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Ch.168 Hunting Grounds (5)

This time, it was her again.

"Emperor," she excitedly pointed to a bear's print beside a big tree, "here…...General Yu!"

There was faint rustling coming from behind the tree.

A young man in a frost-colored robe led a horse and walked over from the other end.

The cold moonlight ran down on him, coating him with a silver streamer, as he gave off a sense of coldness and distance.

It was Yu Fuyun.

Yu Fuyun’s pace was slow, he didn’t expect to see the emperor here.

With a slightly surprised expression on his face, he stepped forward and greeted him.

The emperor glanced at Yu Fuyun's empty sack on his horse, and smiled: "Fuyun, you’re not in your best condition today."

What he meant was that Yu Fuyun didn't manage to hunt down anything yet, which was unlike his normal standards.

Yu Fuyun said softly: "Emperor, I have to give the others a winning chance." His voice was cold, like the night breeze in the mountains.

The emperor laughed heartily: "That's right, with you in the hunting ground, the others would stand no chance.

If you’re the winner for three consecutive days, it would be too boring."

"Thank you for the praise." Yu Fuyun arched his hands, downplaying, but arrogant.

The emperor was stunned for a moment, then laughed again, and said, "Fuyun ah, Fuyun, you sure aren’t humble.

Now that we have bumped into each other, join me."

"Yes, emperor." Yu Fuyun complied, got on his horse, and followed the emperor.

The emperor continued: "Fuyun, we followed the bear's print all the way here.

If we do bump into it, you’ll get the opportunity to show us your skills.

I’m rather curious about who's better with the bow, you or Zezhi."

Yu Fuyun glanced at Gu Zezhi, who was beside the emperor.

The flame from the torch portrayed the softness of Gu Zezhirun's elegant and handsome face.

He smiled and said, "If there is such a chance, hopefully General Yu could teach me a thing or two."

Yu Fuyun arched his hands, "For sure."

These two, one as soft as jade, the other as cold as snow, showed totally different temperaments, but some parts of them somehow resembled each other.

With a faint smile on Yu Fuyun's cold expression, he asked, "How many arrows can Prince Gu continuously shoot"

Gu Zezhi: "Five."

A strange light lit up in Yu Fuyun's eyes.

Shooting arrows in a row is difficult as it’s hard to be firm, accurate and also powerful.

Yu Zezhi's three arrows at the match yesterday was already enough to amaze everyone, but he had more in store!


When he spoke, the tip of Yu Fuyun's nose suddenly tingled, and the faint fragrance of flowers permeated the cold night breeze.

The floral fragrance was light and refreshing, it resembled the smell of mint herbs, but compared with mint herbs, it was on the sweeter side.

This is……

Yu Fuyun frowned slightly, his gaze darkened.

Judging from the wind, the smell should be coming from the southwest.

Yu Fuyun looked forward, it was where they were planning to head to.

Yu Fuyun subconsciously looked at Gu Zezhi beside him, and saw that he also was deep in thought, his eyebrows slightly raised.

It seems that Gu Zezhi also smelled it too

The two looked at each other, no one said anything, as if their minds were in sync.

The emperor was leading the pack, and he was in high spirits tonight.

At the beginning of the Great Qi Dynasty, the annual winter hunt always had to end with the emperor successfully hunting down a bear.

But gradually, this tradition was no longer followed.

There was no need for the emperor to hunt the bear down himself.

The bear which any noble warrior hunts down could be used as the sacrifice for the winter hunt.

The emperor, when he was still the crown prince, always showed off his skills during the winter hunt, but later......

His body couldn’t cope.

Since he became the emperor, he merely attended the hunt, and occasionally would hunt down a fox or something, not to even think of hunting down a bear, he has never even encountered one before.

"Fuyun, I still remember the winter hunt four years ago, when you hunted down a bear." The emperor said nostalgically, "At that time, you were not even fifteen years old.

When you carried the bear back, all covered in its blood, I thought you got injured.

With a blink of an eye, you have grown so big…..."


At this moment, a ground shattering roar suddenly interrupted the emperor’s words.

At this moment, many of the forbidden armys’ horses were startled, as they paced around restlessly, snorting rough air out their noses.

"There is a bear ahead!" The emperor’s eyes widened excitedly as he flung his horse-whip, "Go!"

The emperor and his entourages brought around a hundred guards.

It would definitely not be a problem to deal with one bear.

Therefore, at this moment, everyone was excited rather than feeling flustered.

The emperor grabbed the longbow that was attached on his back, eager to hunt.


Another rough roar could be heard, louder than before, accompanied with a hint of madness.


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