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Ch.169 Trap (1)

"Emperor, don't go." Gu Zezhi immediately stepped forward and stopped the emperor, he then said solemnly, "It doesn't sound right."

"It really doesn’t." Yu Fuyun also nodded, his dark eyes gleaming with a cold gleam under the moonlight, "This bear has gone crazy."

Crazy wild bears are much more aggressive, blood-thirsty, irrational, fearless, and are far more difficult to deal with than ordinary bears.

As soon as his voice fell, the sound of something running in rage could be heard from in front of them, "Boom boom boom", every step felt heavy, the ground underneath them seemed to be shaking.

In the darkness, a giant black bear rushed towards them, like a rhino that has gone mad, barging its way across, knocking away all the thorn bushes and trees in front of it, the soil, branches and leaves flew up in the air, as if a strong wind that had the power to destroy the world was coming their way.


The commander of the imperial soldiers shouted loudly, and immediately a dozen guards formed a human barrier, holding their chests high as they stood in front of the emperor.

"Emperor, please leave first." Gu Zezhi said as he picked up the bow on his horse's back and placed three long arrows on the bowstring at the fastest speed.

"Swish swish swish!"

Three arrows were continuously shot out, flashing across the night sky like lightning, all hitting the target.

The giant bear roared in pain, rushing towards Gu Zezhi with its sharp teeth and claws.

A strong stench could be smelled from its huge mouth…...

The white horse that Gu Zezhi was riding on, wasn’t afraid, but excitedly neighed.

Gu Zezhi rubbed his leg on the horse's belly lightly, comforting his comrade, and at the same time turned his head and looked around.

The empress was three or four feet behind him, and Qin Jiu was also with them, protected by dozens of guards from the Imperial Army.

Gu Zezhi pursed his lower lip and said to Yu Fuyun beside him: "Do you want to leave first"

Yu Fuyun didn't even look at him, and coldy said three words: "No need to."

When he uttered these three words, "swish swish swish" three times, he also continuously shot out three arrows, hitting the target, he was as good as Gu Zezhi.

The giant bear that was hit by a few more arrows got even angrier, it then clasped its paws together furiously.

Yet another tree with the thickness of a fist was slammed down and broken in half, countless leaves shaken down as if it was raining.

Gu Zezhi raised his eyebrows, smiled, and calmly said: "Care for a competition"

Yu Fuyun didn't speak.

He pressed on his horse's belly with his feet.

As if they were connected spiritually, the horse leaped forward.

He ducked down and avoided the bear's attacks and came behind it, he then pulled out the scimitar from his waist.

The blade plunged down.

The black bear let out a painful roar, and waved his forelimbs even more frantically.

However, Yu Fuyun reacted very quickly and backed away.

At the same time, he raised his bow again as he placed the arrow in place.

"Shoo Shoo Shoo!"

Three more arrows were shot, breaking through the air.

The roars from the black bear intertwined with the sound of the trees that were being torn apart and the night breeze.

Occasionally, there were a few leaves that danced along with the wind, which happened to blow on Qin Jiu's cheeks and hair.

Qin Jiu didn't notice it, as her gaze was focused on staring at the scene before her, however she was not worried at all.

Both golden thigh and Yu Fuyun were characters in the novel who survived until the second half of the plot.

So a bear would for sure not be a threat to them!

The injured black bear became more and more manic, and its eyes glowed red while its raised claws glowed under the moonlight, which made people shudder just from the looks of it.

In front of the empress, hundreds of well-trained guards from the Imperial Army formed three rows, blocking the front like a copper and iron wall.

The guards in the back two rows held cold shining long blades, and the guards at the front row held bows.

The shiny silver arrows pointed at the black bear in front of them.

The emperor raised his hand and gestured to the commander, signalling to him that they shouldn’t interfere.

He looked at Gu Zezhi and Yu Fuyun excitedly.

They were both outstanding!

The commander of the guards immediately noticed this and ordered the army to stay put for the time being.


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