was going to expose the fact that she loaned the family’s money to someone else for a profit

The court strictly forbids unlicensed moneylending.

If they bring this to the emperor, then it would be difficult to say if the marquis could even keep his title! The main family has always coveted the title.

In case they catch hold of this weakness, then…


Su quickly weighed the situation in her mind.

She clearly had no choice.

“Yes…It was Daughter-in-Law’s fault.

It was this Daughter-in-Law who had gotten greedy.” Mrs.

Su clenched her fists hard underneath her sleeves and turned her head.

“This Daughter-in-Law will definitely make up for the lost silvers.”


Su’s heart was dripping blood.

Six thousand taels! She had only received a total of fifteen hundred taels, yet she had to take out a whole six thousand taels!!

Qin Gui noticed the looks exchanged between Qin Xin and Mrs.

Su could her own brows were raised.

Seems like Qin Xin was holding something against Mrs.

Su that she was even willing to take the fall for six thousand taels.

Qin Gui’s eyes were sparkling.

It seems like she’s made a fortune this time.

“…” Madam Qin’s face was pale and it felt like her chest was being crushed.

She could feel all her blood rushing to the top of her head.

Raising her hand to clutch her chest, her body swayed.

Granny Ning quickly hurried over to soothe her.

“Kneel down!”

Madan Qin bellowed angrily, and Mrs.

Su kneeled down immediately.

“Grandma, take a breath first,” Qin Gui said with little sincerity.

She could see that Madam Qin was indeed angry, but things were only half true at this moment.

They just wanted to get her to back down.

But for the sake of the six thousand taels, she couldn’t back down!

So, Qin Gui said sincerely, “There’s no need to panic, we’re a family anyway.

As long as Second Aunt and Second Sister repay the six thousand taels, it’ll be fine.

It’s not like I could report them to the officials.”


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