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Ch.148 Her Golden Thigh (1)



Ying Luo couldn't believe it, so she ran over to the Qin family to find out the reason.

She was the county princess so Mrs.

Su wouldn't dare to stop her.

She got to see Qin Xin, and she could see that Qin Xin had lost a lot of weight and looked gaunt, like a delicate little flower that had wilted too early.

Yin Luo and Qin Xin had been good friends since they were young girls.

In her memory, Qin Xin had always been an elegant young lady, poised like an orchid.

She had never seen her in such a miserable state.

However, she never said a single bad word about Qin Gui from beginning to end.

She just said that it was her own fault, that she should never have gotten in her little sister's way.

Linking this back to what happened at the Shenghua Pavilion, there was no way Ying Luo wouldn't understand.

Qin Gui must be the cause of all of this!

Qin Gui smiled and looked innocently at her.

"I wonder what you mean by that, County Princess"

"So you won't admit it" Ying Luo sneered and took another step forward, reprimanding her aggressively.

"You even have the heart to do that against someone as kind as Little Sister Xin!"

"Your Highness," Qin Gui said as she stared into Ying Luo's furious eyes, saying with a serious face, "I think you should get your eyes looked at by a physician."

Ying Luo, ""

Qin Gui smiled and did not say anything.

She just turned around and left.

Ying Luo froze for a moment and only reacted after, anger intensifying.

This Qin Gui dared call her blind!

"Your Highness," several noble maids quickly stopped her and advised, "Her Majesty the Empress is fond of Qin Gui.

You'd better not argue with her."

"If the Empress were to find out, she may even reprimand you."

"Yes, I heard that even the Empress Dowager had much praise for her."

The noble maids all advised her one after another.

The consequences Qin Xin faced were right in front of her, so why should Ying Luo ask for trouble

Ying Luo looked at Qin Gui who had walked to the pergola at the front and sat down.

Even though she wasn't happy with the situation, she had no choice but to swallow down her anger for now.

Soon after, Du Ruo brought over the little red horse that the Empress rewarded.

Ta Qing had a gentle temperament and it still remembered Qin Gui.

It let out a whiny as soon as it saw her.

Qin Gui fed it a piece of maltose candy and it rubbed its head against Qin Gui's palm, as intimate as the day they parted.

The more Qin Gui stroked its long neck, and the more she looked at it, the more happy with it she was.

While Du Ruo was holding the lead, Qin Gui climbed up the horse's back a little rustily and pulled the reins firmly.

Compared to the other tall and stalwart stallions, Taqing was just a short horse.

However, when Qin Gui was sat on its back and looking down, she suddenly felt that Taqing was a little too tall.

She put on an indifferent look on her face but her arms were tense.

Even the hands pulling on the reins were clenched tightly.

"Du Ruo, I'll take her out for one lap and I'll be back," Qin Gui said.

"Miss, why not let this slave hold the lead for you" Looking at how rusty Qin Gui had gotten, Du Ruo felt panicked and turned into a puddle of cold sweat from worry.

Fortunately, Qin Gui wasn't stubborn and readily agreed.


So, Du Ruo took Taqing's lead and led Qin Gui for a stroll around the area.

As Qin Gui's body rose and fell along with the horse, she tried looking for something to chat about.

"Du Ruo, do you know how to ride a horse"

"I do." Du Ruo nodded.

"This slave has to learn a bit of everything in the palace." There were thousands of palace maids in the palace.

Naturally, for a young girl like Du Ruo to be able to serve in Fengluan Palace, and even be gifted to Qin Gui by Empress Wei, she naturally had some skills.

"How nice.

All of you can ride." Qin Gui felt that she had to learn.

At the very least, she couldn't have that brat Qin Zeyu underestimate her.


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