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Ch.150 Her Golden Thigh (3)



When she heard the shrieks and the sound of the arrow cutting across the air behind her, Qin Gui subconsciously turned around and instantly saw the arrow breaking through several bushes and coming straight at her, bringing along a strong breeze with it.

At that moment, Qin Gui instinctively tried to dodge away, but the problem was the fact that Du Ruo was walking right in front of her.

If she were to duck, then Du Ruo may be the one hit instead.

Her hands moved faster than her brain and she flung the whip in her hands towards the feathered arrow...

But someone was still faster than her—

Another sound cut through the air, and another arrow flew over from the other side, shooting through the air like lightning with a powerful aura around it, accurately knocking Ying Luo's arrow askew and into the grass.

Then, the force of the second feather which had yet to subside continued shooting forward and lodged several inches into the tree trunk nearby.

The branches shook violently, raining down countless leaves.

Everything was silent, save for the rustling of the swaying branches and the wind blowing through the mountains.

Even though the crisis had been averted, Qin Gui was still in shock.

When she flung her whip, she used quite a bit of force.

However, since she had no foundation in martial arts, the arrow was flying so fiercely that it was extremely unlikely she would have been able to catch it with her whip and pull it away.

Thinking back to it, Qin Gui's chest was still palpitating.

How dangerous!

At that moment, the sound of hoofbeats came from the direction of where the second arrow came from.

It was Gu Zezhi on his horse.

He was riding a top of flawless snow-white horse, his every move noble and elegant.

He had an air of superiority about him.

He was like the clear skies after a storm, and there seemed to be an invisible barrier separating him from others so that nobody dared come close.

The noble ladies looking at him were all silent for a moment.

"Big Brother!"

Qin Gui grinned at Gu Zezhi, her smile wide as could be.

Once again, she knew she didn't hug the wrong golden thigh!

Gu Zezhi smiled and pulled on his rains, saying to Qin Gui.

"Let's go."

Qin Gui followed him obediently.

After crossing through several bushes, Qin Gui saw County Princess Ying Luo and the other noble ladies in the distance.

In particular, Ying Luo was holding a bow in her hands while the noble ladies were looking at her with a subtle look on their faces.

Qin Gui was stunned.

She did hear the sound of some girls speaking earlier and thought it was just some noble ladies who had come out on a stroll like her.

She didn't think that County Princess Ying Luo would be here too.

"Imperial Uncle Ze."

As Ying Luo was part of the imperial family, she had to call Gu Zezhi imperial uncle according to their seniority.

She called out the three words stiffly, feeling both resentful and annoyed in her heart.

SHe could have taught Qin Gui a lesson, but Gu Zezhi just had to step in.

The other noblewomen all bowed to Gu Zezhi in greeting.

Qin Gui was looking straight at the longbow in Ying Luo's hands, face expressionless.

Neither joy nor anger could be seen from her expression.

Ying Luo turned her head to meet Qin Gui's eyes, raising a brow and saying lightly, "This County Princess accidentally missed.

You don't mind, do you, Third Young Mistress Qin"

Her lips curved up into a wanton smile, not at all concealing her thoughts.

It was as if she were saying, yes! I did it on purpose! What can you do about it

In fact, she knew what she was doing.

She had been learning to ride and shoot bows since she was a young child, so that arrow would only have left a scar on Qin Gui's face.

It wasn't going to kill her.

Qin Gui was still looking at Ying Luo, eyes deep, silent.

Ying Luo did not put Qin Gui in her heart.

She was a county princess of the imperial family in the end, what could Qin Gui do about her


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