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Ch.165 Hunting Grounds (2)

She cleared her throat and was about to say something when she saw Gu Zhen look past her, as he happily shouted: "Uncle Emperor."

Qin Jiu followed Gu Zhen's gaze, and saw Gu Zezhi coming towards them on his horse from the forest.

Gu Zezhi was alone, with neither bow and arrows nor prey, as if he was just taking his horse for a run in the forest.

Gu Zezhi also saw them, and rode towards them.

His white horse's snow-white coat was shining in the golden sun, majestic and extraordinary, Qin Zeyu's eyes were gleaming from the sight of it.

After greeting each other, Gu Zhen said hurriedly: "Uncle Emperor, you can take us into the hunting ground.

Cousin Yu and I are planning to hunt down a pheasant for my cousin!"

"A pheasant" Gu Zezhi raised his eyebrows and looked at the little girl who was smiling exceptionally bright beside Gu Zhen.

"To make a Jianzi." Qin Zeyu immediately added, "I want to make a Jianzi for my sister."

Gu Zezhi readily responded: "Let's go."

Both Gu Zhen and Qin Zeyu were overjoyed.

Gu Zhen was pleased that he could finally enter the hunting ground, and Qin Zeyu was delighted that he had the opportunity to use the compound bow.

So, Gu Zezhi stopped riding on his horse, passed the horse to his guards, and walked into the forest with Qin Jiu, Qin Zeyu, and Gu Zhen.

The emperor’s winter hunt was not a small event.

The area around the hunting ground would be cleaned up by the Forbidden Army prior to the start of the event, and beasts such as wolves, wild boars and wild bears would be driven to the depths of the hunting ground.

If they wanted to hunt down a pheasant, taking a stroll around the outskirts of the hunting ground would be sufficient.

It was his first time in the forest, Gu Zhen was fascinated about everything, as it was all very new to him, he tugged on Qin Jiu and chatted non-stop.

They were considered lucky.

It didn’t take long for them to spot a pheasant in the woods.

It was very plump.

When it flapped its wings, its colorful tail slightly stretched out, dazzling, like a peacock spreading its feathers.

Qin Zeyu said impatiently, "Quickly, cousin, lend me the bow, don’t let it run away."

Gu Zhen’s eyes brightened when he saw the pheasant, and generously handed over the bow.

Qin Zeyu finally got the compound bow and stroked it in joy.

He was worried that the pheasant would get away, so he didn’t waste any more time and strapped on the arrow.

He must showcase himself in front of his third sister!

Qin Zeyu drew the bowstring confidently, and stretched it until the very end.

He was taken aback, but more pleasantly surprised.

This compound bow was way better than what his older brother had described!

Qin Zeyu released the bowstring abruptly, and the arrow shot out with a "swish", it zoomed through the bushes, and landed on the grass less than half a step away from the pheasant.


Gu Zhen laughed out loud, "Cousin Yu, and you told me that you were going to hunt down a bear, you can't even hunt down a pheasant!"

Qin Zeyu got angry from the embarrassment, his cheeks flushed red, he drew another arrow, and said determinedly: "Again!"

However, the pheasant before them was already startled by that arrow, it was about to fly away as it flapped its wings, which left Qin Zeyu no chance to redeem himself.

"Give it to me."

Gu Zezhi stretched out his hand, and Qin Zeyu handed the compound bow to him without much thought, he then saw Gu Zezhi draw the bow with much ease.

With a sharp burst of air, the arrow accurately hit the pheasant’s small neck, piercing the throat with one arrow.


All three of them stared at him as they applauded enthusiastically.

Qin Zeyu then went over to pick up the dead pheasant.

Gu Zezhi's arrow was extremely accurate.

Blood didn’t splatter everywhere, and the feathers on its tail were still in perfect condition.

Qin Zeyu secretly said to himself: He has great eyesight, why would he fall for his third sister.

Hmmm, guess he doesn’t know that his third sister hits hard, so he mustn't tell him!

Gu Zezhi smiled and said to Qin Jiu, "Let’s go, we’ll go make Jianzi."

At this moment, for some reason, Qin Zeyu and Gu Zhen felt that the "we" in Gu Zezhi’s words somehow doesn’t include them, and their existence there seemed to be getting in the way of things.

It must be an illusion!

Now that they got the pheasant, they exited the forest.

The maid and servant under Gu Zhen were all waiting outside, worried sick, and they were relieved to see that they had returned safely.

When Gu Zezhi said he was going to make Jianzi, he really started to do so.

He removed a few tail feathers from the pheasant, and started to carefully trim them.



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