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Ch.194 Arranged Marriage (5)

When they were done biting at each other, Empress Wei sighed and said: "The emperor once told me that he didn't want the princess or any daughters of the royal clan to be part of the arranged marriage.

There was no guarantee that there would be no war even after the arranged marriage, so why bother!"

"I didn’t expect that you guys would commit such misfits in order to avoid being in an arranged marriage!"

Empress Wei glanced at both Yingluo and Changning, who were in front of her, with compassion.

"But now…...sigh!"

Empress Wei did not finish her sentence, and ended with a complicated yet long sigh.

Changning's eyes opened slightly, and she couldn't help but think, what did the empress mean by her words

Could it be that her father did not intend to have an arranged marriage with Beiyan, but now that Ye Luluan has seen her as she was changing, which shattered her reputation, so she had to marry even if she didn't want to.

Ye Luluan’s face appeared in Changning's mind, which frightened her, her whole body was stripped of all strength, and his face was filled with despair.

She didn’t want to be in an arranged marriage!

Yingluo was also terrified, her pupils shrank, and she couldn't help but think about the hidden meaning behind Empress Wei's words: Did the empress think that she was the one who wanted to harm Qin Jiu, so she wanted to persuade the emperor to let her be part of the arranged marriage

Yingluo's face instantly turned pale.

Empress Wei curled her lips with a smile, she didn't care what thoughts they had in mind.

She stood up and called Qin Jiu to leave along with her.

The servants also hurried along with them.

Only Changning and Yingluo remained in the room.

The night breeze blew in from the window, and the candlelights in the lanterns flickered along with the wind, reflecting Changning and Yingluo’s faces in a weird shade.

Suddenly, Yingluo moved.

She grabbed the tea cup that Empress Wei had left behind and threw it at Changning, she gritted her teeth and said: "Changning, how dare you plot against me!"

Changning would not just endure her attacks, she dodged it with a sidestep and got up from the ground.


The tea cup flew over her shoulder, smashed to the ground in pieces, Lingxiang and Yingluo's maids all cowered in fear.

Changning pinched a handkerchief and wiped the corners of her eyes, she then gathered her hair with her hands and when she looked up again, her jade-white face was completely clean.

She faintly said: "If you didn't use me as your pawn and let me deal with Qin Jiu, would matters turn out this way"


Chang Ning placed the handkerchief back in her sleeve pocket, and her beautiful and delicate face remained expressionless, as she said, "I will never be part of the arranged marriage."

"At this stage, Cousin Yingluo, do you think that father will believe me, or will he believe you"

Changning raised her chin slightly and glanced at Yingluo provocatively.

"Changning!" Yingluo looked at her in disbelief, as if she had just seen a ghost.

Based on her impression of her, the third princess, Changning, had always been weak and sickly ever since she was a child.

She would be sick for half of the whole month, and the remaining half of the month, she was soft and delicate, like a vase that would shatter into pieces when touched, so Yingluo never bothered to play with her.

Yingluo never expected that Changning's soft side was all pretend, she was so good at hiding it!

Yingluo never experienced such grievance, she stared right at Changning, her eyes flushed red and scorching fire burned in her pupils, she felt flustered and confused.

No matter how bad Changning was, she was the emperor's biological daughter, and the emperor would definitely favour her.

If Empress Wei added on to this, then she…...

"Don't think about leaving." Yingluo saw as Changning turned around and wanted to leave, she grabbed Changning's arm.

However, before her fingers even touched Changning's sleeve, she saw as Changning staggered, lost her balance, and fell to the ground.

"Your Highness!" Lingxiang exclaimed nervously.

Changning fell to the ground embarrassedly, her right elbow landed on the floor, her right hand stealthily grabbed a shattered porcelain piece, and hid it in her palm, in a corner which was a blind spot to the others, she grabbed the broken piece of porcelain and slashed it on her forehead, then she fell to the ground.

Her right cheek pressed to the ground, and the broken porcelain piece that was covered in blood had landed beside her forehead…...

"Your Royal Highness." Lingxiang knelt on the ground nervously, and helped Changning, who had fallen to the ground, up.

Changning’s face turned pale, her right hand covered her right forehead, as red blood oozed from her fingers, and trickled down.

Drip drop, drip drop.

Lingxiang's pupils shrunk as she let out a loud scream: "Your Highness, your face!"

Her shrill cry broke the dark silence.


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