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Ch.152 Her Golden Thigh (5)


"County Princess." A noble lady looked fawningly at Ying Luo.

"That's what people who come from those lowly places are like.

She thinks she can do everything because she managed to hook in Third Prince Gu."

"So what if she managed to hook him It's not like he's the crown prince, nor does he have a title.

The County Princess only refers to him as Imperial Uncle out of respect.

He really thinks of himself as her senior"

"Don't be angry anymore, County Princess.

That Qin Gui is just a rotten thing.

How could she compare to you!"


The noble ladies fawned over her endlessly, but none of their words entered Ying Luo's ears.

She clenched her fists and looked unblinkingly towards where Qin Gui and Gu Zezhi left.

She remembered last month at the Shenghua Pavilion, Gu Zezhi was also clearly defending Qin Gui.

This Qin Gui was just relying on Gu Zezhi's favor, that's why she dared to act so presumptuously.

She hasn't even left the court yet and she's already sticking to Gu Zezhi.

Does she seriously have no shame! How could she be compared to Little Sister Xin

But Ying Luo guessed wrong.

Not only did Qin Gui never thought of sticking to Gu Zezhi, she was currently racking her mind over how to get rid of him.

Qin Gui mustered up a few words about going back to the hunting platform alone, but Gu Zezhi pretended he didn't understand.

Qin Gui, "..."

She turned her head to look at Gu Zezhi and thought to herself.

He's faking it right He must be!

She did not conceal her look in the slightest, so Gu Zezhi knew at a glance that this girl was trying to dismiss him as soon as she was done with him again.

Gu Zezhi smiled and suddenly asked, "Where's my handkerchief"

Handkerchief! Qin Gui was taken aback.

She almost lost her footing but Gu Zezhi grabbed her to let her rebalance and let go again, looking at her with a smile on his face.

Qin Gui felt a little guilty from his stare, and she had no idea whether it was her misconception, but that look in his eyes was just like a local ruffian who had just molested a young girl.

Well, was it too late now to say she lost his handkerchief

In the end, Qin Gui didn't dare to say it and just responded, "I forgot to bring it."

Even though she had constantly been thinking about returning the handkerchief to him quickly during the last few days, and constantly brought it with her, she figured she wouldn't have the opportunity to meet him today, so she didn't bring it.

Qin Gui regretted it.

Otherwise, why doesn't she just head back to grab it now

Gu zezhi looked at her and the smile on his face deepened.

"In that case, you should just keep it."

Qin Gui, "..."

Doesn't Gu Zezhi's words feel a little questionable

"Where were you going just now" Gu Zezhi changed the topic.

Seeing that he was no longer asking for his handkerchief back, Qin Gui let out a sigh of relief and quickly said, "We were looking for rabbits."

"Rabbits" Gu Zezhi seemed to be interested.

"I'll come with you."

Once again, QIn Gui was silent.

Asking the future villain boss to catch rabbits with her...That wasn't really a good idea, was it

As it turns out a big boss is a big boss after all.

With Gu Zezhi around, Qin Gui had nothing to worry about.

She watched as he followed the tracks and droppings of wild rabbits with great skill and found a rabbit's nest in less than an hour.

As the saying goes, a crafty rabbit has three burrows.

Qin Gui learned from Gu Zezhi that not only did rabbits have three burrows, each burrow even has three exits.

After finding all three exits, Gu Zezhi set up traps around two of them, then he had Qin Gui smoke out the rabbits from the last exit.

Soon, two white and fluffy rabbits hurriedly ran out of the exits, allowing Gu Zezhi to catch them with his sharp and nimble reactions.

As expected of her golden thigh!


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