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Ch.195 Scheming and Ambitious (1)

Empress Wei and Qin Jiu walked out of Bibo Pavilion.

Empress Wei didn’t say a word, and Qin Jiu remained silent, she stole glances at Empress Wei from time to time, and somehow felt that she was angry.

Hmm, she must be mad at herself, I guess

Qin Jiu glanced at Empress Wei again.

Empress Wei stopped, sighed as she touched the top of Qin Jiu's head, and said, "Jiu, you can’t be this reckless anymore."

"You knew that Changning was plotting something against you, but you still rushed into it naively."

"If something happened to you, how can your parents rest peacefully in heaven!"

Empress Wei furrowed her brows deeply, and Qin Jiu pursed her lips as she smiled at her, with her pair of apricot eyes that were as bright as the stars.

Empress Wei looked at her, and couldn’t stand to be angry at her, she poked the little girl's forehead helplessly, and said, "You!"

Seeing as Empress Wei was cooling off, Qin Jiu grew courageous, and smiled: "Aunt, actually, instead of constantly being spied on and plotted against and to always be on guard, it’s better to just cut it directly from its roots."

As she said this, she also raised her right palm and made a slashing motion, along with a murderous look.

Empress Wei: "!!!"

This girl!

Empress Wei shook her head, she felt even more helpless, and said, "Jiu, you can always come to me."

"I forgot to." Qin Jiu smiled with her eyes.

Empress Wei felt sad and said to herself: This girl had been through so much ever since she was a child.

She must be used to handling everything by herself.…..

Seeing Empress Wei’s face that was filled with distress and self-blame, Qin Jiu blinked, she didn’t say anything wrong, right

In reality, she didn't forget to inform her, she just felt that it was unnecessary.

She knew that her aunt was kind to her and loved her like she was her own daughter, it was for this exact reason, she shouldn’t rely on her for everything and to let her step in.

Her aunt was the empress, the motherly figure of the nation and the most noble woman in Daqi, but the empress couldn’t act just as she pleases.

She had to be particular about her every action, this too applies to the emperor.

Since she could settle the matter on her own, then why should she trouble her aunt.

On the way to the Bibo Pavilion, when she sent away Du Ruo, she deliberately made up a piece of clothing that she didn't own, just to remind Du Ruo that there was something off about Changning.

She originally thought that Du Ruo could bring along a few rough ladies.

If she was really caught up in trouble that she couldn’t handle, Du Ruo could work together and protect herself, but she didn’t expect Du Ruo to bring along Empress Wei.

Qin Jiu knew that Du Ruo was just worried that she might suffer, so she wasn’t really angry at her, she only glared at Du Ruo with a fake frown.

Du Ruo said pitifully, "I won’t dare to do so anymore."

The empress had already gifted herself to her, and this girl was now her master, so she was at the wrong as she went to the empress without the girl's permission.

"No more next time." Qin Jiu poked Du Ruo on the forehead like what the empress had done to her.

Du Ruo said in relief: "Okay."

Empress Wei did not stop Qin Jiu from disciplining her own men, even though she agreed that Du Ruo should have come to her, otherwise she wouldn’t even know that her niece was being bullied!

"What happens after, Jiu, you don't have to worry about it." Empress Wei said these words with much volume, as she caressed Qin Jiu's sweet face lovingly.

The incident that happened between Yingluo and Changning today, Empress Wei could still understand where the two were coming from.

It was nothing more than the fact that Yingluo wanted to use Changning to harm Qin Jiu, but she ended up reaping what she sowed and was even bitten by Changning in return.

These two, none of them were innocent!

If it weren't for Jiu’s cleverness, she would be the one who suffered today.

Thinking about Ye Luluan who left in anger, Empress Wei squinted her eyes, her gaze turned cold yet sharp.

Empress Wei stroked her sleeves and was about to walk forward.

Suddenly, the sound of messy footsteps could be heard from Bibo Pavilion behind them, accompanied by a female voice which spoke in panic: “Your highness!"

Changning's head maid, Lingxiang, chased after her with her skirt lifted, she bowed down to her knees towards Empress Wei, her sweet face all pale, and said, "Your highness, Princess Yingluo scratched the third princess’s……face!"

Empress Wei: "…..."

Empress Wei said softly to Qin Jiu: "Jiu, the small banquet over at the Bifeng Pavilion is not over yet, go look for Xin'an and have some fun."

Qin Jiu obediently responded to her.

As for Empress Wei, she returned to the Bibo Pavilion with Lingxiang.


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