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Ch.149 Her Golden Thigh (2)



The two of them laughed and joked as they walked.

From a distance, Ying Luo was glaring at Qin Gui's back, long eyelashes leaving a shadow under her eyes, her irises deep.

Qin Gui rode around aimlessly for a few laps.

At first, her body was tense; but gradually, she realized that Taqing was really very docile, so she got her courage and relaxed, beginning to experience the joys of horse riding.

Wow, the air really is fresher up here!

When Du Ruo saw that Qin Gui had relaxed a lot, she led her to a forest.

But of course, it was only near the outer periphery.

The green of the forest was a refreshing sight, and the cold breeze came carrying the faint smell of grass and dirt, as well as a tiny hint of flowers, raising her spirits.

There weren't many wild flowers blooming at this time of the year, but there were many wild fruits.

Qin Gui didn't even care if they were edible or not, and picked much of it with great enthusiasm, stuffing it into the horse's bag.

One after another, some noble girls also began entering the hunting grounds.

Their joyful voices were carried over by the wind.

"Look! Is that a rabbit"

"It's a rabbit!"

"Hey, don't shoot it! It's so cute!"


Hearing this, Qin Gui couldn't help but laugh to the point where even her shoulders shook.

Du Ruo thought that Qin Gui wanted to hunt rabbits too and proposed, "Young Miss, since there are rabbits here, should we look for a nest Maybe we can catch a litter of baby rabbits back!"

Qin Gui's eyes lit up.

"Yes, we can get rabbits and give it to cousin!"

Cheerfully, Du Ruo pointed towards the direction where the sun rose and said, "Miss, this slave saw a white rabbit running that way.

Let's take a look.

If we're lucky, we may really be able to catch a litter of rabbits for His Highness."

Pulling Taqing along, the two went happily towards the east.

Ying Luo and the other noble ladies at the back were playing and laughing, not really paying attention to Qin Gui.

The only one riding on a white horse, Ying Luo, was staring at Qin Gui's back from a distance, cherry lips tightly pursed and her eyes hot.

She didn't think Qin Xin deserved that.

She was ruined by Qin Gui and wasn't even allowed to join the winter hunt, even having people whisper about her behind her back while Qin Gui was acting as if it had nothing to do with her.She was carefree, riding her horse, taking a walk.

She wasn't feeling sorry in the slightest, and not only that, she was even so arrogant!

Ying Luo stared deeply at Qin Gui's back, heart filled with disdain.

The Great Qi Dynasty was established with martial arts in the forefront.

Not to mention the young ladies from the families of civil servants, even the daughters of nobles and military commanders can ride horses.

Like Qin Xin, they were not only good at the arts of the qin, chess, poetry, and art, she also had outstanding skill at horse riding and bowmanship.

But Qin Gui was just a country bumpkin who couldn't even ride a horse.

No matter how she dressed herself up and acted like a noble lady, it was just superficial.

In the end, Qin Gui wasn't someone that can be shown off.

There's nothing but dirt and mud hidden under her bones!

Ying Luo raised her hand and grabbed the bow behind her back, slowly loading her arrow and pulling the string...

A young noble lady in blue saw this and asked casually, "County Princess, did you find prey"

Ying Luo smiled but did not speak, drawing her bow and aiming.

Then, the bow returned to its crescent shape, releasing the arrow.


With a piercing noise, the feathered arrow left the bow, cutting across the air like lightning.

Many of the noble ladies looked towards where the arrow flew, wanting to see what the prey was.

Unexpectedly, what they saw was Qin Gui standing several feet away, and the feathered arrow was currently shooting towards her like a shooting star.


The noble ladies were all shocked and began to scream, faces losing color.


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